Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Macauley has pulled a fast one on us!


Since the past few months, the actress and aspiring TV host has been busy combing the nooks and crannies of Lagos, gathering materials for her TV show.


But now, while we’re surfing TV channels excitedly, hoping to catch the debut edition of ‘unwinding with Annie’, the young lady may have sneaked out of the country to begin her life elsewhere.


An impeccable source disclosed last week that Annie, who is 2face Idibia’s off-and-on lover, is leaving the country for Europe, and may not be back in a hurry.


My investigations revealed that she left the country on Sunday July 27 for Amsterdam where she’ll spend sometime before heading for Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean.


It is uncertain why she’s leaving the country at a time when her career is taking shape, but sources say there may be more to the relocation than meets the eye.


In a brief conversation with AyeniTheGreat before her departure, she confirmed that ‘Yes, I may be travelling out of the country soon. But I’m not relocating. I’ll be back’. She did not give details of her destination.


Annie Uwanna Macauley is the most celebrated of Idibia’s lovers. She was carrying the singer’s baby until April 12, 2008 when she had a miscarriage after an encounter with robbers in Lagos.





  1. it is a great disappointment to here that one of my most preferable artist, annie macaulay, lives her life like a sheep without shephered

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