‘Hi Sammy’

‘Yeah who’s that?’

‘It’s me. It’s so nice to hear your voice again’


‘It’s me Ayeni. Ayeni Adekunle. Remember me?’

‘Hey Ayeni how far now? Ol’ boy una pursue me reach here again?’

‘No I’m just checking n you. Everyone’s worried that you left without saying. We’re wondering if you’re okay?’

‘Oh don’t mind those people. They didn’t give me time to prepare. Imagine, I couldn’t even take my master tape and my new videos… but wait, how did you get my number? Even some of my friends here don’t have it yet’

‘Oh, Koledowo left two days after you, so I begged him to help check the directory and send your contacts to me. He sent it by SMS’


‘Yeah. For you, Sonny Okosuns, Steve Rhodes, Fela and the others.

‘Ok. But you won’t be able to speak with them now o. there’ a festival going on. Everybody’s performing. Men, you need to be here. I wonder how come I wasted so much time with you guys. This is the place to be!’

‘Don’t worry. I still like it here. But how come you are not performing?’

‘No o. I no go fit join them yet now. I’m still doing orientation. Even Koledowo is here with me. Baba Adedibu just come here yesterday. They’re taking us through a learning process.’

‘But you went there same day with Steve Rhodes. How come he’s performing?’

‘Baba na elder statesman for here o. they’ve been expecting him since. So he has been on fast track since he got here. Na im dey conduct the orchestra sef. Ayeni meeen… beautiful music.’

‘I can’t hear it’

‘Of course you can’t. Except you come over here. I can send you an invitation if you want’

‘How kind of you. But, no thanks. I’d rather stay here and be listening to Asa and 9ice instead. Tell me, do they know Asa in heaven?’

‘Ashewr? Who’s that?’

‘It’s not Ashewr… It’s Asa. You can’t remember her? Asa!’

‘I’m sorry. So sorry. I no sabi that one’

‘What of Sunny Neji? Or 2face Idibia?’

‘Ayeni what are you talking about. Are you Okay?’

‘Yes I am. I was wondering if you are, too?’

‘Yes. And you’re upsetting me. If you won’t talk about Steve Rhodes or 2pac or Okosuns or Swing Paw Paw or Gbenga Adeboye or Fela or even Jaiye Aboderin, then leave me alone. Those are the people we see here everyday….. Not Ashewr or Sanny Nuji…. Gawd!’

‘You see Jaiye?’

‘Of course now. He launched his new album yesterday. That’s his 6th album since he got here’

‘Oh that’s good. I’m sure Stella would be glad to hear that. But I’ve been trying to reach him…. I spoke with him once, but since, it’s been difficult’

‘Ol’boy the guy na superstar o. How you wan take reach am. Even we wey dey here sef, na from afar we dey hail am. Jaiye don make am big!’

‘What of Fela. Abami Eda?’

‘You mean Fela? I’m even going to see him now. I’m going for counselling’

‘Or you’re going for some wraps of igbo?’

‘Better stop that nonsense. That’s why I say you need to come here. Fela is the pastor in charge of freshers here. If you see the guy bible ehn, na five angels dey carry am’

‘Fela? Pastor?’

‘Siddon there. Even Gbenga Adeboye and dem Abacha dey im church. Lemme tell you one secret… wait, make I comot the phone from speaker… see, Even 2pac and biggie, na im dey preach for them. And now, dem go soon begin to come im church. 2pac say im get one song wey im wan do with Baba. And baba say if 2pac fit born again, im go do the song. If Fela feature for your song here, you don hammer be dat o!’

‘So you mean Abami Eda is winning souls even over there?’

‘Better don’t call him abami eda if you reach here. If you try am, im people fit kpai you o’

‘Okay. Thanks for that advice.’

‘What of Gbenga Adeboye?’

‘He was the MC when we had our freshers’ nite. I hear he runs a radio station close to Kola Olawuyi’s office’

‘Oh… but tell me, why did you leave so soon. You didn’t even say goodbye’

‘I didn’t leave. At least I didn’t want to. They came for me.


‘Don’t worry. But would you believe it if I told you I may be here, but I know all that’s happening there?’

‘You don’t mean it’

‘Siddon there. Even you, I can see you right now. You told me this was a private conversation. But, you put me on speaker and called all your colleagues to come and listen…’

‘em em// it’s not what you think…’

‘Or is it all those people who came to my wake-keep, crying so much that their eyes were bleeding? They’re all jokers. Why dem no pay my wife the money wey dem dey owe me. All of them wey I don help. Wetin dem don do for my wife. Or for my male? Even you sef. You no even come my wake keep. And your people wey come, na gist dem stand for corner dey gist… Your people funny for dat side o!’

‘I really don’t know what to say…’

‘Then say nothing abeg. You people should sha not cry for me. Me I dey enjoy for here. I go soon start my new album now. Na Okosuns go produce am.  Meanwhile the guy say make I greet you…’



‘Oh I’d like to ask him a few questions too’

‘OK. He say im go call you later’.

‘Thanks. But do you have any message for you wife? Hello… Heloooo’



  1. yinka alliyu Says:

    U re just a crazy person who I am unrepentantly crazy about too.
    You always make my day with ur write ups,u keep me awake reading this most of the time too but I aint complaining.
    Big ups!!!

  2. yinka alliyu Says:

    U re just a crazy person who I am unrepentantly crazy about too.
    You always make my day with ur write ups,u keep me awake reading this most of the time too but I aint complaining.
    Big ups!!!

  3. now that u have their contacts, i think u can check on them anytime…..

  4. i think this piece is really boring.

  5. Yinka Alliyu Says:

    Aisha, did you say this piece is boring?Uhm…dts serious though i reserve my comment.

  6. uhm… thats crazy

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