jus me n my baby…Things have fallen apart between troubled singer Eddy Remedy and his new label SNRC – even before the union is yet to bear its first fruit.   SNRC, owned by singer Sammy Needle, was Eddy’s place of refuge, following the collapse of his deal with Kennis Music, and his marriage to Kenny St Brown. And while the union lasted, the 40 year-old singer lived with Needle full time, recording materials for his new album, and attempting to put the pieces of his life together.
Pundits had predicted the relationship would not stand the test of time. But Eddy and Sammy, both ecstatic about the possibilities, and determined to prove nay-sayers wrong, insisted theirs was an ordained deal, and cynics would be proven wrong in a matter of time.
Unfortunately, few months after, the centre can no longer hold as both parties have drifted apart due to what insiders term irreconcilable differences. Now, the once chummy relationship has turned into a feud, and both singers no longer see eye to eye.
Eddy’s new single, which is bound to be controversial, is presently on radio. SNRC says it knows nothing about it. Just as the label is also unaware of a listening party being organised by Eddy.
Though reasons for the feud remain unknown, impeccable sources assured Glitterati Beats Eddy has moved out of Sammy’s Ogba-Lagos residence; and is now plotting the graph of his career alone.
And, expectedly, Sammy, whose performing career is also troubled, is not happy about the development. ‘he’s invested so much in this project. It’s unfair for Eddy to just walk away like that’ said one of his staff who spoke with Glitterati Beats.
Investigations however revealed that SNRC never got Eddy to sign a proper recording contract. And while the media and other parties may be aware of the label’s investment and Sammy’s cushioning role after Eddy’s marriage to KSB crashed recently; it may be difficult for the label to pursue any legal case for contract breach. Although a source close to the label insists there are visuals detailing initial negotiations and agreements.


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