olu likes his girlsOne-half and most visible of rested pop group Maintain, Olumide Adegbulu a.k.a. Olu Maintain has released his debut solo album on May 14, 2007. The Lagos-based artiste who parted ways with his cousin Tolu Ogunniyi in 2005 shortly after a UK show is finally embarking on a solo recording career after it became clear that Maintain may not make it back together. Though there had been speculations that the duo, along with their protégé Big Bamo (‘Boye Bameke) were negotiating a come-back, sources close to the acts maintain there has been nothing of such. ‘Fine, Tolu was calling Bamo at a time, but I don’t think he and Olu are thinking of coming back together. Tolu is not even based in Lagos and Olu has already started recording his own album’, said a source privy to inside information. Olu’s album titled ‘Yahoozy’ will be released on the singer’s own label ‘reloaded records’ and marketed by Afrobest Productions. Cuts like ‘Fatima, Yahoozeey and Fantasy are already finding their way to DJS’ playlists, and may be the first hits to leap off the album.
Meanwhile Olu is not the only one preparing to release his own body of work. Big Bamo has also released a video for his first single ‘popoti’, in preparation for an album that is scheduled to feature his kid.
Maintain found their way to the limelight after meeting Big Bamo who financed their recordings and shot innovative videos for their early songs: Domittila (a remake of LL Cool J’s ‘doing it wild’) and Blah. Almost overnight, they were winning awards, getting rave reviews and gathering a community of fans despite critics’ constant hostility due to their excessive sampling and interpolations – they even got ‘dissed’ by rapper Ruggedman on his historic Ehen Pt. 1


17 Responses to “MAINTAIN’S OLU DEBUTS!”

  1. I can’t wait to come back to Nigeria because i hear it looks kind of like America now and it’s my home

  2. olu,i love your music,especially yahooze. i like you because i never hear you quarrelling keep on rocking.

  3. Mc Mickeyb upcoming star dey feel u and sound like u life still dey nothing do u

  4. baba why u treat puffy t like that…. i no digg that at all… any how i like your new video.. karmakazee

  5. Abbagana kyari Says:

    Dear Mr Olu i trip 4 all ur songs die oh boy e dey very encouraging keep it up dis na just 2 let u know sey even we in the northside still dey forword 2 see u.thanks from Abbagana freom Ramat poltechnic Maiduguri Borno State.

  6. Henry zico Aigbe Says:

    Olu maintain u are fully loaded with the spirit of yahooze unto say all de koko babes dey die 4 your music u need respect cossy say make i hala u 4 ram she dey die 4 your kentro tour nice day 4rm mr nice guy 4rm a nice house

  7. Olu boy u are full of surprise when it come to music keep it up and maintain ur name unto say ur name na olu maintain oboy u too much….ohhhhh

  8. Watz up,Mr.olu maintain,guy i de feel u wela,keep workin,baba God de ur said man, goodluck i de come Soon.

  9. love u and your music form tope aka tbag

  10. u ar cool, good looking i just luv ur songs keep it up but i just want to tell u that ur next song i n my friend could dance 4 u but dat is if u ar gonna shoot it in uk because that is were i am man. wagun ye wasgun boy kilospanking all join.

  11. hey,
    Maintain has done a good job and i believe its just the beginning.
    pls i ve a msg for tolu and cant reach him…
    tell him someone is still waiting for him to make it up like he promised.
    one love people.
    and yeah!………..tell him that She has missed him too.

  12. how far youve done a good job anm your fan
    stay cool
    live ife
    enjoy it

  13. simplice Says:

    what’s up, hey ur video yahoozee is too much and crazy.feel like ure very loaded. i really like ur style,doing ur hammer hammer thing. we dey feel u bad in togo. keep on bizzy

  14. Cool site, love the info.

  15. Yeahhh me self like your music but please put all in the internet so that we can get’am all. I still dey search for your first mixtape, the one you sin ” I cach cold” in 1992. I beg di man i want hear that tape again.

  16. tuns harley Says:

    i luv u and i luv u music,pls dont stop singing.

  17. tipe gell koptmm

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