They’ve been the subject of national adulation. They’ve won awards in Lagos while lounging in Enugu. They’ve got a future as bright as a trip to the sun. Unfortunately, the duo of Esther ‘E-Star’ Abigbo and Uche ‘Gucheano’ Ozoigbo, of Resonance fame, have decided to squander it all- by toeing the worn path of break up.
Abigbo and Gucheano, who are rumoured to be cousins, will no longer be recording or performing together, according to Gucheano who confirmed this in Lagos two weeks back. Though he refused to give reasons for the separation, a source close to him alleged he is ‘bitter’ for ‘doing all the work while Esther gets all the credit’.
Details of their partnership remains unknown, but while Resonance lasted, many fans were unaware the band was a duo or group. Many automatically believed Resonance was Esther Abigbo.
Gucheano has already confirmed plans to kick start a solo career. And shortly after he confirmed the break up, he was spotted meeting a talent and event managers in Lagos. It remains uncertain if he has made any deal yet.
The name Resonance became popular when TV music shows bombarded viewers with the video for ‘chinwe ike’ off the duo’s album of same title.
The seven-tracked album was released by Resonance records and marketed by Ahbu Ventures.


77 Responses to “RESONANCE BREAKS UP”

  1. This one is sad news. Only just getting into their music. Unfortunately I am a bit (1 year ) behind. Esther dey sing sha.

  2. RESONANCE UPDATE – Nonso E. Ozoigbo
    General Manager, Resonance Records Limited

    As we regret the exit of Esther Ebigbo, the female vocalist in “Resonance” duo group, Resonance Records Limited remains structurally unaffected.

    While “Resonance”, the most famous group in the Resonance Records Label in the southern part of Nigeria, especially in the south east is undergoing serious restructuring, “Gucheano”, Uchechukwu Philip Ozoigbo with his solo single “ORUOLA” is currently topping the Enugu based Cosmo FM weekly chart for the fifth consecutive week, and is widely admired in the country as the most handsome Nigerian artiste. Checkout his ORUOLA” video in

    However, Resonance Records Label artistes are been managed by Everest Entertainment Company.

    We are most greatful to our numerous family, friends, Fans and media.

  3. RESONANCE UPDATE – Nonso E. Ozoigbo
    General Manager, Resonance Records Limited

    As we regret the exit of Esther Ebigbo, the female vocalist in “Resonance” duo group, Resonance Records Limited remains structurally unaffected.

    While “Resonance”, the most famous group in the Resonance Records Label in the southern part of Nigeria, especially in the south east is undergoing serious restructuring, “Gucheano”, Uchechukwu Philip Ozoigbo with his solo single “ORUOLA” is currently topping the Enugu based Cosmo FM weekly chart for the fifth consecutive week, and is widely admired in the country as the most handsome Nigerian artiste. Checkout his ORUOLA” video in

    However, Resonance Records Label artistes are been managed by Everest Entertainment Company.

    We are most greatful to our numerous families, friends, Fans and media.

    We love you guys.

  4. Hmm, i have checked youtube, and i cannot find ay Oruola video, please lets try and give out thre right info. Sad to see Esthe leave, but you have to admit she was the voice that was resonance.. Good luck to Uche with his upcoming album.

  5. Uche is foolish. He found a rare gem, he polished it, just as he was on the verge of making millions (possibly billions) exploiting his find, he allows petty, stupid, childish jealousy get in the way. He will fail as a solo artist, he will excel by stepping back and allowing this girls’ star to shine. For the record, the chinwe ike album could have been a worldwide A+ album, it ended up a B+ album because Uche decided to add his terrible vocals and “rap”. Sorry to be harsh but I knew Uche back in the day, I was rooting for this group, I was even trying to contact him to get him off the tracks cuz he was ruining the whole thing. So it is good they wont be singing together, but it is stupid he let her go, stupid. FYI, I AM LOOKING FOR THIS GIRL AND WILL RAISE ANY MONEY SHE NEEDS AND CONVINCE HER TO GO INTERNATIONAL!

