We thought it was just Wande Coal’s debut album that was coming. But it appears the young and daring guys at Mo Hits have a major surprise up their sleeves.


An informant at the thriving label has told AyeniTheGreat that work has begun on D’Banj’s second full album. D’Banj, a pop act who debuted on the label in 2005 is Mo Hit’s first act; and the biggest yet. He’s also the label’s Vice President.

 Since his debut album ‘No Long Thing’, D’Banj has kept his art in our faces, riding on the success of his first album, followed by a single release ‘Run Down’, and a good dose of collabos with fellow Mo Hits acts.

 And, along with CEO Don Jazzy, he has been able to create a brand that has become the darling of music fans, corporate bodies and the media. He’s got a MOBO nomination, an MTV award, and a string of endorsements to show for it.


Now, with the new album on the way, the pop star is preparing to navigate to a new level in his career.
Don jazzy is producing the new album, although there may be inputs from allies like Dr Frabs. And it is perhaps still early to know what to expect. ‘They’re keeping their lips sealed now. We like surprises’, said one of D’Banj’s aides last week.

 D’banj and Don Jazzy were not immediately available for comments as they were away in South Africa.





  1. Don Jazzy said the first single off d album is coming out in couple of weeks.Believe me,this Album is going to be off d chainz according to Don Jazzy.I wish d Mohits crew all d best.

  2. 1. I have found alot lacking in most of the Nigerian entertainment bloggers. I can say that for one, you do have a good command of the language you are using to share your information; something that most of the others don’t. Thus, I will say even though it is really quite early, that you do have a quality blog here….

    2. I am eagerly awaiting D banj’s latest installment. I just hope he does not have Don Jazzy doing too much rap. I think he should stick to his behind-the-scene talents….

  3. waffarian Says:

    @catwalq: My sista na im I be wan talk oh!

    Bros, thank you. If you know how our eyes don suffer to dey read all those their grammer….damn!

    as for dbanj, he should please stay away from references to his penis,”koko”, “long thing” or any other irritating word he comes up with. We know he is talented, surely he can come up with other subjects for his music?

  4. as a beatmaker, one thing that amazes me is how Donjazzy cooks up multi string beat and yet they bump out good sounds…dats just by the way. Dbanj, is hot, good and blessed, he should keep doing his thing and put in more work altho his personality best describes his music and i think dats wats best for him. Even if he whispers in his album, people’d still buy his record just cus Dbanj dropped it. Real talk… Kelechi

  5. @ dis guy is a sex icon and he’s been known to say those words from the start, if he didnt come up wit his own name and concept, he wouldn’t be where he is today. d’banj had an album of 8 tracks titled rundown wit rundown as d singles off d album. so dis is suppose to be is 3rd album. He’s always up wit the hit so i dont expect less i saved the money to buy the album already when its out, and he’s got the singles out already 2 of dem sef Maje and Kiwon not too sweet tho but don said he’s gon bring out another not really sure bout that but nonetheless if he’s up wit whispers on his album i would cop it 4 a million..lol

  6. i am dbanj #1 fan pls send me his email or call me 08086228399,08025014520

  7. i will do that, his single is gaining air play

  8. u are da greatest just keep doin ur tin NO LONG THING

  9. u dey try as i dey talk to u so just put better picture u dey here bye

  10. Dbanj is one of my mentors.You can get his new songs on youtube.

  11. Ed vasari Says:

    He is som1 virtually every1 lovs 2listen both when he’s on stage as an entertainer and when he performs as a musician. But i want 2believ he is better referred 2as an entertainer rather than a musician

  12. egbeyemi taiwo Says:

    infact,what can i possibly say about the hottest in town,you are the best.pls keep it up n cool with you i love you so much

  13. Omo d banj and don jazzy na fire dem dey hot but bros try and do something before koko goe dey expire ooooooooooooo i mean another slang freaaky oneee ooooooooooo

  14. Mayor-d Dsky Says:

    Yeah i’m mayor-d Dsky the hip hop r&b artise here in owerri city well i like your style Dbanj, bye.

  15. Dbanj is one kind crazy guy, he is just 2 hot 4 a chick (KOKOLET) To handle…”2 D Extent dat my mum call herself mamalet” D WAY he comes up wit his actions, Slang and everything is just unique…dbanj you are crazy and i dnt want u stop ur craziness coz it makes people go GAGA… from amosy – baba

  16. Orladaylay Says:

    Kimon won ma gba omo dbanj u don already make me fall in love. Grammy straight.dont worry dem go pay ur money won le gbelo cos u are hot n they are not n 1 more tin its time 2 celebrate ,don jazzy more grease 2 ur koko DA ENTERTAINER

  17. If girls are kokolets and mamas are mamalets, What about we young guyz?
    Koko master,my sister no de chop 4 house if she neva listen 2 one of ur tracks. Dis na because u don make her “Fall in LOVE”

  18. i like koko himself

  19. morenikeji adewale Says:

    see what i want to say about this young man riding on success is that the sky is the limits he should continue satisfying his fans and always put god first as he use to do and here is a rumour about this man and the other carbon of him am talking about durella they look alike even the music is alike but i had it that they were not in good terms pls dbanj u dont need it you people so try and do some kind of collabo and see how beautiful it will be please lets stop fighting one and other yoruba ni meji meji ni olorun da eniyan pls lets join together man guy u are too much embrace urselfs. one love!!!!!

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  21. balogun omotayo t Says:

    guy i love ur style
    u are too much oo
    may never go back na forward u go dey go

  22. balogun omotayo t Says:

    guy i love ur style
    u are too much oo
    may never go back na forward u go dey go
    infact dbanj u are too gbaski

  23. YOUNG EMINO Says:


  24. i love you so much

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