The Okoye brothers are one happy family. Jude, Tony, peter and Paul all work and live together. On the outside, everything looks cool and smooth – but they’re the first to tell you it’s not always as smooth as it looks.

Peter and Paul have said it several times; ‘yes we quarrel, we argue, we figh. But it makes us better. It’s always for the good of Psquare’.

Now, it appears there’s a feud rocking the brothers’ camp again. This time tough, it’s not about which song to use or drop, or whih concept to adopt for a new video. It’s because Peter is soon going to be a fther!


An inside source revealed exclusively to AyeniTheGreat that the Okoye brothers, especially Jude are ‘not happy’ with Peter, following news that his 35 year-old lover Lola Omotayo is carrying his baby.


Peter, 29, has been dating Lola (an executive at FK:G2) for a while now; and the lovebirds have stuck together, despite recent rumours of an affair between Peter and ex-MBGN Munachi Abii.


Last week, Lola confirmed to reporters in Lagos that she’s three-months pregnant for Peter.


‘Jude is not happy. He’s their elder brother. He’s always looking out for them. He’s made a lot of sacrifices for them these past years. You think he doesn’t want to get married too?’ queried the source who claimed to be present when Jude was registering his displeasure.


Peter and Paul had continually insisted that Marriage was not on their plans for now. Last year. They told me in Lagos : ‘we’re still young… so marriage is not on the cards for now. It’s no even close. It’ll make us lose 50% of our female fans. Even in five years, we’ll still not be thinking of marriage’.


And, really, they’re still staying true to their words. Peter insists he’s not getting married yet. Paul, who’s dating a beautiful lady called Anita is also still very single. But, did anyone see one of the guys having a child out of wedlock? No. Not just because their mother runs an christain ministry, but because, because of their image, no one saw Peter or Paul going the way of 2face or Tony Tetuila.


Perhaps Peter and Lola will change their minds and decide to become husband and wife before the baby comes. After all, Peter has told us (in a 2007 interview): ‘of course my parents don’t have any problems with me dating a Yoruba girl. I can marry anyone I like. I can marry a Muslim tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. It’s my own choice’.




  1. larizzle Says:

    please try to carry out a spell check before publishing……..i made ur site ma homepage……..

  2. is not bad for peter to get marriage ,because even though he get married now or later is the same.and its writing on the bible,He that find a wife;find a good thing.i see nothing wrong in that.

    a.k.a abino flash

  3. i don’t know where is the matter.after all peter is a man.its required by nature and also by the HOLY BIBLE that a man should have a wife and found his family.leave him alone guys.please

  4. he really did her

  5. yeah,i’ts not bad afteral becos he is man who needs a wife for a support.It does not make any difference if he gets married now or after since they love each other that much he should go ahead and get married to his heart desire

  6. these guys are great.guys do make mistakes and it is from this mistakes that we come to learn about the hurdles in life.p square will leave on whether peter has a baby or not.but i think it’s wrong for this two to get married.considering chicks age faster than dudes…………we want peter to rock us abit longer.

  7. these guys are trying to prolong their season of singleness for too long, that’s the problem. They ought to get married otherwise there will be more unplanned pregnancies within the group. As for them losing fans, that will happen anyway if they continue to court scandal. Either get married or keep your trousers on – I hope they make the wise choice!

  8. Hello Peter pls/pls don’t ave anz woman at now may god bless both off you (AMEN)

  9. j`aimerais devenir un rapeur reconnu comme vous .S`il vous plaire aider moi .

  10. Peter it is good that you have got married, you are now a man, any way you are now big to choose what do in your life. Felisitation for getting married, we hope you have a happy married life. We wich to see your children .We are called Dsqaure that means 2 dominique(not boys but girls) bye.

  11. it happens all the time.

  12. babe
    peter dont marry her
    marry me lol
    i believe ur 2 young
    i will be waiting 4 u
    pauline in dublin

  13. Go one PETER it’s your LIFE

  14. ple com and marry me dont marry her l will look after ur kid

  15. hey baby boy,dont mind what people say,you did the right thing by sticking with her i mean lola omotayo and am proud of you. if u truly love her then i am in support, in which ever one u pick, although i like munachi anyway, butt i no dat u alone knows d one closiest to yur heart.

