When Terry Tha rapman finally releases his second solo album, it will not carry the November records imprint.

A reliable source revealed to me last week, that the rapperr and the label (owned and run by Charles novia) have partned ways after a one-album deal.


Terry , presently working on a mix tape and his second album, is one of Nigeria’s most witty rappers. Despite being blessed with good looks and great dose of talent, a major break has continued to elude him. Several years squandered at PayBacktyme records took its toll on his career, until he moved over to Lagos to take his future in his own hands.


The rapper’s career has been on a steady rise since moving to Lagos. And many approved when he pitched his tent with November records. Together with the label, terry pushed his first full-length album ‘Tha Rapman Begins’, and earned immense critical acclaim, athough the album refused to leap off the shelves.


‘Right now, I’m busy putting my new album together’, terry told us when we contacted him. ‘Yes it will not be on Novmber records. But believe me, there are no issues. We had a one-album deal, and we both saw it through’, he added.

He refused to confirm if whether he is in talks with any labels presently, or planning on an independent release.



  1. waffarian Says:

    I think Terry is great and I can not understand why he has not yet recieved his big break. I think its good he parted ways with november records. They did not push his album enough. The guy needs publicity abeg. I really hope Nigerians get to listen to his next album instead of all that bullshit and nonsense they listen to.

    Rock on Terry!

    Your number 1 fan.

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