faze alone?These are not the best of times for ex-Plantashun Boiz singer Faze. And it’s ironical, for, with his three new videos topping all the charts, and his songs as popular as the national anthem, the lanky singer should be as happy as ever.

But recent incidents are threatening to puncture a hole in his heart, make him bow his head and cry. And maybe ask himself ‘why me?’

Top on the singer’s recent woes is the widespread statement credited to akon, disclaiming him. Faze had in the past twelve months, paraded himself as a Konvict music act-to-be. For months, he told whoever cared to listen that he had sealed a deal with Akon and that his next album would be on the label. But Akon, speaking to a Nigerian Journalist in Monte Carlo at this year’s World Music awards, denied ever signing Akon. ‘I don’t even plan to (sign him)’, he reportedy said.
A source who lives in FESTAC TOWN (a Lagos estate where faze resides) told me ‘he’s a laughing stock now. Everyone is making a joke out of it. I’m sure he must really hate Akon and the journalist that broke that news’.

At the Nigerian music video awards which held last Sunday, Faze and his brother-manager Ifeanyi refused to exchange greetings with the said journalist. ‘Even if Akon said so, he should have kept it on the low’, his brother was reported to have said.

Then came media reports the truly-talented singer was enmeshed in a debt mess in South Africa. Faze leads the pack of Nigerian acts who are all now heading to South Africa to shoot musical videos. Though he has denied the debt mess, there is no doubt the singer and his managers are wondering why is image is in such tatters at a time when his career appears to be blossoming.

In Port Harcourt last month, an angry fan called him ‘a fool’ to his face, after he refused to perform at a concert following disagreement with the organisers. ‘I’m going to warn all my sisters and friends not to come for your shows or buy your music. And I’m going to destroy your CDs in my house. I’ve been your fan for years, never knew this was how you were’, screamed the angry fan. The singer was left with no choice but to perform at the concert which also featured Jamaican reggae star Junior Reid, Mode 9 and De Indispensables.



  1. Seun Oremade Says:

    In my own opinion,we all have our hard and sad times and i believe Faze can go through this and still come out unblemished. It is all about crisis management and control. beefing a journalist would only compound his woes,especially one in the class of the HE who broke the news. His manager should understand better,that’s if he understands at all. He should diplomatically clear the air around the issues and ALWAYS remember that there is NO Faze without his FANS and the MEDIA.

  2. The only real controversy i see here is the one that got to do with Akon/Konvict, all the rest you cooked yourself, or they are best trivialities and nothing more than that…………For example disagreement between show organisers and artistes is very normal, same with the response of fans when this happens. My submission is that you ;AyenitheGreat is trying to sound fair in criticizing Faze. Anyboby can say all you said and even more about any artiste, ok. You are the one wishing Faze to be enmeshed in inexistent “controversies”

    Firstly those models who featured on Faze’s videos are professionals who worked for Faze based on contract, and so if Faze has’nt or didnt pay them, let them go and sue and recover their due, simple.

    As for the Akon stuff, frankly speaking i still cant get it , cos Akon was in Calabar during the Xmas and him and Faze co-addressed a press conference re-stating emphatically that Faze was on Konvict, Akon also said so on Silverbird Telelvision when he was been interviewed by JAJ. So Faze didnt lie , and he couldnt have lied about such a momentous stuff, ok
    Please update your blog . NO CONTROVERSIES

  3. whatever u cal me Says:

    Ayeni do know what controversy means? I wonder who will get rid of all these mediocre journalists, so cos Faze had a disagreement with organizers and a crazy fan is not happy about it means it resulted into controversy for faze.Artists all around the world face such situation so its very normal for faze to disagree with an organiser and for fans to tear up like that or maybe u should ask eminem about stan if u know what am talking about.Akon had already cleared the record deal issue btw him and faze,why did u refuse to put that in ur site? You dont even update ur news yet u call this site great and about the debt story i’ll still av to confirm it cos i dont trust u journalists and ur rumours,especially after seeing only two responses to ur story despite posting this a long time ago.

  4. y’all should stop posting lies ok.. I saw akon and faze together on youtube..akon got faze’z back ..yall just haters ok

  5. ishola slim Says:

    no matter wot d si2ation faze will always shine,shame on u rumour mongers,much love faze baba

  6. Wasiu (leewas) Says:

    Faze, da biggest naija artist. No matter what anyone says about him, to me, He is still my best Artist. Akon confirmed the deal when he to Nigeria in 2004/05. No shaking for my guy. Anyone that talks rubbish dey Kolo.

  7. Emmanuel.. Says:

    welll… i and myself i don’t wanna know maybe it is a rumor or lies… i will forever like this humble guy … that i know that he never do something that will tarnish his image with his fans …… i know u can never deiisapoint us faze ONE LOVE Bro deliever the message to them and let them feel and eat out of what is in that pot well no doubt you are the best…. Bro be your self please don’t let them have any bad say about you please we your fans are urging to please hear our voice…..feel free

  8. i love faze no matter what.

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