On December 3, it was exactly two years since our friend Jaiye Aboderin died mysteriously. Two years since he slumped and died, after a lunch meeting and a basketball game. It’s sill difficult to imagine how such an enterprising fellow, brimming with life and soaked in ideas, could kick the bucket, just like that, at only 33 years of age!

Many of us have moved ahead, remembering the dude occasionally in our subconscious… even is wife has got her groove back…but if you knew Jay, interacted with him, and understood his spirit, you’ll agree it’ll be a waste to allow him fade away just like that…I’m particularly perturbed that those closest to him have chosen to abandon those things he held most dearly while he lived: Synergy, the band and equipment leasing company he so cherished, has since gone under. His wife now heads a band called G factor; his solo album, for which he traveled to South Africa repeatedly in his last days, has not seen the light of day…Boy records, his South African label, wants Stella or the Aboderins to cough out over $5,000 before the album can be released…

I remember the day we buried him at VGC cemetery. Almost everyone that had eyes wept. Men cried like babies, and women wailed profusely, tempting one to believe they wouldn’t mind being buried with Jay. But soon we all left him alone, among the non-living; for his soul to be with God, and his body to dwell in the soil. Sad that we had to leave our brother alone, out in the cold, buried under the earth, all by himself, carving a niche for himself among co-dead, and beginning a new ‘life ‘ all over again…we left him to die, and rest in peace…we had no choice, guess it was the best we could do…but , we do have a choice to let his dreams live… we have that one choice

As the second anniversary of his death rolls by, if we spend a minute to remember him, we would just have started a long process of ensuring that he lives, through us, again. We might even want to spill a few ink, pen a few words in his favour, to re-invent his brief life, and appeal to his widow, siblings, partners and friends to let his unfinished businesses see the light of day… Jaiye slumped and died, the doctors couldn’t save him… someone can save Synergy. … He can’t hit the studios anymore, but his recorded works can hit the shelves and move amazing units – maybe even win some awards! I believe!

Please pray for God to grant his soul rest. And for all of us living, to have the wisdom to live through each day, as if we’ll not see the next.

Here’s something I wrote in December 2004. I’ve made a few adjustments. Hop someone finds it interesting. Don’t worry. We actually had the interview – in my dreams!


”Bros Jay, it’s been a long time.”

”Yeah, I guess so, about 24 months?”

‘It’s actually very close to that. You just left without telling anyone.”

”No, I didn’t intend to. I was planning a different trip entirely, to South Africa,

before this one came up. And it all happened so fast there was no time to tell

anyone. I couldn’t even take my phone,”

”I guess you wouldn’t have found need for it. But you threw us all down here into great confusion. It’s so strange how some of us still hope and wish you’ll return soon. Will you?”

”Nah Bro. I don’t think so. They said only one man has been here and back.

Moreover, I got so much to do here; it’ll be difficult to leave for a second.

You’ll see what I mean when you get here…”

”No, not so soon.”

”They all keep saying that. Even Tope Brown is yet to believe he’s here but

Gbenga Adeboye has been counselling him. Anyway, how are things back home?”

”We’re all missing you.”

”Still missing me?”

Yeah.Tunde and Wunmi Obe did a song for you with Freestyle, Ruggedman

and Mode Nine. Remember Bobby Michaels? He’s done a song and mini

documentary for you too. And I hear Stella’s recorded hers too.”

“Whao! That sounds nice. I was really feeling Mode Nine before I left. But … Stella, I thought she was doing a song with Wunmi, what happened to it?”

“Men bro, a lot has happened since you left,. Stella and Wunmi were not on talking terms until few months ago when we held a tribute party for you. She was planning a separate party for you at The Vault before she changed her mind. Then I guess she changed her mind again and decided not to come”.

“Stella, I really loved her. How has she been? And my kids?”

“Oh great. She cried her eyes out at the burial and then quickly got her groove back. You know how it is, celebrity style. The kids must be getting used to their new home by now. And I hear she still pays their school fees. You must have left her a lot of bucks”.

“Depends on what you mean by a lot”.

“And then, she’s been working too. But what I don’t like is her night life and happy-go-girl attitude”.

“Yeah, someone mentioned it last week while I was rehearsing with the angels. But it makes no difference to me now. I guess she’s got her life to live, especially since I left so early”.

“No. That’s stale gist. Tell me something new. Moreover, those things don’t matter where I am.”

“How are my guys, Segun Giwa, Dele Olukoju, Gbenga Obasanjo, and others?”

“Don’t know about Giwa, but Dele Olukoju is married, he’s now with Richardson and Briggs, I think Gbenga is having problems with his marriage”

“How about Rosco and the other guys at Synergy?”

“Believe me, I don’t know. I think Synergy has been disbanded. But Rosco has always been around. Don’t know more than that, but I think Stella formed her another band.

