KELLY ROWLANDIT took medics and stage welfare officers over half an hour to revive destiny’s child singer and multi platinum- selling; multiple grammy award- winning music star Kelly Rowland after she passed out during an aggressive performance in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday July 15, 2007. the scantily-clad singer, backed by three dancers/back up acts was nearly midway into her set, thriling fans to hit after hit when the unfortunate incident happened.

It was at the second This Day music festival which held in Lekki, a highbrow lagos suburb. Other international acts Shakira, Rihana, John legend and D’banj had already performed, leaving Rowland to do her thing. And the fans went wild when she hit the stage at a few minutes past 9pm. Looking very emaciated but energetic and as sexy as possible, the sexy singer connected with the crowd and rendered an impeccable performance. But midway, she stepped aside for her dancers to show thier prowess, before joining them to continue the performaane. but just when fans were singing along to ‘say my name’, and Kelly was basking in the euphoria of an appreaciative audience, tragedy struck. at about 10pm, she strutted from one end of the stage to the other, raised her hands, and slumped. for a few seconds, her dancers looked on, unsure if it was an act, or an accident. the audience froze momentarily, imagining what the singer’s next move would be. and when it appeared she wasn’t about making any moves at all… panic set in and te medics rushed up stage. immediately, the entire stage was cordoned off as frantic attempts were made to resuscitate her.

‘She hadn’t eaten for 12 hours’, said a mediacal assistant who spoke anonimously. though there were insinuations she must have suffered  from exshaustion or possible drug overdose, no official comments have been made.

‘I can assure you that Kelly Rowland is well and Okay. she sends her love’, said This day Chairman Nduka Obaigbena who addressed the elite crowd after Sasha’s performance.

Sasha, a Nigerian rapper took her turn to perform after Rowland was carried off stage. Other acts for the night P.Diddy and Neyo also took turns to thrill the crowd who coughed out between N10,000 and N50, 000 (about £40 and  £200).

Miss Rowland and all other international acts that performed at theconcert have reportedly returned to the United States.

It’s not the first time the organisers of The ThisDay music festival are hosting global music stars in Nigeria, a populous west African country. In 2006, Jay Z,Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot were part of the superstars that stormed Lagos for the epoch event. Others include Beyonce, Ciara and girl-group En Vogue.



  1. Been dying to find a producer for my songs not just a producer, alsoto be there for meas a friend and i know idcabasa or tjoe are the one for me i have tried somany ways to gain contact but nothing worked if you guys read this i need any of you guys and i believe you will like my songs

  2. I don’t have a problem wih kelly Rowland slumping on stage, but imagine if it was a Nigerian artiste. Enough tongues wud have wagged.
    Come to think of it, why would corporate bodies in Nigeria spend so much money to bring international artistes.After all d thrills and frills, what next? how does it benefit the average nigerian?.
    simply put, i think they all (Corporate bodies) just want to show off how much stunt and crowd they can pull to their events. Don’t also forget d profit, gatefees goes for between 10,000-50,000 naira ! Nigerians!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against people having fun, but there should be moderation. 1 or 2 international artistes for one nite wud do, instead of bringing so many of them here at once at d expense of Nigerians.
    There are better, viable and more lasting things corporate bodies can do, instead of wasting so much money on such extravaganzas !
    Nigerians deserve more from them in terms of corporate social responsibility, and not the regular style of giving the people with one hand & collecting it indirectly from them with the other hand.

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