call me a device…i’m not a car!i love my chicks…big boy


After about three years of lull and financial handicap, Olumide Adegbulu a.k.a. Olu Maintain has finally shown obscurity and hard times the exit door.  The ex-Maintain act, who’s now a prized act with Kennis Music, is having it good – meeting presidents, signing autographs, moving units of his album,  and getting paid in full.
Since the success of his first solo album ‘Maintain reloaded’, propelled by the lead single ‘Yahoozeey’, Olu has re-establish himself as a hit maker, and an act who knows the recipe for a good song; one who understands the pulse of the streets.
And, just as he has predicted in his song Yahoozeey, the Lagos-based singer is now living the good life – expensive drinks, everyday parties, and flambouyant automobiles. Last week, one of his cars , a Chrysler, was delivered to his residence. The black auto, with customized number plate Mr Olu 2, is believed to be the first of the singer’s many automobiles. Sources close to him confirmed to Glitterati beats he has also ordered for a Hummer Jeep from the US.
Olu’s Chrysler, is believed to have gulped over N5 million, though some of his confidants insist the cost is more, considering the extra accessories and fittings.
The Ondo born singer is now living life like never before, having achieved a feat even his ex-Maintain buddies would envy. And, to think that many had written him off! His earlier pre-Yahoozeey songs were considered unfit for a re-launch, and many were not surprised when he sold his only car – a Mercedes Benz V-boot and was taken for broke. 
Just about a year after, he’s now strolling up the ladder of success, looking down on cynics, and hugging every attention that comes his way. He’s now even contemplating marriage, as sources have told!



  1. yong maintain Says:

    Mr olu you the best i love u so much even my friends call me maintain ‘ I LOve your musics yong maintain from cameroon

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