help, i want to shed the load! Weird MC’s elongated headgear is giving her head ache. And she’s considering getting rid of it. The hip hop fusionist who has made the headgear her signature since sh bounced back to the top of her art in 2005, told friends on Facebbok, a world-famous networking site ‘peeps, I figured I’d ask you guys, I’m getting kindda bored with da gele (my headgear) thing. should it stay or go?’The introverted act uploaded the post around 6:47 PM Nigerian time on November 18, 2007.Though it is uncertain what her eventual decision is, a source close to her confirmed she’s indeed ‘trying to rebrand’.Another source squealed that she’s presently changing her wardrobe as well as putting finshing touches to her third album.Weird herself, who was hospitalised in Abuja last week after doctors diagnosed food poisoning in her system, told me ‘You know I like experimenting. I like playing around wih stuff. That’s why you can never realy box me into a corner. You never know what the Weird one will come up with next time…’ 



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