2face Idibia and Joice Ize Iyamu are no longer working together. And this is authoritative.


2face, who’s one of Nigeria’s most gifted singers is believed to have opted out of the relationship with Joice Ize-Iyamu, of Rogue entertainment, preferring to now be represented by his self-found company Hypertek Entertainment.


Hypertek has been in existence since 2005, but had been mostly inactive until recent times. Now with an office in Lagos, it is believed the singer is building his own machinery in preparation for his third solo album.


Before signing a management contract with Joice, Idibia was officially represented by Kennis music, under the management clause in his recording conract with the label. Although he had been working with Joice, based on oral understanding, sources say they did not sign an agreement until after his deal

with Kennis expired in 2007.   

2face still has a working relationship with Kennis, but the details or extent of their dealings are unclear.


He has also been managed by Now Muzik, a top management label where Joice Ize-Iyamu was a partner.


Joice Ize-Iyamu, who now represents Weird MC would not comment on the situation, but she assured AyeniTheGreat she still has a ‘valid contract’ with the bestselling artiste.



  1. Philian Ogboi (404) Says:

    Nice Job Man

  2. Philian Ogboi (404) Says:


  3. cynthia Says:

    Salut je suis une jeune ivourinne DE 28ans qui aime beaucoup 2Face Idibia, svp il sarait possiblr que je puisse avoir son e-mail meci d’avance et que Dieu vous gaRde.

  4. notin do u man, ur 2 much. long live hypertek entertainment, long live 2baba

  5. joseph Aetula Says:

    tubaba u re a god on ur own….u re the cynosure of every youth out there.

  6. I LIKE 2 FACE

  7. Nathaniel Says:

    2face is d greatest witout him dere’s no music

  8. 2face no shakinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
    from NASO

  9. the dissition taken by tuface is a good one, because there was no writen aggrement inthe begening before the started it was only by casual understanding they hard even when he was still with kennis, so to me i see no big deal about that and tuface is the one who brought bust and popularety to the recording industry.

  10. […] Guess who left the bachellorette’s club in the last days of 2011? No prize for guessing – it’s ‘Mummy J’, the talent manager who came to national fame as 2face Idibia’s manager  […]

  11. jerry ogbeiwi Says:

    i lik tuface so much,d kind of song he does,keep it up 2baba.

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