    • kili how can you say he wanted to contact him to get off the tracks when you also said that is foolish he let her go you sound so callous and childish am sure if you know gucheano well you would have adviced him to continue and bury the hatchet but NO! Mr i know him well wants to invest please and since you said you knw gucheano you are suppose to know esther to please stop boasting cause you SUCK!!!!!!

  6. I also knew Uche growing up so Kili or whatever the heck you call yourself, it’s obvious you are a nincompoop and don’t have any better thing to do with your time but sit around and talk trash about other people. It’s one thing to leave a constructive criticism here but another to make a fool of your self by contradicting your statement. How could you have possibly been ruling for the group but at the same time trying to contact Gucheano to convince him to get off the tracks. Dude you didn’t make any sense and from the sound of everything, you come off more like a jealous fool and if you ever knew the guy growing up like you claim, you should have been appreciating and if anything encouraging his work and praying he gets better. Anyway, I’m sure you don’t have any talent yourself and therefore wouldn’t know one if it stared you right in the face. As for Uche, only God can decide if he will fail or make it as a solo artist not you.

  7. gondolistic Says:

    uche breaking up with esther,its an open door progress,i wish him best of luck,cos even from day 1…i know he s going to be a STAR.

  8. gondolistic Says:

    kili,,,or what did u call urself? how much did u have? u want to invest on ester…..why not spend that money on ur family,relatives,etc?muthafucker.


  10.…. I have no comments though.


    Did i see well? investment? kili, you better invest in me because in a couple of years i will be the next Oprah and then you will smile at this day. Gondolistic and Ify, why you won spoil my runs? Why not let the fool decide where 2 invest his dreams on? cos i very well know that real business men don’t announce intended investments but actually IMPLEMENT IT. By the way, for the normal, non-Esther-psychopaths, i heard uche has expanded his career horizon? He stared in a movie. Can’t wait for it to be out cos i know the guy is a genuis. Esther`s solo album is ok and i heard she just got married last month, i wish her the best. But c’mon guys lets be frank, the duo was exceptional as a team! Their two albums as ‘Resonance’ were both fantastic. but as we know they let external factors disband them. If not for ‘Resonance’ this blog won’t make sense. By the way, happy new year guys! ciao for now

    • Brother Death Blood Says:

      Dude shut the fuck up and geta life. It really doesnt matter anyway. However, i agree with u on 1 thing. They should come back. And who the heck is she getting married to now. Jeez!!!

  12. gondolistic Says:

    uche,happy new year

  13. This is a joke….It seems the team ruling for gucheano do not take critcism well. I live in the states (US) and relatively new to resonance album. Heard it for the first time through a friend and was very impressed by the unique vocal. If esther was to come to the states, she definiely has a chance of making it here. All she’ll have to do is to walk into sony or def jam music in manhattan, NY and give her cd to an A & R….The rap in the cd was a joke. almost every black person in the states can rap. If indeed this rapper guy found her and invested his time in her, he should have treated the grop as HIS business by making real money from his investment. Friends or not, he should’ve made it 100% business and 0 % emotions. It is almost like building a house from scratch and walking away from it…..what a shame!

    • Brother Death Blood Says:

      Exactly. She can also try looking into some Symphonic or melodic metal bands in the USA. And this emotion thing is getting weird and on my nerves. God!!!!…..they are such babies.

  14. P.S. I just heard the remix to chinwe ike with 2face… All I can say is “that *ish is HOTTTTTT men!!!!” That girl has success written all over her…Guess she has officially moved on…..I’m proud!

    • Brother Death Blood Says:

      Good, men. Hee’s someone who agrees with me. She really has suceeded.If she wants to take her career abroad, it will be easy. Many symphonic metal bands in USA and beyond will be happy to take her in to singh for them. Peace out!

  15. why do this have to hapen their first album was a success n not to talk of this one “chinwe ike” can they come back 2gether just 4 the public?

  16. can ester please comme back ? she is the best.

