third solo success?


It’s going to be a season of brand new albums very soon.

With D’Banj burning radioland with new singles and putting finishing touches to his upcoming album (titled Entertainer), Kefee, Segun Obe, Weird MC, Kween AND Azadus getting ready to unleash new materials on fans, it appears fans will have a difficult time making a pick from what’s going to be on offer in the next few months.


And now, bonafide hit-maker and Africa’s most iconic pop singer 2face Idibia is putting all the baby dramas behind him, and getting ready to serve fans will his third solo album.


Sources close to Idibia have confirmed to me that the singer is getting ready for another album. Already armed with a collabo with R.Kelly, a new management at his hypertek office and a zeal to maintain his spot as Nigeria’s number one music superstar, the former Plantashun Boiz singer is hugely expectant and determined to work his ‘magic’ again.


It is uncertain which producers he will be working with on this album. Omololu, OJB and Idibia himself were responsible for most of the songs on his last album (songwriting and production), but reliable sources have mentioned ID Cabasa, Cobhams and OJB as some of the beat-makers he’s speaking with. ‘He has also pencilled down some producers in London and America’ our source offered.


With his image in tatters, following a series of –out-of-wedlock babies, constant mudslinging among his three women, and consistent media bashing over his lifestyle, Idibia will need this album to ride back into favour with all those that have brought him this far in the first place. And with the likes of D’Banj, Asa and Psquare strolling up closely behind him, getting ready to wrestle the baton from his grip, Idibia will need to work hard and come correct on this album, if he’s to keep his position as Nigeria’s number one music export/ambassador.





  1. keep it cool 2-aface u are the koko

  2. notin de happen, ur collabo with kelly shall be successful

  3. 2face’s new album will be a hit, i know. his talent and humility paves way for him. Just wish he cld control his ‘kini’ better…

  4. hi you are the koko keep it on, u i to be the best this season, year and all the world 2frace. i wish you good luck

  5. Good for you tuface, I hope you make it an all round goodness by providing your albums with breath taking videos like I have always expected. I pray for the better, any way keep it up and you have to continue to dey shine. One luv.

  6. The guy is good and talented.No doubt,this is a bundle of talent.You can check out all 2face music cds at this site http://www.myafricanbargains.com

  7. Fletcher Says:

    Well done 2baba i be ur numba one fan…no one lyk u…chop up

  8. i know 2 face idibia album is going to be a big hit, am very proud of his accomplisments. but am not too proud of the news am hearing about him having alot of babymothers. am happy for happy for him getting children, but not happy with him having too much baby mothers.

  9. some of his track on the market is too hot and it is grammy product. keep you finger cross for the full album

  10. Tubaba too gbaski….. Na so Na so!!!!!


  11. With no doubt, every Nigerian or should i say Reasonable Nigerian knows that Tuface Idibia is the No 1 musician in Africa….. Ahahaha… I love you tuface… Just showing some love to my man.. Keep the good work alive…

    You are the best. Zon

  12. Tersoo Nongo Says:

    tuface is the hottest voice in Nija. the sky is his limit

  13. kunle elebute Says:

    Nice analysis, brother. My own candid thought goes thus:
    Eedris & Blackfaze not bad,
    Faze is cool,
    Wandy Coal is wierd,
    9ice is excellent,
    Banky W is superb,
    Ruggedman is hot,
    Olu Maintain is the greatest,
    but Tuface is a legend!

  14. I really hope tuface is gonna take the world by storm this time around. This is time for world class musicians to draw closer to him and make of his talent very well.

  15. tuface is one of nigeria’s greattest, and he will always be the best. 2baba make you carry on, nothing the happen. one love.

  16. 2baba your music de too much oooooooooooooooooooo. why you wan kill nigerians with your great lyrics. one love

  17. 2baba u are are just toooooooooooooooooo much i can’t wait for it

  18. sure you are the best,some people tell that mohit records are richer than you but i tell them that mohit records don’t sing but they use the song as cover up,the are drug deller,though i lov don jazzzy very much..but tu baba u are th best

    • You’re fucking idiot for making statement about someone is a drug dealer or not drug dealer. Let me ask you a question please WHAT HAVE YOU EVER GATHERED IN YOUR LIFE? that gives you opportunity of harassing someone well that’s Nigerian attitude saaaaaaa……….You better think of your own way out and stop the rubbish.

