HISTORY has a way of repeating itself. Life appears to be one endless chain reaction. Some things keep happening over and over again. Whatever you do, be sure to get the comeuppance: only in most cases, we’re unable to link it with the precursor. 

Listening to excerpts of my interview with Abass Obesere, Kollington Ayinla’s ‘No Shaking’ and Wasiu Ayinde Barrister’s (now K1 De Ultimate) ‘Esi Oro’, I arrived at a conclusion: all three fuji giants are like pawns in a chess game, tools in the hands of history and actors in a real life soap. 

Obesere is wondering: “Why doesn’t Wasiu want my progress?” K1 is troubled: “This Abass, why can’t he just leave me alone?” Kollington Ayinla felt the same way several years back: “why is this small boy (Wasiu) calling me names?” Same way Sikiru Ayinde Barrister continues to lament: “After all these years, can’t Kollington find something else to do, other than insult me?” 

Interestingly, while we all pity the victim of the lyrical venom at any particular instance, none of them deserves it. No matter what Obesere says about K1, even if he slaps in public, pity not K1: he’s done same thing to Kollington. Np matter what K1 says (and he’s said a lot!) about Kollington, even if he calls him a ‘foolish
fuji musician’ (and he has), pity not kollington: he has said worse things to Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

And if a younger lad rises up tomorrow to lay wax attack on Obesere, don’t wrestle on his behalf: he’s called K1 every name you can imagine! 

Please take time to ponder over the following words. It’s from K1 to Kollington on the “Esi Oro” album (Track 4, side A and Track 5, side B) translated from Yoruba. “One
fuji musician calls himself ‘Baba Alatika’. He hasn’t heard anything, he’ll see trouble. I swear in God’s name. I swear in my father’s name… Those who eat liver and intestines… (Incantations). I’m wearing a high-heeled shoe; I’ll step on you… Bastard. He said he doesn’t want, the world called us to settle us; he said he doesn’t want… if you know him, better go and warn him. Senseless soul, Baba Alatika, he’s trying to insult me, he’ll be sorry if he tries it. Baba Alatika take your time. If you insult Wasiu, you’ll blame yourself. Lagosians, let me report a foolish
fuji musician to you. He calls himself Baba Alatika. If you know him, better warn him to be careful. He’s hurt and pained because I’m a commander, better warn him, he’ll regret it…”

The audio cassette, bought from a
London retail shop, is out of circulation. And I’m still asking questions, trying to find out what necessitated the younger musician’s unrestrained venom on an older colleague.

But like I said before, Kollington himself may not deserve our pity after all. Hear his most resent attack on Sikiru Ayinde Barrister on ‘No Shaking’ (Track 3, side B- translation from Yoruba). 

“What can we compare a liar to? Liars are shameless. They lie to gain repute but they’re disgraced”.“Do we call him a fool or a retarded soul? Let him stop all this ‘boss’ talk. You didn’t create
fuji. I’m a witness, it’s not a lie and I don’t lie. It’s Jolly Lawal and Olayigbade that created
fuji… my friend stop lying. At this stage of your life, shouldn’t you be thanking God for lifting us up? You’re battling for leadership…”

I won’t be surprised if someday I lay hands on a Barrister vinyl, where he unleashed verbal onslaught on contemporaries or forerunners of the “Were” (that’s early morning Islamic chants that later morphed to
fuji) genre.

As the Obesere- Kwam 1, Kollington- Barrister enmity begins to get rather disturbing, potentially violent and totally disgusting; I hope the
fuji warlords will restrict their battles to the studios, with band marketers as their battalion.

I just pray that K1 picks no offence if tomorrow; Obesere labels him a ‘foolish
fuji musician’. After all, it’s his own creation!

Remember, history has a way of repeating itself. Nature has a way of paying back. Men are quick to forget the evil they do unto others: God doesn’t; unfortunately, he pays us back when our memory is on leave. 



  1. saheed abdulkarim Says:

    i really appreciate your sense of my own opinion,kollington ayinla is jealous of barrister,s progress while wasiu is an ingrate person,due to ihis recent rude remarks toward his godfather.he is finally being paid by obesere

  2. nice post.

