Annie Macauley likes people. Apart from acting and presenting, top on the undergraduate’s priorities is going out, making friends, and making more friends.

But when she decided to attend a family member’s naming ceremony on Saturday April 12, around Agege in Lagos,  little did he know the trip would cost her something very dear to her. To be sure, the naming went well. But it was on her way back to the island that the unexpected happened. The young actress and her cousin stopped their car around Gbagada, to check a fault in the car, when armed bandits strolled up to them, gave them the beating of their lives, and made away with valuables.


By the time they left, Annie was unconscious; she was bleeding. Getting to a nearby hospital, it was

confirmed she had lost her six-month pregnancy.


One of the plenty people at the hospital with Annie to wipe their brows and gnash their teeth was pop star 2face Idibia. Annie has been Idibia’s off-and-on lover for at least a decade. And it was his baby she was carrying.


Few days later, somewere else in Lagos – Anthony to be precise- 2face’s attention is needed. There is breaking news that another on-and-off lover of his, Pero Adeniyi has given birth to a set of male twins. He’s trying to concentrate on his video shoot with 9ice (for their duet street credibility); but he has to confirm if Pero, the mother of his first child Rose had indeed given birth. The family won’t leave him alone. Reporters won’t. Even his friends won’t stop congratulating him. Then he confirms it’s all a rumour. He heaves a sigh of relief. Back to business.



Well, maybe not exactly. ‘cos there’s a call from Sumbo Ajaba that he has to return. Oh, Sumbo? That’s another ‘baby mama’ of his. She’s the mother of his first son, Nino. And this week, she gave birth to his second son in a lagos hospital.


He spent the whole of the week shooting videos, having interviews, hanging out wih friends in FESTAC and trying to act like he was  happy. But in reality, Idibia is troubled. His career is at a very precarious and vulnerable point; and he’s working hard to make sure he strolls up to the next level.

But these ladies? They’re wrestling over him as if he was a piece of gold. Unlike the fans, who are satisfied with having a piece of 2face, these ladies, and manymore, whose identity is yet unknown to the public, are interesting in Innicent Idibia. They’ve befriended him. They’ve dated him. They’ve bedded him. Now, they’re battling for his heart.


Which one of them will the 33 year old singer keep and which one will he ditch?

With Annie’s pregnancy out of the way, will she still be as sure a contender as Pero and Sumbo?


It’s surprising to many that idibia is going the way of confirmed polygamous and polyamorous singers like KWAM 1, KSA, Pasuma, Akon and plenty others. But his keen followers are not surprised. From the early days of Plantashun Boiz, Idibia has been a ladies’ man. His line up of ex-es reads like a who’s-who: Vein Tetsola (Ex- Miss Nigeria), Caroline Ekanem (Nollywood Star), Cath Taylor (Daughter of deposed Liberian ruler Charles Taylor), Kemi Olisaemeka (radio OAP and rapper), Nkechi Okoli, just to mention a few.


Now, with constantly receeding hair lines forcing him to shave his hair every other day; with three babies of his own, and at least two more on the way; the ladies are still lovin him. ‘I’m head over heels in love with him’, Annie Macauley told AyeniTheGreat last Tuesday.  ‘Innocent iis the only man I’ve ever really loved’, she adds, with a shy smile followed by a giggle, then full laughter.


A day before, Pero, who’s believed to be Idibia’s femme fatale called me to assure  that ‘I haven’t given birth. I’m still very heavy and not due until May. ‘The report that I’ve given birth to twins is not true’, she said, claiming o be calling from Barbados (although a day later, she was allegedly spotted with Idibia at a hotel in FESTAC Town). Once married before meeting 2face, she has said several times, that she ‘deeply’ loves and cares about 2face, and that she tinks the singer needs a figure like her in his life. She has a firm hold on him. 


The next few weeks promise to be very interesting, as we expect the babies to start coming in. The immediate future will be interesting too- because one day, Idibia will have to make a choice.






  1. 2face,you are shameless
    you are not a good role model.
    is that all you do?
    hit and run?
    stick with one woman,u philanderer

  2. He can marry them all. Who says he has to make a choice. No child is more precious than the other and everyone deserves the have the legal protection of marriage. Thank God he is African and marrying more than one is an option. The guy needs a vasectomy. He already has enough children. If he continues at this rate, He’ll have 50 by the time he is 59 years old.

  3. dis particular attitude is what i dislike about you. i still like for you to be around cos am particular about your voice. i know it is difficult to deal with the flock of babes around you but pls do av it at the back of your mind that i’m ur biggest fan and like i said b4 i still want to hear more of you. my baby face keep ur head up. just imagine if u had died in one of dos gun shot. pls i love ur voice it makes me bye ur cd.

  4. hey 2face how are you doing man.
    i dont;t care about what say about u becasue they are not in ur shoe and know ur promalbe.
    love ur song and ur stlye keep up ur work brother and love ya

  5. I was once told that I “took the easy way out” when I told someone that I had to have an emergency c-section after 22 hours of labor!!!

  6. 2 baba, we dont understand why all this are happening, my GOD will definately have mercy on you. but pls, be forcus and aim high ok.

  7. 2baba, were u are today its not ur fault, so u should be happy that people talk about u, be it negative or positive its GODS doing so e strong in GOD.

  8. 2baba, if u want 2 go far u gotta stop n tink abt ur lyf n beta start all over again b4 its 2 late 4 u… Dnt 4get dats jst as behind evey succesful man is a woman, behind every unsucessful man is also a woman… Tink man! Tink… Lv ya…

  9. master j Says:


  10. 2face i cant even believe dis, well anything dat wunt 2 happen will happen, my advice is, 4 u 2 check ur self very well whether u a on stage of marrying all or u select ur best. but don’t 4/get dem all, cos thet a still ur wives

  11. monaxy omikpa Says:

    2face no worry children na gift accept ur gift.

  12. Peter Godwin Says:

    Oyi ene we no dey carry last,..any whore that thinks she loves and warms your bed make you no dull @ all, just collect your share coz its a free world,..i love you bro

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