  19. owolabi adenubi Says:

    shaaii !!! 2baba bigups to u man u are trully nigerian no 1.i love tuface so much u get mouth pass anybody for this nigerian,all is collabboes are hot and it makes sense both is danchall and love songs are tight.and ur collaboe with king of rnb is d bomb.nobsmall thing.a beg make dbanj dey on hios own cause na small boy to baba.na spoil we spoil we nodey thief.

  20. All i am jst waiting & eager 4 is the album of 2baba 2 show face at the market.I am hungry 4 it.

  21. If na tru say 2baba dey do collabo wit kelly,den he stil av 2 do me a fav4 by doin collabo wit my big bros snoop doggy dogg.cos dat man his my roll model & possibly wit akon.

  22. 2baba or 10baba abi na 1million baba, i just know u have d name alone but u re fading away, u can still make it with ur new ablum

  23. ENDLESS Peter Says:

    Its better 2 die what u beleive in, rather than giving ears 2 peoples talk, people are bound 2 say what they like, but that should not border u if them like make them yan anything wey them like. But i assure u that god on ur side nothing dey happen

  24. like barack obama u are unstoppable,

  25. 2face idibia u are da bomb,i just listing to ur new album UNSTOPPABLE am impressed.i never thought any good song could come out from ur record label HYPERTEK.

  26. danny alaba Says:

    tu ba u too much …..am ur best fans worldwide i will be putting ur song in alaba mixtape for free and promote u for free u too much if i collect one million or 50 million 2 put poeple song on the alaba mix tape urs is free u too much 2baba bring home grammy from danny alaba 08085088437.

  27. i jux don knw wat 2 say,but 2baba is jux d bomb.go listen 2 his new album d unstoppable its 2 much

  28. tony umanah ( tu) Says:

    there is somthing about you that makes me truely really truely respect you.you are king of africa music.
    you da bomb no be lie.

  29. 2 baba, you are next to none, the only nigerian artiste I give salute to, you already have paved your ways to the top and there you will remain, rolling with them Sway, Chaka and all of em, not to say R and B legend, R.Kelly, all Nigerian artiste try emulate a good leader like 2′ He has brought the light to the industry. Just a piece of an advice to Mr.faze, stop that noise you make at the end of your songs, it’s so old, be vocal like your Big Bros 2, I am not hating just giving a true advise. We are Unstoppable for sure…

  30. To me 2face Idibia is music.I just listened ur new album,ì really liked it.

  31. ibe nwa-Aba Says:

    1: We claim 2 love music but a great %age are just stuck with some sorta what they consider club worthy track for it 2 be a hit. (blab huh?)
    1b: That particular sound has become the yardstick 2 judge sounds now.

    2: 2face is an artist…a good 1 for that matter. he’s so instrumental in turning the wheels of 9ja muzik. Check him out since late 90’s. He’s 1 of the new school cats that has helped put our sound on the map so he has the RIGHTS to branch out (call it EXPERIMENT if u like).
    Dude has dropped FACE2FACE and it did its work then, then dropped GRASS2GRACE – a more mature album but the 9ja club freaks failed to broaden their minds 2 accept.
    Now UNSTOPPABLE has dropped with some cool new feel. Unfortunately, we (supposed 2face fans) seem to limit him within 9ja..infact withing Lagos meanwhile Dude has some mad ass talent 2 rock the world. This album is for the world not just Lagos. Until we all understand his strat the we’ll APPRECIATE(besides lissen 2 dat track again and again)
    HOW MANY OF US HAVE SEEN HIM WHISTLE????????????????????????????

