can anyone guess her age?  Felix Duke, Freestyle, Muma Gee and Ruggedman no longer call Now Muzik home.  The management company, run y Efe Omorogbe and his partner Tony Anifite has parted ways with four of its busiest clients under controversial circumstances. And in what appears ike the company is divesting its interests in talent management, now muzik is now left with Sunny Neji, Niyola, Dat Nigga Raw Obiwon and few other acts. According to reliable information, all, the company parted ways with all four acts for different reasons. But while sources close to the artistes are alleging dissatisfaction as casue for the break up. Now Muzik CEO insists ‘each of these situations were by mutual consent’. Speaking exclusively with AyeniTheGreat, Omorogbe who founded Now Muzik while he was an English undergraduate at University of Lagos, says ‘our contract with Ruggedman ran its course. Either party found something impalatable with the terms and process of extension, so we decided to let it slide.  On parting ways with Muma Gee whose contract is yet to run its full course, having only recently joined the label Omorogbe explains ‘our deal with Muma Gee was an experimental one. We had a specific PR re-engineering thrust to the deal and we were losing too much time on te schedule, so it only made sense to part…’ For Felix Duke and Freestyle, Omorogbe maintains ‘we noticed a certain drift in opposite directions. We were beginning to work at cross purposes so we decided to free each other.  Although he insists the company still maintains ‘a cordial relationship’ with their ex-clients, I have course to believe the situation is otherwise; especially for rapper Freestyle who sources say is very bitter with the company. There is an SMS  in circulation credited to the ex-trybesmmen rapper. The widely-spread sms is a disclaimer on Now Muzik. Interestingly, only two months bak, the label gathered industry heavyweights together for Freestyle’s ‘coronation’ as the current ‘king of rap’ in Nigeria.  Meanwhile it is not the first time Now Muzik, a company regarded as Nigeria’s number one artiste management company will be parting way with major clients. In 2005, it eased off connections with its biggest client 2face Idibia under controversial circumstances. the company has also ceased to represent African China and showbiz couple T.W.O.


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