  17. hmm….i shud say that though it seems like the deal here isn’t that bad, and some even say it’s progress for Uche, i think itz not all about fame and money. we know they’re Gospel artists! if anything, the Body of Christ shud not be divided by such thingz as bitterness over a sister’s credit! she knows how to sing, and though she wasn’t involved in the technicalities, she surely also worked her heart out to make sure her voice was good enough. i must say i’m disappointed by this breakup. they were gr8 2gether…and for the record, i think whatever the case was, Resonance shud be thinking of Preaching Jesus, and not themselves. sorry if i sounded impolite there, but itz the truth.

    • Brother Death Blood Says:

      You are supposed to be whipped, dude. If u have a talent make money of it. It doesn’t matter who u sing or play for so long as u make money. And jeez, forget the Jesus crap. That’s amplified nonsense. Get a life. If u wanna hold atalk or debate with me, am available. Boyah!!!!.

  18. i am no happenings I pray to God to give we all wisdom. I love the both of them. it dosen’t matter who sing the songs we all have know that this songs were composeed

  19. hottie Says:

    as for me,Resonance did well,Ester is wow,i dont know what Uche is up to now and i cant be bothered.I heard some of Estar’s new songs with 2face and faze and i really didnt expect her to sing with secular artists as someone who is repping christ.One can be an inspirational singer but for one to say he/she is a gospel singer then you have to be very careful cos singing with secular artist can get so many people uninterested in ur song instead of appreciating christ through it.You can not be in the middle,u can either be in or out.
    Well,i wish them the best of luck.

    • Brother Death Blood Says:

      Oh shut your trap. This music we are talking about. I play drums both for a huge christan church in Belize and a Heavy/Black metal band in U.S.A. If i got music, i sure as hell will make some money of it. But as You said, i don’t blame them…….and neither do i blame you.

  20. Alexander Says:

    The breakup is a sad one!But its unfair to take sides without knowing the koko of the story!
    They are both young and…prone to mistakes!
    Let’s wish them both the best and thank them BOTH for their effort at touching our lives with that master piece-Chinwe Ike!
    God bless u all who made up RESONANCE!!!

  21. OBISYDAL Says:

    well gucheano came up with some wack lyrics..that’s the truth. e-star is the most talented female to ever come out of naija no doubt..she no dey gucheano class at all…

    • Brother Death Blood Says:

      Dude, slow your roll. Gucheano and E-star both together are the best. Separate,i’ll remind you, that they dont make good songs at all. Both Gucheano’s wacky lyrics and E-star’s melodious singing combine to make a good song. For good music’s sake, Obisydal, don’t be such a pyrrhic insomniac. Amd. may i remind you that even in U.S.A., there are may Symphonic Metal bands that will kill for her talent and someone like gucheano for his lyrics. Think dude. Jeez!!

  22. Brother Death Blood Says:

    I live in Belize, Central America though Nigerian by birth. “Resonanace” music has reached me there and as an avid listener of Black metal and Doom metal music, i must say it’s a good piece of work. It would have been better if Gucheano and E-star got to their goddamn senses and came back to make music. For chrissake, what the hell is it to work with somebody and even if you don’t get credit, your name still gets mentioned in the finishing credits. If i were you Gucheano, i’ll just continue with E-star knowing that she will be no where without my work. So for good music’s sake stop sulking and make some music. Am still waiting to here your getogether. Peace out yo!!

  23. so sad she left

  24. Well if it’s true dat uche is jealous, I think he is stupid, u never know what u have until you loose it, estar was the voice behind resonance and u let her go. You are so stupid!

  25. Estar it’s your time to shine

  26. Esther u r cool

  27. Am an up coming gospel artist, resonance was one of the group that really inspired me but i find it too bad to see the news of resonance’s break up. In the gospel music industry, we dont break up, when u do so what are u going to minister to people? Think about it. Two heads are better than one.

  28. ceekay i agree with u. honestly,those guys should re-unite atleast for the sake of their fans

  29. but guys i really think Gucheano has got tight lyrics. go check out “judgement day” in their very first album

  30. estar too has a wonderful voice!

