For the first time ever, drummer-girl Aralola Olamuyiwa has revealed to AyeniTheGreat, exciting details about her rumoured pregnancy, her hubby, and life after Atunda.

  The energetic performer, who’s currently in Iceland with her hubby, opened up to us last week, after a series of requests, seeking to confirm her present status, and the truth about the pregnancy tales surrounding her.   During an online chat, Ara confesses ‘I’m very heavy at the moment. And I’m doing good. I was on stage a few days ago and my protruding stomach didn’t deter me. If J.Lo can do it, so could I.’ 

She would however no disclose her expected delivery date, or the se of her baby. 

‘I can’t tell you when I’ll be due. Can’t even tell you my baby’s sex. So don’t ask me, please…’, she pleaded.  

But gladly, she went ahead to reveal, for the first time, the identity of the man she’s living with in Iceland. ‘my hubby is a Lagos prince. His father is a first class Oba, Oba Oloruntoyin Saliu, the oba of Oworonshoki in Lagos. His name is Prince Nurudeen Saliu. He works In Iceland. Having lived in England and the US, he visited here and get stuck. Iceland is a quiet place, population is less than half a million…’  Going further, she’s admits, ‘we’re not yet married. We’ve not done the traditional wedding. We’re planning that for later this year. So, everyday is honeymoon for us’ 

Wondering how she met the man she’s now planning to spend the rest of her life with? ‘I met him in 1995. His family member introduced us. He had just come back from Germany then, the father was not a king then but i remember that late Oba Oyekan used to come to see the dad and their house was always busy with activities. I used to be quite shy, so when we got to their house i was with the family member that i went with, this guy just walked into were we were and our eyes met. He came over and introduced himself as prince so so n so. Do you know that within an hour of talking he just told me he wanted me to be his wife and i was like, this guy has guts! It was love at first sight, but it grew over time…’ 

Then, according to her, ‘he left the country that same year, after introducing me to his parents. Then we grew apart and communication stopped. But all of a sudden, he came back in 2001 and wanted to marry me. I had joined Atunda then, so things didn’t work out. He came again in 2004 and 2006, and then last year he came again and said it’s now or never. I think the guy really and truly loves me! He stood by me durng my trying days at atunda. He was there and he knows the whole story from A TO Z.’  


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