The current brouhaha rocking Questionmark records took an ugly, unforeseen dimension when on Friday November 30, members of the police force stormed Kevin Luciano’s Parkview estate, Ikoyi residence for a thorough search, following allegations by Dejo Richards that the questiomark boss had assaulted him with a gun.
According to a reliable source, Kevin had earlier been arrested after Richards made a formal complaint to the police (Zone 2, Onikan, Lagos).
Dejo Richars, until recently the CEO of Questionmark Records alleged, in text messages to journalists and a formal complaint to the police, that Kevin harassed him after a disagreement that got out of hand. ‘he slapped me, and pointed a gun at me’, he said.

In the SMS which is being circulated, Richards writes ‘I fight a just course. Kevin slapped me, punched me and pointed a gun on my face. Maybe because I argued with him over his excesses’.

Dejo Richards was introduced to the media few months back as the new CEO at a press conference where the label washed its hands of Streetmonks following what it termed ‘anti company activities’. The label has been locked in a bitter battle with Streetmonks ever since. The three year-old label owned and run by Luciano also has scores to settle with Asa, Cobhams, Wale Otegbola and Gbenga Shokefun – all of whom had at one time or the other enjoyed a sweet romance with Kevin and his label.

However, despite Richard’s allegations, sources told me that the police found nothing incriminating when they searched the bachelor’s home on Friday November 30.

‘I really don’t want to talk about this. I’m not a controversial person. People think I am, but I’m not’, Kevin said soberly last week. ‘Dejo is my younger brother’s friend. I gave him six month’s probation and when the six months was over and he didn’t live up, we asked him to go…’


  1. Seun Oremade Says:

    Who is telling the truth? the whole QuestionMark controversy just keeps getting bigger. A question that is heavy on my mind is, “Do the QuestionMark team actually know what it takes to run a record label????” I wonder if the Mode9 album success is not a fluke cos those guys are yet to pull any major stunt with all the Hype and seemingly goodwill they had when they kicked off. With the name D’Accord already made for themselves through Star Quest,it beats me to know that QMark could not consolidate on it to launch them big.Thank God for the team that worked with KC Presh.
    Anyway,keeping a record label in the news can be done in other ways than controversy. “Being in the news is news all the same” some would say but bad press isn’t the best for a label that one can hardly tag successful.

  2. Lisa Jones Says:

    Absolute Bollocks…Do u know wat it means to run a record label, don’t believe all u read there are more sides to the story. Peace!!!

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