godfathers still? It’s over three years now since they bought the hummer jeeps that shook the entire showbiz industry to its foundations. Isn’t it high time the duo of Keke Ogungbe and D-One upped the ante? That’s exactly what the long-time buddies and partners have done. The Primetime duo showed that they’re still leaders by kilometres; still the godfathers of the game of make-believe when last week, they took delivery of Four Range rover sport vehicles believed to have been shipped in from the United States. The jeeps have already found their ways into the individual garages of Keke, D-one, ID and 2face Idibia. And as if to compensate their wives for their constant absence from home, Keke and D-One also resented the rave-of-the-moment Armanda jeeps to their wives. All the automobiles have customized number plates.  Since their days at Daar communications, Keke and D-one had mastered the art of flambouyance. And, as the years have passed by, they have, obviously, not stopped nurturing the art that make fans, admirers and even haters weak in the knees. And, whatever is said, it must not be forgotten that whatever value the showbiz industry has in Nigeria today, what ever respect; practitioners owe it to the tireless, fearless duo who stuck to the game even when it was unfashionable to do so. Okay, so they’ve made money for themselves and bettered their lot? They’ve turned hitherto impoverished acts into money-spinners too. And guess what? They provided a flash of hope in an industry where majority of practitioners where busy searching for the exit doors.  Now, with a radio and TV licence in view. With a total overhaul of Kennis music. And with a branching out into sports, it’s easy to see that, age might be calling, the grey hair might be showing up on their foreheads, but Keke and D-One are not about slowing down.  Only problem is, now that they’ve got some of the best cars money can buy in their garages…. Now that they’ve patronised some of the most exclusive designers on planet earth…. Now that they’ve attended all of the biggest awards in the world and produced Africa’s most iconic pop stars this day… it may be very challenging for the hardworking (and fun loving!) duo to surpass their own feats. Except well, they show up in the sky around their Dolphin Estate (Ikoyi, Lagos) office sitting comfortably in their own choppers; having flown in from Los Angeles in their own Private jet. And guess what? It’s not likely anyone will be surprised!


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