  31. Shut ur trap blod brotha or wat eva crap name u cal u damn,stinkin,retard self.stop critisisin pples coments.
    And resonance ruled

  32. I think we Nigerians should stop criticizing each other. Lets learn to love and Appreciate, thats the key to success. I love you all and God bless u

    • domicile Says:

      I cant believe what have heard of resonance, meehn that was very funny of them their action looked nothing better than kiddies play house

  33. resonance please come back

  34. chidi okafor Says:

    well i cant tell their reasons but what i know is that a gospel artist like they are should not go about disgracing gospel music empire

    thanks from angola

  35. It’s been about two years since u both parted ways, and, if I’ve observed rightly, it hasn’t yielded the anticipated benefits. So, why don’t u two do a rethink? After all, we all get wiser with time, and time heals everything.

  36. At least, their account has make sense a bit compared to when they started their music. So I’ll say, they are OK with the money-making.

  37. Jst come back pls!!!

  38. Things I never espected just happuned. If it was possible, I would rebuilded the strong bond between both of them because they realy made a good team.

  39. 4 pple 2 make it in life alot need 2 be sacrificd cos is nt easy 2 gt 2 d top, y would they split nd let all they’v workd 4 go dwn d drain all bcs d credits goes 2 one of them? I believe destiny cn only be delayd bt cn neva be denied. So tinkin b4 act rili matas.

  40. Gospel ogbonna Says:

    Its real bad news to know that resonance is history. I wish they could come back again to their thing

  41. i think that shouldnt b a criteria for guchiano to break up with his partner.afterall,dlyks of JZ does some stuff 4 some artist nd he is nt given credit instead it goes to d hero in is nt a new tin.guchiano should wake up,though it is painful.

  42. is it true dat Esther got pregnant for Timaya and then flied out to have her baby

  43. buchi jude Says:

    i’m listening to their music,so i decided to check em up on google,and guess what…am seeing this,i’m crying as i write i love them both,they were so perfect,i love them,and i still love them.imagine esther singing chinwike remix,it’s good i cry wen she sayz ”chetah”…they made me love music (christain music)oh God! I 4eva regret thier break up.wish a miracle can happen.

    • Uche is my bossom friend. I can’t tell wђã†̥ happened cos they were good friends before they ever thought about music. I still shudder when I try to imagine where they might Ħª√ę been in Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ music world if they hadn’t split. Let’s just take Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ positives-at least they entertained us at a point in time-only that they made us want more. I don’t think getting together again is feasible now that E-star is married but I still Ħª√ę this wild imagination that it could happen. They were really good together and to whoever is talking crap about gucheano not rapping tight- one question “where is E-star after leaving resonance”?. Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ Gospel truth is that they complemented each other- that was Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ secret of their success.

  44. Gabi Edem Says:

    Good morning sir. Please I need Esther’s details to enable me feature her in my album please.

    Thank you

    Gabi Edem

  45. Just Wish the Illuminati hunt didn’t cause the separation. Check it out after the separation one party chooses to go gospel (My brother )still the other party their prime target chooses to mingle with the fallen soldiers who all started in Church and now leading out the church and causing World evangelism more difficult for preachers.

    The reason for their separation doesn’t make sense to me. Why? Cos lot of Gospel bands have had more challenges than they but still they are still working for the sake of Christ.

    I also think they saw music as business rather than ministry . She sang of HolyGhost fire dealing with the devil . What did she think she was singing? ehehehehehehh….. The side effect was an attack from the pit of hell been Manifested in the form of bitterness pride and self ego. Just wish i can get the Uche contact – He is a good Song Writer I love their works. . I think they all need encouragement rather than been criticized.

    I have produced Worldly music before God arrested my heart , and i am set out promoting Gospel record to the end. It final but it en tiles more than confession . It must be backed up by prayer and fasting and also seen as ministry if not such wouldn’t stop.