  16. fancha Says:

    Pero,marriage can wait.remain on this foot hold

  17. stephanie Says:

    peter dont mind wat people tell u.if u feel happy wit her then go u huge fan.

  18. jeffrey samuel actor Says:

    i don’t like the way peter is going into things,at least he is still a young guy with good gift fro God.please i just to tell you that am not happy for that.

  19. kone ahoua madoussou Says:

    hello i am a ivorian woman and i would peter and paul okoye adress my adress is

  20. kone ahoua madoussou Says:

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  21. Blessing Says:


  22. Felix Asibor Says:

    well i will say that peter made a very big mistake for getting lola pregnant and he is too young for lola because lola is older than him and i dont want him to marry lola.

  23. PETER AND PUAL am ur fan 4m enugu.just want to let u guys knok say any thing wey una dey do follow and that u guys should not allow any thing atall come between u guys and also that i cant wait 4 the VIDEO. WAXON RUDE BOZs

  24. please guy tink b4 do don’t do b4 u do

  25. peter,whatever n whenever u feel like marryin,marry.i mean,ah,ah,she’s old o!thanks.mail m on

  26. veronica Says:

    peter please marriage lola.

  27. veronica ibeson Says:

    peter please marriage Lola. don’t do what your friend or your brother says.veronica ibeson from houston,texas

  28. I beg peter,don’t follow d audience comments on how 2 rule ur family.

  29. Nkiru austine Says:

    Ogah peter,no mind,always remember dat opinions are assault.

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    Dis my line,08078068147 pls i need a girl 4 a serious r/ship.

  31. austine ben Says:

    I am a guy of 24 4rm university of nigeria,nsukka.a student of medicine,pls i need a well understanding girl 4 a serious r/ship.

  32. Anthony Says:

    U guy are the best that my comment

  33. onnanyelu Says:

    peter how com u want bcom 2fac truly I least expected it frm okoye boys

  34. susan omolo estate ph1 Says:

    people wey dey carry talk,na dem know.guy if u wan marry now no pros but let your wife know as u b celebrity n make shhe no nag lik 9ice wife so update am can she cope.its understanding my dear try and work out things……as for me i deal wit ladies not guys a lesbian if u say

  35. chidinma Says:

    peter all i can say is that you should follow your heath weither older or younger

  36. Ishaku hassan Says:

    My name is ishaku i am 19 whosoever wish to fall in luv with me, may contact me on dis no. 08066215211 bye nja.

  37. Ishaku hassan Says:

    My name is ishaku hassan i am 19 whosoever wish to fall in luv with me, may contact me on this no. 08066215211 bye nja.

  38. hey guys u are my best in naija nd always u will be.

  39. i love una die

  40. nic one

  41. U guys we jst ve 2 udastnd him hes human plz let hm be,in zambia we love u guys

  42. bros piro, abeg 4 God’s sake follow ur heart, dnt thnk dat she is d mother of ur son nd u marry d wrong woman, marriage is nt friendship at all nd again she is much older than u, thnk about dis, for ur own good, dnt marry bcos of beauty nd famous.

  43. bros piro, mistake as been done, learn frm ur mistake take very good care of ur son.

  44. if u luv her go ahead nd marry her, nt after 2years of ur marriage u wil nw divorce her, big bro thnk twice b4 u take any decision.

  45. thnk of ur future is very important, any step u take nw may affect u, nt only u but dat of ur son nd ur unborn children.

  46. Agislin johnson Says:

    Well there is no big deal about geting a girl pregnant the problem is if u cant take care of them and thank the grate lord that u have the money the atention and love so there is no big deal congratulation

  47. Adeyemi Fatima Adeshola Says:

    what i wuld say is dat if u luv d girl dere is no big deal gettin married to her even though she is older than u. newais i admire u guyz i.e psquare nt anybdy else. u guyz are my fans right 4rm day 1. i wish 2 see u guyz someday in life. i rily mean it ooooooooo. u guyz shuld be d best u wanna be. Ciao!

