a fortune on my wrist…like fela, like dbanj?the best bracelet money can buy?  

By the time you read this, he would have settled down in the United States, where he’s scheduled to honour performance engagements and resume the tour he broke in order to perform at the ThisDay Festival.  Dapo Oyebanjo, 27, has never had it this good. In fact, he could never have imagined life would take this fabulous direction. But having found fame and fortune following his dreams, he’s not  one to scaringly take the austere, boring route. First, he got himself a BMW 530i, after a widely reported deal with Power Fist. Now, the showbiz industry is agog with news of his purchase of a Jacob&Co glamour wrist band during his previous visit to the US.  ‘he just walked into the shop in NY’, said a close source.  ‘He had always liked Jacobs’ jewelries. So he went in an tried to get something cool.

my bmw est fantastique… 

But the price was outrageous so he couldn’t pick too many things. But he saw this writs band, a bracelet that he liked and he went for it’ The bracelet, which he wore on stage at the This Day music festival reportedly cost $2000 (about N250, 000).  But those close to him are not at all surprised. The charming pop star is known to be fond of exquisite jewelry and expensive fabrics; they make him weak in the knees. It is however, the first time since his three year-old break that he’s identifying publicly with any major brand. Not that Jacobs&Co needs the endorsement – the outfit has on its regular list of clientele, heavyweight names like Beyonce, Nas, J.Lo, Diddy, Rihanna and Jay Z.


55 Responses to “D’BANJ BUYS $2000 BRACELET”

  1. Made Or Leru Says:

    Nice 1 boi…I dey feel you as well cuz you bi the 3rd on my list of artist in Naija..List Goes lyk dz,2BABA,P Square and you…

    Keep it up..Always watch yur Back too..Cuz nothing comes easy in life..1

  2. Omo its normal o…even me thats not an artist,can afford that.If i can afford to fly from Canada to Nigeria or USA to Nigeria,why cant i buy a bracelet worth $2000…This is not a news to be published,if it was $200,000 it would be cool

  3. david ferdinand Says:

    omo dats kool every1 wants to be like him excluding me…..u for use dat money take do better thing you gho bow sef dat thing go sooon wash

  4. Hi D banj koko master am very happy to have this opportunity of mailing you so baba ride on you are the KING SO NO ONE LIKE YOU…………


  5. enemy of D banj go die somewhere you dey envy Baba no mind dem 2face no fir to buy am………….. Jeun Lo Baba Nla

  6. Yemdollsz de Females Solutionist Says:

    D’banj is mouthed, I believe him … As a mata of fact he his ma Mentor and i’m doing a Song for him soon. I’m Yemdollsz de Females Solutionist nd i’m comingout pretty soon so ya’ll shud watchout for d New Act ’09. Its Yemdollsz Baby!~ Dont dull aiite

    Yemdollsz says so!


  7. Hi d’banj,i will luv to be your friend and am very happy to have this opportunity of mailing.cos, NO ONE LIKE U…..

  8. Mahmood Barade Says:

    You are the bomb!

  9. u 2 get pride, most of ur fellow artist dey buy much more expensive bracelet than u do, omo u 2 get pride

  10. i lvu ur music and i wish to be ur friend i’m 4rm nigeria i luv u so much i’m just dead in luv with i will be very hapy if take me as ur girl frind.

  11. cashrules Says:

    thats was great , i they work now to be like dbanju but i no wan sing wetin i go do…..abge help me ..man i love this man and i don they fall inlove…..i don vote for you baba

  12. you too much man …you are just the best no mind them they can zing whateva shit they like but you owns the hip award man…thanx for that EYO show if no be you i fo no come there..buy whatever you can buy and i fit buy for my boyfriend when i get the money too.. its your money …let them talk as wande as said..leave them yan even if they say na taboo

  13. if i have d money u have i will buy more than that, so enjoy your self GOD has done it for you don’t mind bad bele people, so chop up no LONG THING.

  14. na 2k$ na u dey use dey pose?. money wen nor dey reach dey stay for hotel… guy change though i hate ur yoruba music…. go follow lil wayne pose lol

    • Now wey hin don even pose with person wey pass Lil Wayne nko? una wey una dey use yeye eye dey take look person. He’s signed under Kanye West bro…..Cat got your tongue?

  15. NIGGA. S Says:


  16. I LOVE U.

  17. omote joko Says:

    d banj,pay ur tithe,help d needy and stop buying bracelet

  18. see how God dey work? imagine D-banj the guy wey dey my area for zee – town, dey spend money like say em papa na central bank, while i dey here with my small money dey try save one girl from sudan war? guy spend your money as you wish but remember that the k2$ you used in buying just a brecelet can save many lives, that will always live to remember you, and God too will bless you for that, you don hear me ba? use your money to do a better thing ma guy!

