aladinsani.jpg  Sani Anyebe is in the news again. And it’s not about his forthcoming album or relocation plans. This time, the Austria-based pseudo-Hausa singer needs your help for something that has been bothering him for almost an eon.In an exclusive correspondence with Glitz Beats last week, Aaladin confessed that his mother has been missing for several years now, with no traces of her whereabouts. ‘We’ve been looking for her for about three years now’, he confessed to Glitz Beats. ‘We’ve combed everywhere we can think of, but can’t find any traces. I just hope someone will be able to come out and give us useful information’. The singer’s mother Madam Salimotu Amode is a 54 year-old tall, dark mother-of-two. She was married to his father Staff Sgt. Paul Anyebe between 1968 and 1976.  ‘I’ve made several trips to Nigeria because of this. But it’s been very traumatic. And for a long time we couldn’t do anything because people were advising me not to make it public. But for how long will we continue to search fruitlessly?’ ‘It’s so unfortunate that we can’t even find any of her pictures. I’ve tried; I’ve asked my dad, all to no avail. But she hails from Agojeju-Onicha-igo in Ifu LGA, Kogi state. She had just two of us. Me and my sister who’s married now. And we really didn’t grow up with her because she was sick for a very long time’. 

The singer told us he’s already making plans to return home again. ‘This time, we just must find her. I’m begging everyone who has an idea who she is or where she is. We just need to know. Even if she’s dead, I think we deserve to know. It’s been a great torture for me’.

 if you have any useful information, please send a mail to :



  1. Buhari Isumafe Says:

    2baba, u no be tef na spoil u spoil

  2. ameh iwodi daniel Says:

    i am living in cape verde island , for a good four years now?

  3. ameh iwodi daniel Says:

    bros my mummy is from agojeju onicha igo too. my mother name is amichi ameh oged george, this are her brother is john , alhassan , adama , and aminetu she born too kids one is friday and aladi , but friday for so long will never here from him thing now…………for information call me 002389157530 or 002389961333……..

  4. mr.enemona Says:

    oh my GOd where have you been., God is in countrol the last time i visit agejeju my mother told me your mum have been missing for some time now., i then advise them to go radio kogi ochaja before i left to benin city., ever since nothing have been heard from my mother about your mother your mum was my big aunty far back 70s she took care of me more than you and Aladi now in abuja nigeria the last time i was in nigeria i called her (Aladi) from lagos before i depart back to cape verde island where i based., for now i am short of words only Almighty God will help us the Amode family to locate your mum as soon as possible. when is your trip to nigeria because i will be in nigeria by august this year., also Teju call me everyday from from agejeju to also ask of Atabo i was told is in spain i could not locate him till now., i was told is in valencia spain then my wife and kid is in valencia spain it took me more than a week to search for Atabo in valencia city i could not locate him till now., i will be in spain by june this year i would like you to visit me in spain or i will visit you in austria i still believe we will see my (Aunty) your mum by Gods grace., here are my information. you can call this number to ask for more information +2348024629550,+23480784473102 ask of baba Atabo or john or baba dele.

    phone — +34608643467 , +2389961333 , +2382643566, ask of enema
    or daniel email

    bye from now

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