“That’s sad. We were like one little family.”

“I know they still love and miss you. Even those of us that were not so close, still do. Most of us still have your number on our phones. Wunmi says she dials it from time to time. And you needed to have seen the outpour of love during your anniversary. Both at the concert and in the papers. I wonder if the industry will celebrate me so if I die now.”

“Yeah, I know a lot of people love me from the heart, especially my family and few close friends. But it pains me that some people are crying in the open while in their closets; they are scheming how to have my wife. How many people have come out on deals we were doing together or paid money they owed me? I’m not fooled by all that stuff. I’m just happy where I am. There is too much wickedness in your world; I wonder how you guys are surviving”.

“So you don’t miss home at all?”

“Well, I do. I miss my games, PS2, basketball; I miss my kids and of course, my family. I miss Synergy too. But I’m not doing badly here”.


“I’m almost through with my album. I’ve got Brenda, Lebo and Fela on it. Been trying to get 2Pac but his agents are impossible. And if you see anyone coming here, please tell Stella to send my master CD. I need to redo some songs on it”.

“Alright. But how about sending us your new album? I’m sure Obaino or TJOE would be interested in marketing it. Or we could even give it to Kennis”.

“No problem, I’ll send it. Maybe when Jesus is coming … Hey, I’ve got to go! It’s time for rehearsals. Please, say me well to Wunmi, Angela, Wale, Tunde, Salewa and all my people. Tell Stella I still love her!”

“Alright. But … Hello! Hello! Hello.”



26 Responses to “IN MEMORY OF ‘JAIYE ABODERIN 1971 – 2004”

  1. nice one

  2. i don’t know Jaiye but you just made me cry.

  3. baba_jaead Says:

    I just stumbled on your piece and I feel you did a good job with it. Nicely crafted, poetic and at the same time as tribute to the guy’s memory. I dont know much about the guy in question before I left Nigeria, but I happen to have read a lot about the Aboderins, The Punch et al. Anyway, your piece is a good tribute to him.

  4. was breath taking and kind of nice

  5. Very well done and touching too.

  6. Excellent Job, but I think it is unfair how you said “and then quickly got her groove back. You know how it is, celebrity style…” Give her a break! The poor lady has to feed her kids, and pay their school fees…how is she suppose to do that…sit down at home and cry till the end of the world? She has to go back to what she knows how to do best in other to make money…at least Jaiye wasn’t opposed to her career when he was alive. You all especting her to stop acting because she lost her husband. Like you said…how many people have gone to support her…not even her in-laws. And have you gone to ask her, how can I help you this month to support the kids…not even her. Even if the Aboderins don’t like her, what about the kids…their nieces. Common, y’all, life is too shot to be holding so much grudges. Give the poor girl a break, and try to understand that press will also be press…they write whatever they want, but its left for people to believe the story.
    We all miss Jaiye, and may his soul rest in peace.

    • Mo, you have just spoken my mind. the writer is so unfair. i guess AYENI ADEKUNLE SAMUEL should start by stating what he has done for his late friends family. instead all he can do is write a silly poem trying to humiliate stella, saying you dont like her night life, her go-girl attitude. i pray indeed the good Lord would repay everyone intheir own coin. For all i care you can hate on Stella cos she would always be better than you and the Aboderins who dumped her in her widowhood. How heartless can a family be. It means the Aboderins never really like Jaiye as well, because they just left his family to starve. AYENI ADEKUNLE SAMUEL says she has change the name of the group to something else, how on earth would he know why the name was change when no one showed her concern. WHAT A WICKED WORLD. I WISH STELLA THE BEST LIFE HAS TO OFFER BECAUSE SHE DESERVES THE VERY BEST. RIP JAIYE

  7. The write up is wonderful.God will take care of his family and send help to stella because human beings can promise and fail.

  8. Sola Ogunde Says:

    Absolutely well written!! 100% for your imaginary interview with Jaiye – it actually sounds like him!!
    I met Jaiye through his late mum many years ago when she stayed with me in London for a few days in the late 80s(believe it or not!!) shortly after Jaiye’s dad died. I think there was some problem with her late husband’s estate and she had business to see to in England so she decided to ‘lay low’ away from everything.

    Jaiye (a teenager then) was still in boarding school outside London and I met him a couple of times when he came over to see his mum at my place. His mum actually wanted us to keep in touch after she left for Nigeria, Jaiye gave me his personal card (an indication of the fact that he had already started thinking like an enterpreneur though he was still in secondary school). We spoke on the phone for a number of times but gradually drifted apart.
    He was so humble, I remember him always addressing me as ‘aunty Sola’. I could tell that he had a promising future with his level headed temperament and impressive character. I believe he must have returned to Nigeria after his studies. It came as an extremely great shock to me when just only a couple of years ago I went to Nigeria and I heard he had died in 2004!! What more, it was during my search for some news about his family that I also gathered that his mum had died years before he died!! And that he is survived by a sister who is quite popular in the country. I never met Wunmi and I don’t think she knows anything about me. All I have now is a letter form Jaiye’s mum and Jaiye’s card – which I will keep for as long as possible.

