On Wednesday February 6, former KUSH rapper Emem Ema was at Ikoyi cemetery in Lagos for a funeral service. Looking forlorn and holding back tears, the artiste-entreprenuer was not mourning a close friend or colleague. It was her younger brother Mmenie who was being laid to rest.  The Ema family was thrown into anguish on Friday February 1 when the 21 year-old undergraduate gave up the ghost after a brief illness. ‘He was home on holidays from the UK and he just had Typhoid fever’, said a bereaved Emem. The late lad was Studying Digital Media in Cantebury. And his death comes just a year before the 20th memorial anniversary of ther father who died in 1989. 



  1. Hi Emem, am sorry about ur brother’s death, i really wish u get over it soon and concentrate on ur life. I just one to let u know that i cherish u alot. Cheers

  2. EL'SHAKAR Says:

    oh my God i can’t just beileve this,i know his brother from one music forum and he said that he is a brother to one of the kush gals,life is crazy,this guys sings or rap if i can remember,i think he even had a demo or produced some beats,people were asking him about kush in the forum.i can’t jus beleive that he is dead.i almost ignored this post cuz the name emem is not famailar to me but i jus decided to read it not knowing that i know the boy in question though i haven’t met him but then i wanted to contact him so we can work on a song but i never did.yh i remember he got a song on his profile thought i can’t remember which site i met him at.may ur soul rest in peace my friend.it is such a wicked world.i think emem will make another hit for the memory of her beloved brother…e

  3. I know him very dearly and cannot just say how upsetting it is to think he is actually gone…i really miss him and all i can say is he may his soul rest in peace.he was the very best…we used to go for trips and stuff…but hey i know God will watch over the family..i miss u loads meny.

  4. Its such a run down news. I can’t imagine the pain..We ll the Lord knows best Emem..May his soul rest in Peace

  5. Akinwale Says:

    The funny thing is i knew Mmenie (Meny as he likes to stylize it) for brief while and he is the most down to earth person i ever know.HE is a bundle of talent and i was shocked when i read about his death in the papers back in 2008. May his soul rest in Perfect peace

  6. Please take heart. God knows all. May his gentle. Rest in the blossom of our Lord.

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