awon omo naija yi sha!

2 million people attended this year’s carnival

Police order or not, Nigerians still trooped out in thousands to display thier love for the motherland; at the 2007 notting hill carnival…

though the ambridge ardens, usual venue for the nogerin corner was cordorned of by the metropolitan police, Nigerians, young and old, still came out to soak the fun… displaying the green-white-green and hooking up with lost friends…

 olopa abeg sir

And it didn;t matter that there was no Nigerian music on the P.A…. walking rund the Obalende suya and AIT stand was enough, and many took time to wine and dine, as well as enjoy the music blasting from jamaicans and the fun-loving people of Trinidad and Tobago…

omo naija tokan tokan

naija with arttitude

Guests this year were all holed up around Oxford Gardens, just a street before Cambridge. there hve been allegations and counter alegations as to why the Nigerian corner was closed. while some explain that it was purely due to security reasons, as the area was designated as a security zone for this year, Tokunbo Odebunmi, CEO of Obalende suya told me this year’s event was a victim of last year’s success. he recalled that the Nigerian crowd was the largest static crowd, and there was serious difficulty managing the crowd. he also alleged that some group of people wrote a pettition to the Police, alleging that some 3,000 illegal immmigrants were converging on the Nigerian corner.

See?  your homeboy was there too…. walked so much that my feet were weary. So many others defied the negative reports to attend the carnival this year. Keke ogungbe was in town with his partners Dayo Adeneye and ID Ogungbe. Acclaimed cinematographer DJ Tee was behind the cameras for Storm Visin and Hip TV. Julius Agwu, Ruggedman and Jumoke Alao also make the list. And if you saw T-Shirts screaming ‘str8 from Lagos’, that was the team from the Lagos state government led by Tokunbo Afikuyomi…


It was fun. So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like my green



  1. Nigeria is great. Went there recently most of the women and girls were slim and quite structured. The kids above are hideously overweight. I’ve noticed Nigerians in England and America don’t control what their kids eat subsequently they are becoming bloated, fat and annoying looking. In addition, please don’t come with the excuse Africans like their women overweight because that’s actually a European idea that has somehow become our truth. Apart from that, thanks for the memories

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