    Thank God she is married . It doesn’t stop them from doing Gospel music performance if they see it as ministry. Wish them the best

  46. Nnenna Jane Says:

    I cn’t imagin dis 2 artist breakin up

  47. Is nt fair dat both wrk and credit goes 2 1 person.d reason y we mk team is coz we ar telented in different ways so in oda 2 mk a gud work we need each oda.united wil stand divided wl fall.guchiano u gat evry reason 2 b nervous ad angry but u dnt av 2 let it overwhelmed u.u guys shld cum 2gada coz ur d best wen love nigeria

  48. prisca ogide Says:

    well sha i really love the duo singers and as christain musicians they are suppose to sort things out and not just break up and scatter all their good works please no matter what you guys are the best of them all

  49. i kant just imagine its all gone, the fist tym i heared lee lee i knew yeah there is tym for everyone. now they int no more …………. so sad

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  52. They were very good together. I wish they never broke up. Makes me feel a bit sad. Cos i expected so much more from them. #too bad#

  53. I wish they could come back together, and i also wish Esther could release a song, for years now have been waiting patiently to hear her song, i was thinking of her then i googled search her only to stumble on this blog, esther pls release a song oh

  54. Really miss ‘Resonance’ ie Uche n Esther cos d internal effort/squabbles don’t matter, the result really proved that they were both good n no need 4 d breakup!!

  55. Really miss ‘Resonance’ ie Uche n Esther cos d internal effort/squabbles don’t matter, the result really proved that they were both good n no need 4 d breakup!!pls reunite n continue doing d sweet music u guys were known for!!!

    • U guys shld pls cumbck togeda u pple are discouraging us that are hoping 2 b lyk u guys but our luck havnt shine yet as no 1 to sponsor and mold us up pls cum bk 1 Nigeria is d ansa

  56. U two shld cum bck

  57. Esther and Uche u pple are discouraging we the onces cuming up and hoping and luking 4 sum 1 to sponsor and mold our talents plzz u pple can always settle ur scores y d breakup

  58. Oncennelly Says:

    ‘Resonance’ should be able 2 reason Gospel music 2geda, once mor’: 4d sake of God’s love. Also their work as a “DUO”, makes a lot of sense, than as Solo’, plz both of U should think about. All the best in 2014 as 2013 rolls away

  59. I waz so glad when i got 2 realize dat i waz one of their fan, i felt so proud of them, seein young people gartherin theirself in d attitude of God, bt i felt completely broken wen i hear abt thir break-up

  60. HOLLA-AT-MOI Says:

    and yes God don do am……….. esther is definitely back, HAWT AND READY to go…. she will soon drop her single, check out this link from linda ikeji

  61. zigi zaga Says:

    Them 2 no well..infact,naija…ur papa

  62. well, in every issue,there must b a lesson learnt, from their experience,i cn say we must remove arrogance & self ego frm our relationships wit peple & always remain humble cos though u may b gud bt humility,honesty,dedication,love and respect cn Says:

    We have got two personalies 2 b careful with in relating with dem, which is God and man.ur ability to relate with them guarantees u of ur succes in life. A song writa says,I NID U,U NID ME TO SURVIVE AND THATS THE GOSPEL TRUTH.LETS B humble in our relationship cos after God comes man. Thank u.

  63. Junior Kennedy Says:

    But, why would Esther leave the Country, but i think she Should Come Back and Continue they should Continue their musics again, Because One of Them Cannot Leave, While One of Them Is Still in the Nigeria, Their Songs Can’ t Continue Like That, I Suggest She should Come back?

  64. Junior Kennedy Says:

    I would like to advice Them To Come Back Together Again, That is my advice for Them, Because Their Musics are good Musics?

  65. 4 Matic Says:

    So after the break up , whats next …?? Broom works when tied together … said so!!

  66. Jeez, surprising it’s been over like 10 years now!

    Was cleaning up my music library today and stumbled on ‘lee lee’ and ‘chinwe ike’ tracks I had from way back in school. Played them and felt those tracks in ways I never did. have been playing them for 2 days now.

    So, for the first time I got wondering whatever happened to Resonance and googled. That Gucheano guy’s lyrics were wack as hell. Heard back then E-star got pregnant for some artist was it 2face or Timaya don’t even know.

    Anyway, I’m just catching my fun, glad to know theres a community of resonance followers out there. It’s a shame really that lady wasn’t opportuned to share more of her talent.


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