aiming for the sky?It was a historic moment on Monday December 17, 2007 when the award- winning duo of tick Lips and Lenny B officially introduced their long-awaited album ‘Press On Pt 2’ to the media and the general public.  The talented duo, whose journey to fame and renown started in 2004 when they won a talent hunt organized by Grafton records, have said that this album tells the story of black Africa, the quest for freedom, and by no small means, an expression of their innermost beings. And they’re blessed to have talented cats like Mtrill (also signed on Grafton records), Ruggedman and international reggae icon Junior Reid on different tracks on the project. It’s their first full-length commercial album and it is expected that this will mark the beginning of greater things for the extremely blessed duo. Extremely? Yes. Or how else do you describe a duo that beat D’Banj and other heavyweights by vote to emerge Best West African act at the last Channel O awards? How do you describe the story of two young, hopeless lads growing up in the dreaded, violent Port Harcourt Riverine settlements where all you’re confronted with is a bleak future; an assurance that help may never come? These days, thanks to their God-given talent and the machinery of the Tonye Ibiama-led team at Grafton records, Tick Lips and Lenny B are building a career for themselves. Having performed in South Africa and in different parts of the UK, they’re already becoming one of the most promising acts out of Africa. And, instead of using their fame and growing success to just re-establish their families and move on with life, they’re canvassing for change, for development of Port Harcourt’s ghettos; and they’re passionate about seeing all the violence that have enveloped the area in recent times stop.  ‘That’s why we did the freedom song with Junior Reid’, says Lenny. ‘We usually like our songs to carry a message, to talk to you. Because we know where we’re coming from. We know we’re lucky to be able to get out here and do this. There are lots of other youths trapped in those ghettos, engaging in different vices, with no hope for the future. They believe the government doesn’t care about them, and they make it a point of duty not to care about the government and the entire system too’ Tick Lips adds.  ‘Press on pt 2’ is on the Grafton imprint.  Grafton is a thriving independent record label with firm roots in Port Harcourt, Lagos and London.  The 10-tracked album is marketed in Nigeria by Afrobest.  


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