    3: Haters, just lissen attentively 2 the sounds that’ll follow and see how Wannabes would increase madly.(even some of our so called known stars)

    4: All dem critix, what song have they put out? They just sit and voice out dem fantasies n frustration…If 2face aint good why would there be so much eyez and attention on him?

    5: Unannounced, no album lisening party or session or posters all around and STILL it’s so obvious how wide UNSTOPPABLE has gone already. Who has the floss or that followership 2 pull such stunt?

    6: He wants 2 be FREE….un wax ur ears and play the 6th track.
    It’s a pity they get 2 catch up how the JUNGLE DON MATURE when im 4th album go soon drop.

    7: Give dis dude room 2 FLY cuz if he’d decided not 2 SING at first and just became a banker or woteva none of y’all woulda known him. 2baba is so muzikal and has some content. DUDE IS HOT so SHINE UR EYE MAKE U NO BE D GUY WEY IM GO USE KOBOKO HUMBLE!

  32. 2face idibia album is unstoppable men is too tight

  33. am short of words……………….haters themselves will soon bow

  34. The album as sold over 1millon within how many days of release and is vedio for enter the place is too much as predicted this guy is close to grammy

  35. The album as sold over 1millon within how many days of release and is vedio for enter the place is too much as predicted this guy is close to grammy take it or leave it hater

  36. mi wapoooooooooooooo,k tl? am speaking spanish because am fromfor equatorial guinea. y buen krrrrro ser t amiga kmo la ves????????? dme algo xfavor aceptas o no .te adorooooooooooooooooo cmo ami propio cuerpoooooooooooooooooooooo.sbes cual d ts canciones mas m gusta?if lov is a crime

  37. me llamo sonia edayong useni, hago el sexto curso de bachillerato,mi numero es 00214541290 .please call me.u know what?the first time i see u is in the stadium,when u singing with other artist,fally ipupa and dj lewis.u remember that?when i came 2 salud u you did not see me .bye best wishes .can i ask u one question?are u married?

  38. Look.i want 2 be a single lady like beyonce are u want t be my jay-z?

  39. I Want to sing pero my mother told me that i hav 2 studying english very well after she go 2 send m in spain 2 continous

  40. Please answer me in me e-mail. espero tu mensaje y porfavor no me falles

  41. it is obvious that it has become unstoppable. can’t you see that? or are you so deaf and dumb as to hear the ‘sound of music’? as our one and only 2baba brings out for the whole world. WHY would people keep trying to stop the unstoppable? WHY would they always be so nagetive minded when it comes to believing the truth?. 2baba is and should alway be regarded as a hero when it comes to good sound that deserve a listening pleasure. He has brougth honour to our dear country with his tallent. and we should be greatful to him.
    Let someone play a good sound for me. I mean GOOD sound and not a noise!

  42. i jst want 2 hell u 4 ur new albow u’re too much,& go more awards bcos i knw dt u can do more.

  43. i tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gbadun u

  44. omo 2baba u too plenty confirm na only u i dey believe 4 our industry i am 1 of your big time fan , u too much, yes ohhhhh confirm confirm no be shakara pour me water,make warewolf fallout i hail with much luv

  45. eyimisan Says:

    2baba u are my numba one and i mean it.If 2say u know arguement wen i don engage into bcos of u,4get o u 4 don find me see since.Kip it up 2baba i luv u more than Obama

  46. If u want ur music to be promoted on alaba mixtape or u need a marketer cal me on +234 08085088437

  47. tuface u are very smart i am ur great fan me from india delhi my age 13 i am indian but i dont know y i love africans so much and u all girls from my country hate africans but i am the only one girl who love africans and dont wanna do any wrong thing with them if they do any wrong with me then i will be forgive that african tuface its my desire that i chat with u my mail of yahoo is cutebabe.angel@yahoo.com

  48. i want to join hypertek production . i have recorded many song but now i need a marketer .

