what next?the questionmark trio..when the going was good

The duo of T-base and Ruffman have, from Tuesday July 17, 2007 ceased to be represented by Kevin Luciano’s Questionmark entertainment. Addressing the media in Lagos last week, Victor Olusegun Dejo Richards, questionmark CEO says ‘The duo of T base and Ruff Man are hereby banned for anti company’s activities. It will not be legally advisable for anyone to go against this because their contract is legally binding by the laws of federal republic of Nigeria Further investigations reveal the label is taking the step because the duo have ‘been playing shows without recourse to the company’.  ‘we’ve queried them several times. We’ve drawn their attention to it, but they wouldn’t bulge’, said a publicist at the Company’s Victoria Island office on Wednesday.  The duo, who have been nominated for several awards and have earned critical praise for their debut ‘Ghetto philosophy’ (their first single street life made it to number 3 on MTV base’s world chart express) are yet to react to the announcement.  As at  the time of filing this report, information on their official myspace page still indicated they were signed on Questionmark records. Interestingly, both Ruffman and T-Base were solo artistes until they met at Questionmark In 2005. Ruffman was before then, signed on Gbenga Shokefun’s Spirit Rose management. Questionmark, then led by Shokefun and Luciano conceived the idea of the group and pitched the acts together. There are unconfirmed reports rapper Mode 9 was also talked into joining the new group, an offer he declined.  

The future of the group is uncertain following the unceremonious separation from the label that birthed and nurtured them. But Questionmark is not new to separation. Since 2005, the label has parted ways with Soul Kid Asa and visually-impaired producer Cobhams who had earlier bagged a publishing deal with Sony/BMG UK.  A disagreement with 2006 Star quest winners D’accord was  quickly settled before it got out of hand. Meanwhile, Gbenga Shokefun and Wale Otegbola, both Kevin’s partners, have at different times been reported to be at logger heads with Luciano. Gbenga is no longer on the board.

And Streetmonks are not sleeping while the issue of thier ban spreads in the media like a virus. Last week, they made several TV and radio appearances, clamouring for ‘freedom’, and laying hoardes of allegations at the doorstep of thier ex-label boss Kevin Luciano. T-base went as far as saying ‘i don’t have a home. i squat with friends, what kind of label is that’?

The battle, it seems, is sure to continue.  



  1. What’s with QuestionMark?they came out looking positioned to take charge and fill in the blank spaces but am i dissapointed so far?Apart from Mode 9,they are yet to score a major success with their artists.Siver Saddih and the Street Monks are noticed but they are not there yet.Kudos to STORM.i guess QuestionMark could do better if they learn to face the business and reduce the crises they seem to enjoy cos there’s still so much to be done.How can any label lose Asa and Cobhams,without them dropping an album each????SAD.i’m sure there are lots of questions we need to ask the guys at QuestionMark.

  2. hello,

    i dont know if you can help me but i am looking for the email adress of questionmark.

    please help me because the web site is not responding.

    thank u for your help.

  3. hi Cindy. not sure i av an email for qmark. but you can call Kevin Luciano on 0806 026 35 13.
    best of luck

    We feel its time to clarify issues as regards the management questionmark and street monks our artist. Its about time people know the true story

    I used the word management for a detailed reason which I will explain now. Am sure that you are aware of the new management of questionmark.

    This simply means it will not be business as usual for everybody. The new management of questionmark invited everybody for a meeting and the way forward after the boardroom tussle of the old management. Everybody came for that meeting including Street Monks.

    All or artist where informed about the plan that will take our company to the next level. The new management who follow our motto to the later which is Innovation, Determination and style informed the entire artist that as family things should be done in uniformity so that the same goal is achieved.

    Street monks desecrated all our companies policies, the contract they signed, and the love we have for them as members of the qmark family by:

    1) Doing shows without the knowledge of the management.
    2) Granting interviews that are detrimental to the company?s ethics.
    3) Going on air to make false allegations against the founder Mr. Kelvin Lucciano Gabriel: (a) that he promised to buy them a car in their contract. (b) That he promised them to rent them a house. Etc
    4) Making a rap song (ruff man) that is against his signed contract. Ruffman was signed for raga because our AR (Artist and Repertoire) department feel he will excel better doing raga. Sunny Ade for example signed to sing juju because he?s electrifying with his juju style. It will be very harmful for him all of a sudden to now go out to make rap in English.