  19. Omo i too like this guy u too much D’bang,i really really like to meet you you too much joo i bi ur number one fans oooo!!!!! If you are still sitting down ur on a long thing

  20. hi love,well i have been trying to get ur contact,well let me use this opportunity to tell you how i really love you,am not joking,always see you in my dream,well god will always take care of you for me,i no one day you will meet me in person,love you,i live in holland,byeeee

  21. What shall it profit u D banj,if u gain d whole world n loose ur soul

  22. HI. D’Banj and to all the people gong through this msn, I wish to inform you that their is no need disturbing your self about the stuff bought with $2,000 yankee, nigas out here are buying with $5,000 YANKEE, and u guys are kiling your self over a bracelet worth $2,000 yankee, plz if you do not have work to do, you better find something doing bcos time no dee again,

    D’Banj No long thing, lieve ur life the way you want it, bcos who wear shue no where ide pain am-oOooooOOO, I am really happy the way you guys are inpruving in our country, you guys have made 9ja proud, and we that lieve out of the Country are proud of u guys, also wishes to have you here in ABIDJAN one of this day, 2 BABA VISIT HERE IN ABIDJAN EVERY TIME, and we expect to have you here too, thanks to all that view this msn, and to all D’Banj fans out their,

  23. I like u as a person n few of ur songs…D reason while i dn’t like u is that u insult ppl’s parents cs they r nt ur fans….Being a fans of another is a personally decision….If you cn stop jst dat, den i will like u completely, but NOT as my 2FACE IDIBIA…I love 2FACE as i love myself. sowe abt dat niga D’banj…Abt u buying $2k bracelet, let every1 say wat they like abt that. But next time, please DO NOT put such thing on the Internet again cs i buy bracelet worth about £7,000 n i am a student in the UK. N am sure das d most expensive of all ur bracelet n das while it’s on d Internet. quite a shame 4a famous naija artiste. I dn’t make noise wiv dat wen i buy bracelet of such amount…so be proud of urself and always watch ur back as haters come’s along wiv u…..U NEED A CHANGE n help the needed wen necessary. +447535245395

  24. D’banj why you dey fall my hand like dis,MONEY wey you suppose to go give the needy you go use am buy bracelet wey go wash,anyway it’s ur money and pls always pay ur tithe.Me i still luv u and i dey feel ur song.

  25. Guy i dey shame for u common 2k dolls wey no reach men tk fles for one
    night. na empty vessels dey really make d loudest noise ibeg try be like
    2baba you never still marture

  26. file dont touch it na dbanj wetin na expect

  27. Salisu Jibia Says:

    D ur ma model. U can do more. This lyf is precious, enjoy ur kokolet lyf. ..I de feel u ma guy!

  28. sanmy ade michael Says:

    na wa o! just 2kUSD……..weh me deh wear almost 3kUSD gold for here…. I even think say na 2million dollar bracelet….. This’s not suppose to be published at all. I deh feel your music sha….

  29. Making a big deal about a $2,000 bracelet? Your Debanj must be very cheap or broke. It may also be his followers or fans, as the case may be, are suffering from pauperism.

    I remember Fela used to fill his wardrobes up with suites costing over $5,000 each, which he never wore once. Fela bought a brand new high class Mercedes Benz, cut off the roof and used it as truck to carry fire woods. Fela did all that to rubbish people who believe in materialism.

    However, we should bear in mind that this life is more than what we put on. I read sometime ago that Debanj donated some money to some schools in Nigeria. That is a worthwhile news. He should focus and improve on that trend . And keep the prices of his worthless bracelets to him self. No one cares.

  30. d*********** Says:

    guy no put tu baba into this oooh because a bracelet of 2000 is nutting to brag about

  31. biola phobia Says:

    baba you be chaiman……..I love that cos…..if na me in that your position..I will even buy more than that…….cos im not a celibrity.i dey even use 18 thousand phone………….I gbadon that……keep it uppppppppppppppp

  32. i luv ur kind of music and i respect u for dat. mohits all star are the bomb luv u all. as for the bracelet issue u get mouth

  33. i love all your music keep it on

  34. d banj na mumu ordinary braclet $2000

  35. you self be mumu you fit buy am foolish kene

  36. d banj they lie

  37. Do ur thing and fuck the rest, d banj is what u like right.

  38. Arab Money Says:

    Brother carry on, it’s not easy to get to your level God don bless you. I advice you be a blessing to the house hold of God and help the needy. You’re a blessed guy D’Banj

  39. jay-twist Says:

    wen there is “MONEY” why wont he live like a” HONEY”

  40. DON baba ray Says:

    No be big deal abeg…. he has the money so he can afford it..

  41. some of u guyz r jst st**** nd crazy.d’banj has a koko foundation 4 d less priviledge,whch of u bastards cn afford dat.mtcheeew.Mr koko kip riding

  42. Hello,

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    We also do have gold bar too.

    I shall be grateful to furnish you with any further information that you may require after hearing from you and shall consider it a privilege doing business with you to foster a cordial and long-lasting relationship between both parties. Below are my contact information you can reply to me and i will send you an FCO.

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    We are waiting your purchase interest and quick responses.

    Thanks for your Co-Operation.

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  43. Nothing funny to buy $2000 bracelet . Anyway am highly disappointed to read a broadcasting for buying a simple bracelet $ 2000.

    In South Africa here an ordinary man can buy a single Rolex wrist watch $50,000 even more than that.

    I love D’ Banj but $2000 is not a something that he can broadcast.



  44. ADEOYE TOLU Says:

    Spend ϑ money when U̶̲̥̅̊ ve it.

  45. It’s all good for the Koko Master……………………

  46. sam han quoc…

    […]D’BANJ BUYS $2000 BRACELET « All You Ever Need In Entertainment[…]…

  47. biodun ojo Says:

    I love that

  48. biodun ojo Says:

    U too mush no long thing

  49. I realy love da work u’re doing,pls let me knw whn u havin ur next gig in pretoria region..or jhb.

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