  49. obiechina Says:

    keep it cool u are d best in africa

  50. u re oka guy but d;banj is okay dan you

  51. You are the most featured artist so far in Nigeria, Then i believe da make u the best of them all cos i see no reason why u people will say your good and other artist keep on featuring you and your not proud cos u also do colabo with even up coming Artist.Please i want someone to listen to Outside (Track 4) and tell me if that track does not worht Grammy.

    Hater’s Try and listen to Good sweet music like 2 baba.

    i pray ill see some day

    Baba u go everly remain unstoppable.

    peace one love.

  52. 2baba nothing do u na ur time iam comming so soon.u had better run fast cos na we they rigth here.knucksman(jimmy)oou

  53. PETER O. WISDOM Says:


  54. DJ EVANS4LIFE Says:

    hey masa ::)) how r u doing ?? please l need ur help am in Germany n l work with One african Radiostation n l went same jingles from u with my dj name ::)) my dj name s DJ EVANS4LIFE MB on my email

  55. yeah big bro greetings from cameroon, u open the door for many, u have done what u never expected, u are just like Obama bring some spot light to nigerian music and africa as a whole. just keep the game up buhchuh is behind u any day any time cos u di best.

  56. sanmitebaba Says:

    2face no be moyinmoyin Dbanj na ur baba 4 now.

  57. eferebo says Says:

    You’re Unlimited my one and only Brother..Olenupa….l don’t joke with you and Mohit Record..

  58. i can do without u,2baba

  59. i love your songs and i hope u will give more good music to ur fans.and please try to stay away does girls that want u by all means,please gat marry.lot of love

  60. it really nice and ok having the third album . we student ve been expecting dat from u keep it up 2baba.

  61. Abdulateef Eniola Says:

    baba u 2 much oooooooooooooo,me i be your fans 2 the call….one love boss

  62. 2 baba u are a bomb startin 4rm day one i knew u, i knew dat for u entering the plaze u are goin 2 scatter the plaze it just a kind of misyan
    dat is y u wrote enter the plaze, and as for me i want to leave this plaze see yahhhhhhhhhh later dont mind me jus tryin 2 finish the food in the plate

  63. 2baba u too much, i dont no what to say but keep moving and i wish u long life and sucess in everything u do in life

  64. Happy xmass and new year in advance 2baba many more in life and dis year shall be ur year of fulfilment have a nice day. 4rom ur number one fans Adebayo .J. Bidemi in kabba town

  65. Abdulrahman Ishola Says:

    2baba, u are just one of my mentor in social activity life. The first day i heard about your African queen make me believe that love surely fly like butterfly at night. I always remain focus about you because i believe that very certain i will have a chance to see you real. Can you please call me on my phone number: 07033613861.
    I believe sure to my heart that if 2 love you tuface is a crime, i will rather like to be a scapegoat. i luv you and i always continue to luv my heartrobber.

  66. SAW PLUS (CHRIS) Says:

    2baba you are too good, keep it up and remain focus, the skies are your limit. i have always prayed to be like you someday and believe i will. YOU ARE MY ROLE MODE

  67. any info about the mohit ,kelly handsome ,and 9ice disagreement contact me

    Sent on a phone using T9space.com

  68. MUIDEEN Says:

    i really like you alot

  69. Abdulrahman Ishola Says:

    Hi, i said earlier that i wanna know things about you and gave you my phone number but i don’t see anything 4rm you.
    I’m confused. 2baba- 2mosho

    Still in love.

  70. Abdulrahman Ishola Says:

    I love 2face Idibia 4rm my heart

  71. no level,2face na baba he is my mentor

  72. as 4 me c i wan b lik u tu baba

  73. Baba i dey gbadun ur musics nd style..ooh u are 2 much,we are xpectn mre 4rm u..cary go alaye!

  74. hi somebody my name is stanley please i need the hottest album from 2face.

  75. Abolaji Says:

    2face idibia if say na just me ago dey do any how because u are 2 much baba agba

  76. 2 baba u are d only trught baba d father of d baba d frost baba and d last baba of music industy baba u 2 get maut

  77. He afect n make me feel gud in my life n soul wit his music. Keep on ,more wisdom n talent 2 come. God bless u





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