Ladies and gentlemen, Bongos Ikwe is making a big comeback! Decades after dropping the mic, the pop star who’s now know more as a hotelier, is getting set to rock the mic again and repeat the magic that got fans eating from his palms in the early days of his career.  A close source revealed to AyeniTheGreat, last week that Ikwe is ready with a 26-tracked album currently being mixed by Foster Zeeno. ‘He’s so excited about doing music again. He says all the time that he is very happy, and hopes his fans will love the music. And because he knows he has to appeal to everyone, he’s working with younger people who understand the current trends’, said a privy source. And it was an equally excited Zeeno that told AyeniTheGreat ‘I’m priviledged to be working with such an icon. I listened to his music while growing up in Warri so I feel so great working with him.’ Acclaimed director Wudi Awa has reportedly been confirmed to direct the videos that’ll accompany the audio release.  Bongos Ikwe is presently resident in Oturkpo, Benue state, where he runs a chain of hotel businesses. He is mostly remembered as the voice behind the cock crow at dawn soundtrack, as well as for is numerous hits including Mariama, tear drops, and still searching…    


  1. Ahaoma Kanu Says:

    Bongos Ikwe, come fire me up with your vibes

  2. waffarian Says:

    Ah! Dis na better new abeg! haba, abeg do quick and come ohhhhhhhhhhh, u are welcome!

  3. adeoye adetunji (uk) Says:

    I feel so great to hear` that the music icon will be back soonest. I can not wait to hear his deep voice. My regards to him. Please, tell him to showcase a part of old style like the old guitar in the video clip for the new song

  4. saidu msheliza Says:

    Bongos Ikwe, welcome woo, we misse dyr music, thou yr hotels are good we love yr music better. Its good yu made a comeback cos yr music never left us.

  5. wow,i am suprised.
    i heard he died some years ago,when he was hit by a hit and run drivers???????????
    the searching song is real intewresting.
    i just tried to search for his name and ended up here.
    so he is alive
    thats good oh

  6. thats greast news about his come back.i would like to get the lyrics of cock crow at dawn, pick pockets and more.

  7. i’m really delighted to hear that bongos is planning a come back. even if he doesn’t come up with new songs, a remix of the old ones will sure suit me.

  8. the same Bongos that is now chairing the board of dir. of NFC. i was happy………..
    i realy need lyrics of some of his songs like that of cock crow at dawn, aamen, what goes up,… that album as a whole.

  9. Clifford france Says:

    This is great ,am really excited and wish him a wonderful come back,at present I would like to listen to his old sounds like still searching,amen etc

  10. emmanuel solomon Says:

    I can not just wait to see him back on stage.I sincerely long for the good old but evergreen songs.
    Bongo we have been feeding on the songs you left for ages and we are not fed-up a bit.The song and the lyrics are incomparable.
    Come back come back come back Bongo….

  11. What do u i say?…u guys have said it all.It’s gonna be a great comeback to finally have a Living legend like Bongos ikwe come back and sanitize the music industry to what it use to be back then when lyrics,tunes and melody were the order of the day.Now we are no longer “searching”…He is here finally!!!!!!

  12. Savannah Says:

    I am indeed happy that Bongos Ikwue is back on the scene again. His music has always inspired me and I look forward to listening to his new songs.

  13. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can’t wait

  14. Lawal Bashiru Says:

    Its good news to hear of Bongos Ikwue coming back on stage. Am anxiously waiting to see him perform once again. I love his music, his simplicity, infact to me,he is a living legend to be appreciated. Infact he is Don Williams of Africa. I hope larger audience will welcome him this time around. I’ll love to have all his past albums(collections) on CD/DVD. Please furnish me with his contact details-add/phone#.

  15. Abah U Emmanuel Says:

    Please where can i get his past album/CDs? Please text address to my Phone +2348060650010? or e-mail to

  16. Seun Nezer Says:

    I need his past songs like no man’s business. Please give me details on how i can get it. Email:

  17. All u Bongos fans believe anything positive you hear abt him. I was @ his hotel in otukpo 2 invite him for an event in keffi curtesy of Pro. Amali. I Saw him eye 2 eye he was recording songs wen we got there and told us abt a movie project also. He looks like a 40 year old a real great guy who had a dream only last nite gud things will happen 2 him.

  18. i urge Bongos who is the ever best legend of 80s from the Idoma kingdom to show back on stage to correct some vital errors in Naija music industries such as some music withiout meaning….(i cherish ur music and never go back again)…

  19. Who could help me to get the music cds of this great man? This man is a man.

  20. You are a genius but please as usual give us music with meaning meaning & words of wisdom not just rhythm & beats.

    This is your legacy which can outlive you, even to generatioms, remember music with words of wisdom & good meaning.

    I love your music. How do i get cock crow at dawn?

  21. It’s great 2 hear dat Bongos is coming back. I love him, I love his music. Bongos u are highly welcome. Ur fans ‘re waiting.

  22. eno wilsosn Says:

    I love Bongo Sikwe and his songs and I will always…He gives me what I want from music.

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