Please sit up and listen, all you doubting Thomases – Olu Maintain has scored another big one!

While pundits were busy wondering what the future of his career would look like, and fans waiting to see what tricks he’ll pull next, after the success of ‘Yahoozey’, the ex-Maintain member has pulled a fast one on all of us.

Last Tuesday in Lagos, Olu dragged eccentric afrobeat giant Femi Kuti out of his Afrika Shrine ‘home’ to Hope Davies studios in Ikeja where they recorded a duet that’ll stun many music followers.

‘We recorded the beats in London. And while we were doing it, we all agreed that it’ll be nice to have Femi on this song. So when we got back, I went to the Shrine. I told Yeni that Femi just has to be on this song. Somehow, she was sold on the idea. And she sold it to Femi. Then he just walked in and asked us ‘so when are you recording’?’, an excited Olu told AyeniTheGreat a day after the recording.

‘I’m yet to title the song. But we’re already planning it as my next single’.

The collabo comes as a surprise to many, as Olu is a most unlikely candidate for a duet with Femi Kuti. Most critics asked by AyeniTheGreat confessed they would have predicted a D-Banj-Femi collabo or a 2Face-Femi joint.

‘Femi has always collaborated with urbane acts, so I don’t know  why there’s so much fuss about his song with Olu’, said a source close to the musician. ‘I mean, he’s done a song with Common, Talib Kweli, Macy Gray and even Weird Mc’.

And the collaboration with Olu, while it could give the young, critically-scorned singer a great deal of credibility, it could also help Femi grab a share of a young, hip, urbane market which have yet to come to terms with his music and persona.

Meanwhile, Femi will begin working on a new album next month. ‘He’ll be away for the most of June ‘cos he’ll be abroad recording his new album’ revealed a source close to him.

It is uncertain if the yet-to-be-titled duet with Olu will be on his album, or if he will be working with other young ‘hip hop’ acts.



  1. richrad lastin Says:

    hey why in the world will u choose femi.He sounds like a piace of shit.And he dosnt take care of his band members.he treat them as slave with that stupid yeni.They re all peace of shit

  2. this song is crap!!
    i have heard it several times and i consider it demeaning for an artiste of Femi’s stature.
    Olu maintain is a one hit wonder. talentless. i am still waiting to be proved otherwise.
    he can mix and master all the songs in studios in UK and america.
    it is no substitute for a lack of talent.
    this song proves me right.

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