Anytime from now, eighties pop darling Alex Zitto and nineties reggae star Ras Kimono will attempt to stage a coup d’etat. No, they’re not planning to overthrow any government. The faded stars have come together, in the United states where they are both now based, to work together on a joint music project which will find its way into the Nigerian market before year-end. According to a source close to the musicians, Ras Kimono has been frequenting Alex Zitto’s studio in Mineapolis where they have been recording for a while. ‘Zitto has a state-of-the-art studio in Mineapolis. That’s where they are recording’, said the source who also squealed that trouble reggae giant Majek Fashek is working on a new album too.


Like Majek, Kimono has become the darling or reggae pundits across the world, though a much-desired international break continues to elude him. Hitherto managed by his wife Cybil, he has now signed a management deal with an American label called SMOOTH AS KAPPACINO INC.

 Though still largely unknown in America , Zitto was a household name in Nigeria in the ‘80s. He exploded on to the music scene in 1988 when he won the Lekki Song Contest with his hit song “Tickle Me”.  He then recorded his first album “Tickle Me” on the PolyGram records.  The album became an instant hit throughout Nigeria and Europe , establishing him as a sought after performer. He would later release his second album ‘Walakolombo’ which further entrenched his position as one of the most listened-to and sought-after Nigerian musicians. Today, Alex Zitto resides in the United States  where he is the founder and president of TIYGGI Inc.,(talent is your god-given industry) a state-of-the-art recoding studio


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