One-half of rave twins Psquare, Peter escaped death by a stroke of luck when he suffered a domestic accident that left him unconscious for a while.

According to eye-witness account, the 28 year-old performer was trying to mend a damage in the ceiling, inside thier Omole-Lagos residence when he slipped and hit his head on solid concrete.

‘You know it rained terribly that day. We just got back home and he was trying to fix a damage in the ceiling when he fell and hit his head on the stairs. Thank God for the glass cup he was holding. He was the only one there. it was the cup that shattered and attracted us’.

It rained heaviily in  Lagos in the late hours of Thursday March 6.

‘Men, that’s how people die o’, exclaimed Peter, while confirming the incident to AyeniTheGreat a day after. ‘I was walking around barefooted when i slipped and hit my head on the staircase. i’m really lucky. But i’ve gotten treatment now. I’m much better’.

The recuperating act now has stitches on the rear part of his head, even though he is not on hospital admission. But It is uncertain if he will be able to hit the stage anytime soon.

It is not the first time to singer-performer will be escaping death by whiskers. Shortly before the dawn of 2008, Pqsuare and thier band were involved in a terrible auto crash while traveling by car to Enugu for a concert. the car crash left the driver seriously wounded while Peter and Paul escaped with minor injuries.


 The Anambra-born twins found thier way to mainstream music circles when they came tops at the Benson&Hedges Talent hunt in 2000. Seven years and three albums later, they’ve established themselves as gifted performers to court.

The wave-making duo are up a couple of nominations at the forthcoming HipHopWorld awards holding on March 15.



  1. Is this true? I saw another version which said that Peter was going to bed when he slipped on the stairs and fell, injuring his head. I think this version is a lie. I mean why will Peter of Psquare be repairing a roof?

  2. wow tank God o i for don die follow u 2 sha r u okay now……….lv psquare soooooooooooo much

  3. I think that what’s really important here is to tank God. PETER and PAUL are a humans being like us. As a matter of fact, they are to young to collops at this moment of there lifes. When i remember that africans like me are able to bring me in nirvana by the force of theire music i should pray for them to stay alive and to do more than what they are doind in the future. God bless them.

  4. Thank God you are alive…my star dancers….im happy for you guys!

  5. paul i love u so moch

  6. i really thank God 4 ur life. what wud i hav done without my psquare nd how will my paul feel. we thank God. you guys still hav a long way to go. you still hav many albums to release. you’ve just started, no one can stop u. peter get well soon cos ur fans are waiting. lluv u all.

  7. Felix Asibor Says:

    thank god for peter’s life that god gave him grace not to die on that faithful because i would have missed him forever

  8. peter okoye is 28? wow is a grown first i though he was 17 or 19.he look younger then a 28 years old.and i heard that lola omotayo is 35 years that kindda embarssing i 35 years old loving to a 28 years old.she’s older enough to be his aunt or his mother.she like 6 years older than him.if i were her i would leave him alone and find a person that’s her age and able to die the same day together.that why paul and jude refused to let their brother married lola.

    • Jasmine Dellin. First of all you can’t write and second you sound like an illiterate. By the way did you go to school at all. Can a 6 year old give birth. You this ye ye girl. Why is it embarrassing? You are just jealous. Don’t look at Lola’s Life, look at your own life. Lola is a beautiful intelligent woman. She is married to him now and has 2 lovely kids so I suggest to look at your own relationship and if you have nothing good to say about Peter and Lola, then keep your silly comments to yourself.

  9. chinakwe kosisochukwu Says:

    thank GOD for everything.because if not for GOD peter would have become a history by now.after all stars equally die.

  10. chinakwe kosisochukwu Says:


  11. God bless them, i lv them so much and i would like 2 meet them one day
    i don’t know if my wish going 2 hapend. I pray God for that. Wishing u all the best guys!

  12. simeonkingsley Says:

    well its all about temptation you guys got to be very carfull

  13. guy dey thank God baba dey by olaniyi olayemi 2love im a singer and want u guys shouid help me out of trouble dat im faceing pls any little help u can pls try 2 help me out thnks psqguare

  14. guy God dey by ur side we thank God for making u alive baba dey by ur olaniyi olayemi 2love im a singer and want u guys shouid help me out of trouble dat im faceing pls any little help u can pls try 2 help me out thnks psqguare

  15. Nothin shall ever happen to u guys, u still have enough albums to release.Peter im ur number one super fan. U.T UMANA

  16. Obielusi Lilian ogechi Says:

    reverence God cos he is d owner of ur life u hv to bware of friends cos some of dem re nt hapy wit ur success, premature death is nt 4 u guys, jehovah bu eze

  17. Okesola Joshua Says:

    hmm u guys av 2 b careful,cos enemies no want ur success.but above all we thank God.i luv u psquare.


  19. Egbo stasia O Says:

    God is always at ur side dats y u need prayers always.tnk God

  20. hi i loveeee u sooooo much u r amazing guys

  21. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It is the little changes that make the largest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

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