storm in the building!

Very strong indications emerged last week that two of Storm Records’ prized acts may no longer be doing business with the Lagos-based record label.  An impeccable informant told Glitz Beats exclusively that both artistes’ contracts have expired, and they’re not keen about a renewal.

Storm records, run by Obi Asika, Tola Odunsi and Olisa Adibua, is a sister company to Storm Vision, the outfit that partnered Endemol for the first-ever Big Brother Nigeria. The label is presently home to Sasha, GT The Guitarman, ElDee, Ikechukwu, Naeto C, Dare and Jazzman.

But it appears the storm is now over, for Dare and Jazzman –two of the most commercially promising artistes on the label. Both acts are the first talents to leave the label since Dede Mabiakwu walked out of his recording deal With Storm in 2005.

where next?

Already, Jazzman’s new single does not carry the Storm imprint. And a source close to him told us he’s working ‘alone’ on his forthcoming album. Jazzman Olofin (real names Olumuyiwa Olofinkuade) joined the label in 2003, after a brief romance with Kennis Music. His first album for Storm ‘Mr Funky’ contains the cuts ‘shake something’, Raise da roof, Eko ile and other popular tracks.

Before going solo and pitching his tent with OJB’s Silver point clique in the early 2000s, Jazzman was a member of now rested pop group X-Appeal. Together with bandmates Sturdy and Lexzy Doo, the battled The Remedies for the number one spot of the time, even as they alleged controversially that The Remedies’ claim to fame ‘Shako mo’ was their (X-Appeal’s) original composition. All members of X-appeal were university graduates (Jazzman has a B.A. Philosophy from the University of Lagos).

Meanwhile, while Jazzman may be working alone for now, Dare Art Alade is already reportedly discussing with a few labels, and may be entering into another contract anytime soon. Those close to the singer (who’s now based in Abuja) say he has a full album ready, backed with a collection of expensive videos. His forthcoming album is titled ‘Un-Dare-Ted (pronounced underated).  The first video is already on MTV base. A source close to him hinted that he may be considering working with a top record label which has produced some of the most successful acts of this time. ‘I can’t say for sure if they’ve signed’, said the source. ‘But I know they have been meeting. They both want to work together. It’s just to set the modalities right and take it from there.

Dare Joined Storm after his deal with Sony/BMG failed to kick off. The deal was part of his benefits, as third-place winner in the 2004 Project fame reality show held in South Africa. Though truly talented, his debut for Storm ‘From Me 2 u’ met lukewarm reviews and refused to move off the shelves.

‘What I can tell you is that the music industry is going through some reshuffle. These guys are like my younger brothers. And we’re not going to start fighting anyone in the media. We’ve invested in these guys and I can tell you that we’ve not made returns. Jazzman still owes us two albums and his contract is still binding. In principle, Dare owes us two albums too’, said Storm Records CEO Obi Asika when I contacted him on Thursday January 10.



  1. Oyinkansola Ogundipe Says:

    Dearest Ayeni the great,
    I absolutely luv your column,chiefly bcos it mirrors my mind,most tymes tho!I write to express my disatisfaction on last week’s article on Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. It did not go down well with me not neccesarily bcos im a fan,but in the spirit of fairness,i cannot fold my arms any longer.If a star of her (Omotola’s) calibre devotes time from her busy schedule to entertain ‘starstruck’ Nigerians like you(the content of ur webpage makes u illequipped to deny this allegation) and i,and she feels she has been cheated,is it a crime to voice this out?(i would appreciate an answer,say it loud so that i can hear from my office next door hehe!)I’m not angry funlola aofiyebi won,i’m not estatic either,and although i had a GOOD laugh the day Omotola’s partner ,Buddy (i think) flipped her over his shoulder during a dance routine,plus,you shold have seen the look on Matthew’s face,must have been an all too familiar terrain….if you’re sharp enuff,I think Omotola has the right to complain if her fans were denied the opportunity to vote for her.Husband, Matthew is living proof!Plus,i believe Omo Sexy probably complained in ONE interview but trust the tabloids….Whose hot,Omo sexy,who’s not, Tuface for letting Pero and whoever the hell the other baby mamas are drag him into the limelight for ALL the wrong reasons.
    Finally,I love Psquare and like many loyal Nigerians,I bought a copy of their latest effort Game Over and i love the song Do Me.Actually, i plan to sing it to D’Banj when next i see him lol.BUT,like you said,their songs leave you thinking you’ve heard it before,a deja vu of some sort.I guess the formula ‘weks’ for them,however if their next album sounds anything like the previous ones, im suing for disturbance of public peace!(doesn’t make sense,i know!)
    That’ll be all for now the great,want you to know -I’m the Greatest,so pay homage!


  2. Hello there, loving your blog. Wanted to know if you are interested in blogging for us too on Tru Spot! . Please let us know


  3. I just felt the need to say only one thing! Superb article!

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