three women can surely give a man some headache... 


There were strong indications last week that respected producer OJB may have secretly tied the knots with his long-time lover Korede Shobamowo.


Since news of the pair’s affair became public in 2006, very little has been heard about them, as OJB took time off the public glare to get medical attention for his ailing daughter, as well as work on a new album.


But last week, Miss Shobamowo, a professional dancer who runs a dance agency, was spotted in Victoria island, Lagos, heavily pregnant and wearing a wedding band.


She refused to oblige requests for an interview, but a close friend told us she’s ‘carrying OJB’S baby’.


It is uncertain if they had a private wedding ceremony or simply exchanged vows in the registry.


I could not confirm if they have moved in together.


If the development is true, Miss Shobamowo will officially become the singer-producer’s third wife.


When the story of their romance first broke in 2006, she confessed ‘we’ve been dating longer than anyone can imagime, we’re in love and I know what I’m doing’.


She told me then, that marriage was on the cards, but many who heard her statement took it with a pinch of salt.


OJB, who likes keeping his private life private, has refused to be distracted by all the drama surrounding the affair.



2 Responses to “OJB TAKES NEW WIFE”

  1. Na wa for naija men o. 3 wives already in his 30s!

  2. you are a great cassanover

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