  3. K1 does not deserve that from obesere because he is the leader of the house and everybody is proud of him.

  4. K1 OF MALAYSIA Says:

    hmmmm…K1 de Ultimate mo ba olorun duro……. NO EVENTS NO HISTORY…they are making money afterall.heheheheee

  5. Abiodun ( AKA ORUNMILLA ) Says:

    K1 D the Ultimate is talented gifted and everybody can testify to this, Is the only Nigeria Musician that will play saxophone and piano from the beginning of Track 1 to the end of the CD without any voice and millions of people will bought is record both home and abroad. Anyway, is a very strong man Akanda Eledumare. Sometimes i ask my self why everybody want to answer Arabambi, It’s because Sango Olukoso Arabambi Oko Oya is very Strong.

  6. Wale 4rm Abeokuta Says:

    everybody is trying 2 survive in d business. u need one thing or other 2 make ur mark. while d established one will try 2 protect there territory. dats it. dey all eats 4rm d controversy. my dislike is abusing of parent like saheed osupa did. k1 is d king, he makes fuji enjoyable 4 all.

  7. Adebisi Adeleye Says:

    nice postings,but i think all is bussiness strategy,but the idea of insulting parents is uncalled for.Osupa should beware cuz he insulted pasuma’s mum and that didnot go down well with fuji lovers.k1 REMAINS THE KING

  8. hi what realy happen is that barry is the creator of fuji whether they like or not saka laigbade and jolly lawal never play fuji music from ajisari they play sakara music in lagos island that is the fact that many of them know and they are not ready to say it out flash back to k1 music in 80s his is fuji prince now is fuji king ask him who is the king then

  9. hi ,what realy happen is that barry is the creator of fuji whether they like or not saka laigbade and jolly lawal never play fuji music ,from ajisari they play sakara music in lagos island that is the fact that many of them know and they are not ready to say it out ,

  10. Adeleke Akeem Says:

    Nice posting but if you go by what the fuji general did to K1 then, you will agreed that ayinde wasiu never stepped over his boundary.

    Am not of the opinion that people should be insulting their elders like what saheed osupa is known for.

  11. omotosho abiodun Says:

    let the king be after a successful surgery, his kingship was ordained by God. ibelieve fuji without k1 is nulity, if not k1 i wonder what we the learned could have been dancing to . a die hard fan of yours from port harcourt. (kapodituti)

  12. omotosho abiodun Says:

    i want 2 know when the king is back

  13. SHINA SHOKAN Says:

    Afterall, those abusing him are presently eaten their words. “Ina ile ni omo eranko won ma ya last”

  14. SHINA SHOKAN Says:

    Fuji is K1 and K1 is fuji just for the avoidance of doubt.

  15. olayemishams Says:

    Nawa 4u fuji music is nt about piano or wat ever is all about pple referring 2 ur music as a refference due 2 qulity involve. Any body dat is condeming king saheed osupa music is nt a real yoruba but bastad 1.Tell someone mother 2 Nawa 4u, fuji music is nt about piano or wat ever is about pple refering 2 ur music as a refference due 2 the qulity involve. Any body dat condeming king saheed osupa music is nt a real yoruba bt bastad 1 cus no boby is producing future music in the house apart 4rm him and tell someone mother and the mr someome himself and the little fans dey has 2 stop gelouse or thiking of negetive things on the king in general. I salute u sir. Oba agbasaga of yoruba land and congratulation.

  16. Battle today be come great tomorrow d vision of k1 greater of fuji today k1 blessed with gift from God carry go no stop don’t look back face ur froint psm-91

  17. Olatunde Olusesi Says:

    this particular album was released by Wasiu Ayinde Barrister then in 1980 and this was his first album, he released it in support of his Master Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister who was in war with Alhaji kollington Ayinla over supremacy tussle in fuji music between the Duo then. Wasiu was among many up coming fuji musicians that Barrister used against Kollington then by abusing kollington including Iyanda sawaba, rocky maitaman and others, but later Barry brought Wasiu to Kolly to appologise to him at his Alagbado home in 1983 before Wasiu released his first hit albulm talazo in 1983/84

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