call me daddy!

If my findings are anything to go by, then Soul E and his wife Ure are already planning to start a family. The couple who became an item two months back have been spotted going for ante natal care atan Ikeja-based clinic.

And Soul  E, who’s constantly excited about his wife, flaunting her for all to see, has reportedly confided in friends they’re expecting a baby.

Soul E, 24, married Ure,

love of soul e’s life 

a divirced older lady and former banker, in May giving rise to a string of controversies and feud with his label Collosal records. He has since moved into her Omole Estate (ikeja, lagos ) duplex.

man of the house? 

In an earlier interview with me, Ure confessed she would like to have kids for Soul E whom she fondly calls Emmanuel. ‘We’re hoping for the best. Those things are not in anyone’s hands. I want to have one but I’m hoping that two would just come at the same time’. Asked if she preferred boys or girls, she said ‘One boy and one girl. I would love too adopt kids also but I don’t know when yet’.

This would be her firt baby, as her first marriage which lasted from 2001 to 2003 did not produce any issues.



  1. i m so lovly pasuma in many way,for example if i dey tink if pay his music all tinking will disapear.pasuma you are two much carry on.

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