  48. blessed spirit Says:

    i guyz…. U are so wonderful. pls u are a man of ur own and u are entitle to ur own liberty.then try and seek for an advise and be prayerful….u are bless

  49. princess uju Says:

    hi! Peter,neva mind pples re here 2 confuse u.if u truely luv her.carry on wit her.datz my advice 2 u.bye

  50. princess uju Says:

    a mistake has made.nobdy is born plz try 2 learn 4rm ur mistake in case of anoda tme.take kia

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  52. Anita Jonal Says:

    Guys dis is my 07064213164 i need a serious date 4 a 4 P square i remain your number 1 fans.luv u guys.:*

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  55. As u say tht d girl is older than u d ur family compliant abt d girl.if i may ask d girl carrying ur baby or nt ar u frm ihala lovt govt


    its quite good that jude has absolute controll over his younger once for him to say as long as he is alive nothing can go wrong with p square

  57. Eniola Adebowale Says:

    IT does not matter who ever your lover is in part of religion,tribe. once there is love there is every thing

  58. Well am sory 4 d incident b/w peter and lola but if u guys should stick together u wil stil make it despite what happened i wil always pray 4 my gud friends d okoye family beside dats my mum’s surname before she got marid so she loves ur guys kep it up neva mind d more u sing d more i buy ok i love you all am also gud in advicing contact me 08138525438 dn’t lok down on me o special thanks 2 u uncle jude you are a bros God bles

  59. Brother peter desipte what happened stick together with ur brothers u wil stil make it i wil contiune 2 buy u guys song d more u sing d more i buy and becareful b/cos we girls can change 2 somethn u dn’t know contact me if u nd any advice 08138525438 pls dn’t lok down on me and my grets to my senior bros uncle jude. bros paul taki of ur twins b/cos i was ones a twin but i lost her i wish i have her, so i love 1 when i see them uncle jude 1 big drink 4 u when i ce u. u are a gud bros i pray i wil be like u guys 1 of these days b/cos am a script writer but i didn’t know who 2 help me i wil be loyal and gud if can help me find who wil buy them

  60. That’s such a age difference,u are of d age of getting marry but reason it out she is older than u,4 God sake dere are many beautiful and younger girls u can marry but well u are a man and u can make ur own decision dat is gud 4 u.

  61. She is older than u,u should found younger and beautiful girls,they are many,can’t u see d age difference,u can up 2 d age of marrying,well u are a man and u can take decision by urself,make wise decision my friend,think wise.

  62. i love ya’ll come hang out with candy love she love ya’ll for life thats all im goin to say but p square i love u moore peter okoye love u

  63. Why peter dont u knw dat sm girls are loking 4 who to stay wit, eg hamson guy lyk u wit alot of swag, talletend and creative person lyk u guys. Pls dont let dis mistake 2 hepn again pls.

  64. Jude is rely right about loosing more female fans, and u just lose 1,peter u ar rely getting old becos OF ur fathering stuff paul @jude ar looking more handsome and fresher than u THINK!!!!!.

  65. hi!guy every i just hope is that you guys are now fine after mom has gone living all alone.harry did some thing for you then what about you people?

  66. Usoro nkeneke ibanga Says:

    It is interesting when we hear other peoples story. But wat about ur story. Wat i will say is, it will be fair if the press learn how to stay away from peoples family cases because it is an indoor and not outdoor case. Get peter okoye and his family issue out of the air. It is not fair. He knws wat he want in life. Thanks

  67. Miracle Umoh Says:

    Wow! Psquare has bcom a celebrity but cannot protect their dignity, instead involving in unwanted pregnancies. Guys are not smiling dis year, u beta learn 4rm ur mistakes and mary a younger gal dan u. For more info, contact Barr. Miracle on 08186998771 to get more advice.

  68. Adibe Emmanuel Says:

    thank God peter married the girl or he could have spoilt the image of P SQUARE

  69. Blessing judith umeh Says:

    If there is luv mr p,that is ur choice

  70. will u guys separate?


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