    The qmark family had to curtail all this excesses and the first thing was to put street monks on a sober mood by suspending them. As a family, when children go wrong the parents correct them sometimes with grounding so that they can learn from there mistake.

    No decent child will come out and talk negatively about his parents. Street Monks came out to talk so negatively about questionmark because we want to make them a better group and worthy role models to our society especially the youths.

    A lot of allegations were made about we the record label: We were accused of signing them to slavery.

    Answer: Before a contract is signed by any of our artist, we give them the contents to take to their lawyers and study. This was done by street monks and they were both above 21 when they signed the contracts. They are not kids so why should the lawyers they paid sign them into slavery. We were accused that there their landlords kicked them out. Answer: The truth is that there is nowhere in their contract that says we should provide accommodation for any of our artist. We were accused of making them do free shows. Answers: We have never made street monks do any show without them getting paid except for their promotional show in xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” / Benin. That was for the artist personal promotion.

    We were accused of not paying for a video which they did in Jos for 600,000. Answer: The record label sets the pace as regards the videos to be used by artist and not the artist shooting the video for the record company to pay for. Despite that, we paid them the money for the video because of our love for them.

    They have even made confused allegations by saying that they are 10 in number. The Street Monks that signed into questionmark have two members: Tbase and Ruffman.

    Street monks even mentioned some names that they are behind them. It?s very strange that names should be mentioned in a country where there is rule of law and due process. Street monks signed a contract that is legally binding and I do not believe any one will go against the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria.

    Street Monks made it obvious that they do not respect the law because they have god fathers. The irony of it is ?this said godfathers, where were they when street monks could not get a record deal. Were where they when the Nigerian artist were not given opportunities before questionmark came into the industries. I believe this people are just misleading this artist for their own personal interest.

    A lot of the management of questionmark have gotten treats from people who claim to be the friends of street monks. Its obvious that the numbers were gotten from our artist. Our founder also got some calls and was able to record one of this treat calls made to him.

    For the record, Questionmark & other Entertainment entrepreneurs have done what a lot of other Nigerian investors have not been able to do, investing in entertainment, knowing fully well that it?s a long term investment. It?s disheartening that a group that we expended so much will go out to smear our names like this.

    Kindest Regards

    Damilola Gbalajobi
    General Manager



    Fisrtly this is to introduce the new ceo of questionmark Mr Victor Olusegun Dejo Richards ..As you know Questonmark is noted for its quality artist and distinctive quality videos and in order to keep the pace ,the company like is going through restructuring to improve on our activities.

    The company in the next few months or thereabout will be engaged in a whole lot of project that will be communicated to you in due time as our media,we here by solicit your support to assist to project the company New image ..
    And secondly, to introduce the new team on board, as you all know the number ne remains as Mr kelvin Lucciano Gabriel..the New Ceo .Mr Dejo Richards and will be working with Mr Gbalajobi Damilola as the new project Manager and Vivan Iruobe as the media and public relations…and Damilare and wunmi.
    And notify you this

    1: Signing our artist on international deals
    2:getting both international and local awards
    3: Good airplay on our local and international radio stations and tv stations respectvely
    4:we have enjoyed toping the charts for the music videos in africa in Mtv base and channel O respectively..
    Getting advert deals for companies and with our artist and models for theirs respective brands..
    And thirdly to introduce new artist 1)The accord those who won the last star Quest and are truly gifted 2) Nnena who will call the voice of africa..3)Silver shadi all you got to unveal right now …4)Mode 9 the best raper in Nigeria and africa.are they are not our artist but also our Family..

    THANKS !!!!!

  5. Hello,

    Thank u for the number but there is no response.
    Is there any way that i can come in contact with Questionmark.
    Because i am calling from europe please dont forget to give alsow the country number.

    Thank u for your help!!!!


