Weird MC Gets £8,000 Royalty

weirdwith-jeep.jpgThe real reason for Weird MC’s recent visit to England has now been revealed.      A reliable source told Glitz Beats exclusively that the introverted music star made the London trip to pick up a payment made into her account by MTV base.  According to the source, ‘she had been planning to travel for a while, so she can buy some extra props for her video shoot. But when she confirmed that they had paid the money, she made up her mind about going’.
Confirming the payment, Weird who spoke with Glitz Beats shortly before her departure, said ‘yes, I think the money is for my royalties. But that’s not the only reason I’m travelling.’
Although she declined revealing the exact amount, someone close to her said the figure is in the realm of ‘8,000 pounds and above’.
Apart from 2face Idibia, no other Nigerian act is known to be paid such huge amount rotation royalties.
‘It’s really not a lot of money, if you look at it. And Nigerian acts can make even much more, if our collecting societies were organised. Just imagine if Psquare got say N1 everytime ‘Do me’ or ‘Bizzy Body’ is played, or Dbanj, everytime Why me is played on radio, and TV all over the country. If she (weird) got paid by every station that played Ijo ya, you won’t believe what that will amount to…’ said one of her assistants who did not want his name in print.
Weird Mc is expected to return to Lagos later today. She heads for South Africa later this week to shoot the video for her new single ‘Ri ran wo’.

6 Responses to “Weird MC Gets £8,000 Royalty”

  1. How??? Pure OJORO!! How many videos does the Weird One have on air? how many times do they play her video(s) in a day or even week? If it were to be artistes like Faze, Psquare, Dbanj whose videos gets more than constant rotation on MTV, it would be understandable, abi how e dey be sef?

  2. destiny different frm each other face may be crownded why weird does she not so my dear lyf no dey for one person…………………………..although faze is a legend musician lyk d’banj, pasuma,2 face, eedris abdulkareem,eldee,9ice,and so no…………….not to the matters she deserve it.congratulation weird mama…….luv u

  3. weird mama deserve anything dey give her she is guru with her style….waooo mama u re too big gbosa for u……….gbosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. caleb very very ignorant comment yes they give dbanj same airtime but are you saying ijoya didn’t enjoy heavy rotation on mtv base if u say so then you don’t live in nigeria. if weird mc is smart enough to register her works with the right collecting societies and she get’s paid celebrate don’t hate ojoro ko ojoro ni join hands in educating faze and co and think before you drop silly comments shikena.

  5. Omotayo Emmanuel (yarthy) Says:

    a women like you are worth to be proud of keep it off so so rougedly

  6. mummy Rayan Says:

    Aunt Shola ride on

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