    I would like to implore people to who held Jaiye close to their hearts to cherish his memory and do what ever they can to keep his memory alive for the sake of his children. I wish there is a way I could reach out to Wunmi and his children (can you help?).

    May God continue to guide and guard us all. Jaiye death was definitely untimely to us but I as we know, God works in mysterious ways!!

  9. I disagree with everyone compliments, especially when the writer is saying bad things about stella, you r adding fuel into the fire, and it sucks to knw that u all believe wat the press says, the press does not have hearts. Instead of u to pray for how GOD will supply all her needs and be the husband to the widow,and the father to the fatherless, u r here dissing her. True or not we don’t have any rite to say such things. I pray dat none of us will be in her shoes,only if u r den judge but everyone cases are different. GOD BLESS.

  10. Abieyuwa Imarhiagbe Says:





  11. always remeber you jaiye, i will always remember ur wife stella

  12. stella i s the most beautiful lady/woman on earth, i havew always wish to see her face to face in life, u really look call 7 pretty

  13. but you can find the $5000 to rework his album? It’s not that much money…If I had it, I’d give it to you

  14. Sunny Dede Says:

    I pray God to help the immediate family and well wisher of Jaiye. Amen

  15. this article is so bias and embrassing to jaiye,even if the family and you dont like his wife,he did love his wife and stayed married to her until he died.He approved of her job.To be condesending to her is not classy.get a life,I dont think this is doing Jay any favor. Yea, have you send school fees to Stella for jay’s kids,if you love the guy so much.BTW if jay has a word to say, it will be to his wife and children then to his siblings. Dont place wunmi above Stella cos jay had only a wife called Stella…now deal it

  16. nice writeup except when you got to the part of brandishing stella! whats your problem with that

  17. ideraoluwa Says:

    just read something about stella in the papers and her late husband cut across my mind.i decided to google his name maybe i could get to read something about him….low and behold,i stumbled on this page.God,whoever wrote this did a good job…i was beginning 2 think dat he was still alive…possibly with stella but everything still boils down to the fact dat we r all mere mortals.i could go on & on but continue to rest in the bossom of the lord jaiye….may God be with you

  18. never seen so much bias. wow give the lady a break. this interview mos def aint happen so you’re just being mean. dang. I don’t even know any of these people but I can tell you don’t like the lady, Stella. anyway RIP Jaiye.

  19. whats life its just unfare i dont know him but im weeping already.GODknows why

  20. really touching, what a life. Really, i don’t know him though he was my distant cousin…may his gentle soul rest in peace… like yesterday when i lost my own elder brother too ‘ ABODERIN OLUNIYI OLUGOKE’ Any way,we will all leave here one day but the lives we touch with our dreams is what matters.

  21. Olufunke Says:

    AYENI ADEKUNLE SAMUEL you are so bias and very silly for all you have written about Stella-put your sister in her shoe,(if you have any)sods! Dem Aboderins were not fair to †he poor Stella,all bcos Jay’s kids are girls-like Stella’s fault! AYENI ADEKUNLE SAMUEL,how much were you given for this cheap blackmail about Stella?!Am ashamed of you even as a professional. Am sure Jay is proud of Stella for her bold step and for taking good care of their kids. Rest well Jay.

  22. Haba!!!what’s that ur so-called name again,u just spoilt ds ur beatiful write up wit the condemations you led aganist her,its really unfair 2say all that about and am also sure you hv an on eye on her,instead of you to come out straight,you are busy conderming her….watch your pen!!!!!!

  23. you are biased and subjective in your judgement of Stella.Should she remain in ashes especially when her family in law allegedly abandoned her?

  24. AYENI ADEKUNLE SAMUEL I’m reading this on the day of his 9th year anniversary (2013) and where are you? Have you realised anything about him since this post? Coz if you check his ‘WIFES’ social media she has not failed (every year) to let the world know that after 9 years she still remembers him and it still hurts!

    I find this so called dream interview very insulting! Jaiye would never talk about Stella in that manner .. Do not judge! This woman was about 24/25 when her husband died and she had to take care of 2 girls ON HER OWN! Which other work she get apart form acting and music! Of course she would run back to the work she knows so she can feed her family and take care of them since NOT MANY PEOPLE WHERE THERE TO HELP HER!

    Quick question, did you ever send her money to pitch into the kids school fees and feeding?


    It’s just so annoying that people are quick to judge when they don’t have in depth details!


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