  6. hello! whoever s going to read this message. like they say their’s no error in trying. itheir is a song sang by a guy(an artist) called O.C BOND, he sings HIP HOP and R’n’B according to a DJ i ask, i wnt Qmark to pls pick this guy up,his song is being sang on air and still on air by some radio station like 93.7,100.5 and other stations but nids a marketer for this song. i beg this company to pls call this guy up he has all together 13 to 14 tracks(nice songs) and his number is 08062339676 or call him on 01 7614681( note: is not my song, i dnt knw him, just got his number from one of the DJs on air) pls hlp do some tin about this guy, and i beleive that they are other artist out their like this guy looking for such opportunity like him. i will be glade if u do. tnk u (note: pls try and creat a forum where the upcoming and good artist can have opportunty to showcase their talent. tnk u) QMASK IS REALLY DOING A NICE JOB, KIP IT UP


    my name is Morayo and im writting from IRELAND. I know mr. Kevin Luccianno personally including the whole thing about QUESTION MARK ENTERTAINMENT. it about time someone sets the record straight about Mr Kevin. He brought questionmark into Nigeria in good faith to better the lives of upcoming artists and give them the opportunity to get their songs out there but unfortunately, it’s all being thrown back at his face by people and its not fair. he is a very hardworking and easygoing man who trusts and beleives everyone. he has put his life and soul and a lot of money into this record company but like I said before, its not being appreciated. i think its high time people around him should start acting like a family that they claim to be and show mr Kevin and Questionmark some support and appreciation and start working together to promote music instead of fighting for their own selfish interests and prove to people that QUESTIONMARK is indeed the best record company that nigeria has ever had. thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  8. Hello Ayeni,

    I don’t know you from Adam but, i think you are destroying Kevin lucciano’s company our company as Nigerians, Questionmark Entertainment.
    The reason for this mail is to let you know that the story published on this day by you regarding to Questionmark & Dejo richards made me so sad that i decieded to write you this mail.

    I have known Kevin Lucciano Gabriel for many years & it breaks my heart to see a good man like him, who has not done anything wrong to by seting up a record label in Nigeria to improve the standard of Nigerian artist & also create jobs for Nigerian Citezens, go through this type of blackmail that Dejo Richards, you & your magasine is encouraging.

    Dejo Richards didn’t do anything while he was in Questionmark Entertainment, all he did was use Questionmark’s platform to chase women all over the place, we have seen Kevin lucciano working late nights & more, trying to archive results for Questionmark & it’s artist, without Kevin & Questionmark, were will the likes of ASA be today or Modenine even Streetmonks & Silver Saddih?

    We should encourage him not kill him like the Isrealites did christ, he’s one of our own & i know for a fact that we will miss him when we have suceeded in killing him.
    I worked in Questionmark when they firs started & i always wished that one day Nigerians will find out that, the problem has never being Kevin Lucciano, it’s either His Partners or the Artist, Dejo Richards is an enviours person who i know for 100% wish he was in Kevin lucciano’s possition, & you guys are helping him archive his evil dream to kill & ruin a good man.

    I pray God the creator of Heaven & Eath forgives all of you.

    Ianoachor green

  9. Well, i have to thank kevin firstly for bringing Question Mark to naija, where, BABA K please forgive this people they think it is easy to make money. And please for the treat you know how we do those kind of people, dont bother about them is just one the earth will answer.

    please kevin selent is the best answer giving to fools so dont answer them
    they our envy of your success.

    thanks and God bless


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    Thanks hope to hear from you real soon.. Please help me to assign this letter to Questionmark Entertainment

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  16. gianni lucciano albertino gabriel Says:

    can someone find the e-mail adress of kevin lucciano i got a good reason
    why i need it appears to be that kevin lucciano is my father and i never really saw him
    for as i can remember i have heard that i got some sisters and brothers i dont know
    but i from the netherlands and i really want to ask him just one thing

    thanks for your help and sorry for my english 14 years old 😛

  17. bernards chidozie Says:

    my name is bernards chidozie aka c’ben i am from west africa nigeria i belong to a group called born to rise and we have got a hot track that is hitting up the place but the problem is that we do not have a record labell and that is why i mailing U so that U can help us out i will be very grateful if i can hear from U.

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  21. i love u all the questionmark crew

  22. you could just listen to the beat of those high bass from Rap songs, i just like rap songs *::

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