SHOWMAN PROPER He lost the best African act prize to 2face Idibia at the 12th edition of MOBO awards last September. But on Thursday November 1, master entertainer and bona-fide ladies’ man, D’banj got a worthy compensation when he was announced the Best African act at the MTV Europe Music awards which held at the OlympiaHalle hall in Munich, Germany. The 27 year-old performer is the second Nigerian to win the prize in two years. Compatriot 2face Idibia was the first ever artiste to win the award when it was started in 2005.  Last year, Nigeria’s rave pop twins Psquare were nominated for the cherished prize, but they lost to South Africa’s Freshlyground Dbanj beat South Africa’s HHP, Kenya’s Jua Kali, Ghana’s Samini and Uganda’s Chameleone to come top. Earlier in the week, there had been speculations D’banj might lose the prize to HHP, as he was lagging behind by over 2000 votes. But pundits insisted the exuberant Nigerian singer was the most qualified for the prize; and definitely the favourite of fans and VJs across the African continent where voting is decided.  D’banj flew to Munich on Tuesday November 30 to attend the award which is beamed to millions of audiences across the world. Born Oladapo Oyebanjo, D’banj’s career has grown in leaps and bounds since he returned to Nigeria in 2005. from a wannabe R&B singer, who fled to London at an early age and pitched his tent with the popular Backbone crew; D’banj has grown to become one of the most accomplished Nigerian entertainers in recent times. With dozens of awards to show for his success, and millions of album units sold, the dashing singer is living his dreams, and glad he settled for music even when it appeared a stupid decision.  He started his recording career in Lagos, working with producer OJB before he relocated to England. It was while in England he met JJC (aka Mr Skillz) and his crew, and became part of the family. Along with Kween, MP, Don Jazzy and others, they rolled together and former a coalition of sorts. He would later leave JJC, under controversial circumdtances, to form Mo Hits Records with don Jazzy, a gifted producer who many give the credit for the D’Banj brand. He relocated to Nigeria with Jazzy in 2005, after his debut single ‘Tongolo’ became fairly popular and it seemed Nigerian were ready for what he had to offer.  Only last month, he dumped his Michael Otedola estate (in Magodo, a Lagos suburb) for a posh Maryland (also in Lagos) residence. The singer’s new home is an 8-bedroom apartment, with all the trappings of a star – and he’s already contemplating naming it ‘Koko Villa’.  The MTV prize, is expected to immediately reflect on his career, although many have criticized organisers of the award for not presenting regional awards during the main ceremony, and for only showing images to audiences in Africa. D’banj’s award was reportedly presented hours  before the main event started.

2face3.jpgIt was the same, when 2face won the award in 2005.  Originally groomed to be a soldier, D’Banj was born as Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo in the Northern city of Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria to an artillery officer and a church dignitary whom hailed from Shagamu in Ogun State.  Due to his father’s job, D’Banj moved several times within Nigeria as well as abroad to India. At 11, he was enrolled in the military school, and it appeared certain he was going to be a combatant like his father. But few years, later, after losing his immediate elder brother (Femi Oyebanjo) to a plane crash, D’Banj picked up a different, harmless weapon entirely- the harmonica, which, incidentally, was the only item recovered from his late brother’s remains. Together with an hitherto ignored musical talent, the harmonica nidged him towards the path of music, and he succumbed to the lure, despite initial attempts by his parents to discourage him.   



  1. Congrats D’banj!

    I knew from the start that he wou’d win it. Now, the pride returns to Nigeria as home of Africa’s best Music.

    That’s a challenge, motivation and inspiration to upcoming Nigerian Artistes.

    We however look forward to women breaking the Monopoly. We have ladies like Ty Bello, Asa and Sasha, amongst others, who can break the record to be nominated.

    -Freddiewit for RUB MINDS FORUM-

  2. congrats Tu face,
    i luv that keep it on
    that very good of u
    u ar god’s sent to nigeria

  3. Daramola adeola.E Says:

    D banji,am a slim girl age 23years,i wish to be part of your dancers.U are a hot artist i want to be part of ur dream.

  4. Daramola adeola.E Says:

    Dapo daniel oyebanjo,u be confirm guy,no mind d gossips,na fire go burn them all,dey jolly,u pass dem.One love

  5. Nuffy Biodun Says:

    Well the organiser of the award wuld have made a big mistake by not giving dbanj,but they did well becos dbanj really deserves the award.KUDOS to you dbanj for you are a good ambassedor of Nigeria and the whole of Africa

  6. solomon success Says:

    great job man,i like ur lyrics,god bless u,am a good dancer,pls if u could help me,i will like to show myself.thanks.stay cool.u can call me on dis number07088224823.much luv 2 don jazzy.bye.

  7. Wale ibitayo aka de don king Says:

    To say fact u d best musician i’ve xpriencn in lyf pls keep it up so dat 2 face and 9ice wil not touch it and to round it up we need reality songs greetings to don jazzy.stay cool

  8. dbanj Guess what, you are one of the best artist i so much love infact i and my brothers are your fans please send your recent pictures to me.love you

  9. olaboyede george a k a..jazz again Says:

    hello my man….i really love you coz you are just like me. i want you to stay cool coz you the best artist in nigeria and in africa. i knw that one day you will get the best musician in the world. but pls don,t forget me here. my # 07041394225

  10. Dbanj, this saturday you are in Nairobi and guess what we got hot stuff here in Kenya just watch out, Nameless will carry all the trophies home but i still like you lots of love man

  11. am happy to join this site

  12. AJUFO ESTHER Says:

    hello my man… i really love u coz u are my biggest artist

  13. squadeyi becks Says:

    wowow..kokolets lets me rejoice with you and your skillkeds


    D”banj is the bomb……..he has got allure,humility and beauty….I Thank God 4 DON JAZZY,A good Producer……….

  15. i love you all both d’banj and tupac

  16. DJ Benafo Says:

    Talk to you soon

  17. Afole Benjamin Says:

    Hi 2face, i’m DJ Benafo, i talk to you soon. we business to discuse…… Bye…….

  18. u’re doin well in de industry hope to join u’all soon

  19. hallladay Says:

    luvly guy wif luvly song .kip ya head up.

  20. hallladay Says:

    nice gig.

  21. 2 Face – your music Rocks ..Thumbs up for Nigeria

    Sorry to hear about Incident – in OCt

    Peace ….

  22. Kzmmarine@yahoo.com Says:

    Yah,it’s koko master all around

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