Grass 2 grace: How do you know if Mr Idibia’s second solo album is good or bad? Get a copy of the 10-tracker, and listen to One Love, true love, and for instance. Then to add icing on the cake, listen to see me so, my love (ft. VIP), and no shaking… as has become typical of 2face, there’s no filler on this album. So, it won’t be surprising if, like Face 2face, all the songs on grass to grace go on to become hits in the coming months…this is an album for those who want to love and learn – and all those eligible to vote this year!
Commercial Avenue: 2shotz has gone back to the drawing board. Unlike his last album, Original copy, commercial Avenue  is a collection of songs with great likelihood of moving off the shelves into our homes and closets…with tremendous vocal support from singers 9ice and C-mion, commercial avenue rides on 2shotz’ characteristic pidgin delivery, and metaphors we all can identify with…though it’s not a plus that the album has so much guest appearances (six- o, raw, El dee, Ruggedman, OJB, Del), the album is worth listening to. Especially Listening to me, Make them talk, beer N music and Thank You…

Independent: Faze not only brings his Plantashun boiz experience to play on his new album, the amazingly high-pitched singer shows that he’s matured greatly since he became his own man…no, he’s not ranting about the Plantashun boiz split on this one. He’s coming out more daring and blunt, with cuts like Tatoo girls and kolomentality…the singer’s songwriting and arrangement have improved tremendously since his debut Faze Alone. Definitely one of the albums that fans will find indispensable in 2007…
Run down: D’banj needs to return to whoever introduced him to ex-solek crew keyboardist Don Jazzy, say a coup-le more thank yous, and a word of prayer. With the production skills of Don Jazzy, it’s impossible for D’banj to go wrong. That’s why his second offering, Run Down (funk them up) is a collection of songs that have established the young act as a cross-generation pop darling. Riding on afunk-pop-afrobeat mesh, RunDown shows D’banj as a man who knows that’s ex sells. And sex, that’s the exact theme of this EP. From Why Me, which ladies have refused to find derogatory, to Tono sibe, and run Down, its impossible to miss the singer’s sarcastic wit and lewd parlance. Well, except on Serve The lord, a bonus don jazzy-D’banj track, where God, luckily, gets a mention…
Initiator: Wasiu Alabi Pasuma’s new album reaffirms his position as a mainstream fuji performer with incredible street credibility. Years after leaving Mushin (a Lagos ghetto where he rose to national stardom) for a more decent Ikeja (also in lagos) neighbourhood, the dashing singer continues to determine the direction of fuji’s vocabulary. Initiator is a display of Pasuma’s decade long experience, powered by his numerous songwriters and beat makers
Olori oko: with just one track, Infinity locked down the whole country in 2006. now that their full album is on offer, the visionary guys will have more fans to contend with in 2007. Olori Oko defies laid down ethics of gospel music, swimming against the current to create a collection even none belivers can’t resist.
Born 2 sing: Azzezat Allen (nee Niniola Salu) is back at last. The soulful singer whose sophomore has been long awaited, made sure the wait was worth the while. Listeners will discover that the album is deep from within Azee’s heart, especially if they listen to Lorawagbo, Hold On (from her previous album), five minutes I(written by Sunny Neji), Dance my shoes 9dedicated to DJs) and waa tiro. Our favourite, however, is Maalu

Let them say: At last, Muyiwa osinuga has in his hands, an album that’ll send him off the league of under-celebrated artistes… let them say, a well put together LP, will make you have goose pimples, if you understand the colours of good music…solemn and RnB-ish, the singer has it all in the mix, from poetry to romance, satire and philosophy…if you like Iyawo Asiko, then you’ll like Ololufe, let them say, you’ll even like suru… if you like Kilode, you’ll like Ijo Olomo and grass to grace…Nomoreloss has held us all hostage with this one…
Fere: he dumped the clinics and laboratories for the studios and stages, and he hasn’t loked back since…Beautiful nubia’s career defining album, Jangbalajugbu earned commercial acclaim and moved considerable units… The follow-up, Fere, is the body of work that’ll establish the poet-performer’s feet on solid ground in Nigeria and across Africa…
Evergreen’s Fela Collection: The Evergreen musical company prides itself as ‘Nigeria’s greatest custodian and producer of Highlife music of yesteryears’, so we’re not surprised they’ve come up with an amazing collection of Fela Kuti’s 157 songs, in 40 CDs, which are on offer for N30, 000. saying this is aq collector’s item, is saying the obvious…
Jowo: Fad’abasi’s EP brings refreshment to the table, in an industry where copycats dominate. Produced by Carl Raccah, Jowo is a collection of rock songs from Nigeria. And you’ll be amazed at the brilliance on display. From Original Love, to there’s a reason, Jowo and Diamond in the sky, Fad’abasi runs the show, joining the likes of Dabyna and Rooftop MCs to spread the gospel according to rock in Nigeria…
Free at Last: if Freestyle says he wrote all the songs on trybesmen’s albums, now we have cause to believe him. Tha Shogun’s debut LP reveals the Westside music act as an incredible wordsmith and beatmaster to watch out for…The self-produced album has a few fillers, but listeners will bow under the weight of cuts like bragging right, celebrity, OK, Sip easy (ft. 2face), if u want my love and Naija home videos
Versatile: ‘they say corruption is on the minimal/ but my people realize say them dey lie… them/ be winch/ they want us to pai…’ Baba Dee has gone conscious! Versatile is Baba Dee’s first album since his 2001 EP unfinished Bizniz. The dancehall cat, who’s been around long enough to be a veteran, has the year locked down with this 10 tracker. The big bad wolf obviously has no time for fillers. That’s why it’ll be difficult to pause the CD, FROM Shorty to Komole to Blaze and Da dance. Apart from a bit of Scandinavian influence (especially on Shorty and Get Loose), Versatile is a totally Naija album, and a refreshing one at that, at a time when most dancehall crooners have run out of ideas…


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  1. when is ruggedman aibum coming out

  2. Christ Lucio Says:

    I Love you Two Face i will like to be your Friend and this is my number pls call me i would have called you but i don’t have your number this are the numbers 07055885867.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  3. Christ Lucio Says:

    Also i am In Univesity of Ekpoma i am in Civil Engineering by Training

  4. Very cool ! Thanks for sharing. Now I’m following you

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