Edward Ashiedu- Brown a.k.a. Eddy Remedy will be 40 on November 5.    But it’s not likely the former Remedies lead singer and his wife Kenny St. Brown will be planning any elaborate celebrations. It’s been a tortuous road to neglect and obscurity for the talented songwriter-performer since parting ways with his partner Eedris Abdulkareem in 2000. When the duo of Eddy and Eedris were to go their separate ways, analysts were quick to write Eedris off, predicting that Eddy a truly talented and likeable singer would go on to achieve critical and commercial success.
Both had the promotion machinery of Kennis music.
Unfortunately, over half a decade later, Eddy, despite repeated attempts, is yet to score any major hit, while Eedris, prior to his recent downfall, boasts of at least three successful albums, with multiple awards to his credit (he was even voted, in 2002, to join Pat Utomi, Segun Odegbami and Dora Akunyili as Nigeria’s representatives to lift the Olympic torch).
Not even the big-budget ‘Arrival Of eddy Montana ’ had any major impact on fans. Song after song; album after album, it was all the same result: no one was interested in listening to Eddy. Yes, he still had the voice. He still had the energy. And he was still as hardworking as ever. But something was missing  – something no one could identify.
Even when he got ‘born again’ shortly after marrying his wife, and dumped Marijuana for a while. All remained the same. A hit continued to elude the man who in 1997 nudged all Remedies songs to acceptance with his melodic hooks, ad-libs and choruses. Remember Shakomo? Judile? Shade? Jealousy? He was even king enough, along with Eedris, to help Wale Thomson and Yinka Best with the formular. God. Did it work!
Now, the cheerful and down-to-earth performer has no post-Remedies hit to call his. And age doesn’t appear to be on his side. With the dismal rating of his recent song ‘Call me’, the situation looks more scary, and Eddy might need two things to get out of the blue: a remedy. And – a remedy!  Pundits are already predicting that he and his languishing-in-self-caused-obscurity partner Eedris Abdulkareem walk up to Tony Tetuila and arrange for another Remedies album.
 But that may not be the only solution. Eddy needs a remedy beyond another Remedies album. He needs to define his kind of music. He needs to stop singing love songs to young girls – they all know he’s a married man with a baby at home, and they don’t find him particularly sexy, anyway. He needs to drop marijuana again, and this time for good. He needs to shed the thug toga and recreate himself as a mature cool crooner whose music we can listen to, reason with, learn from and bounce to – if we choose. Really the drowning singer needs help. Unfortunately, judging from the situation of the Nigerian music scene, almost no one can help him for now: not the calibre of over-burdened artiste managers hovering around. Not the half-baked pretenders claiming to be oublicists. And certainly not the hundreds of mushroom labels springing forth everyday, with no clear A&R blueprint, yet boasting of affiliations with the label that made ‘Thriller’ sell 8 million copies.
Only one man can help Eddy Montana: Edward Ashiedu- Brown.


One Response to “AT 40, EDDY NEEDS A REMEDY”

  1. Pls I need Eddy’s music videos. . .Arrival & Shade

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