Annie with best friend Debola at 2007 Hip hop world awards

Annie with best friend Debola at 2007 Hip hop world awards

Contrary to the widely held belief that she’s hibernating in the Carribean, waiting to deliver her first baby for singer 2face Idibia, actress and aspiring TV host Annie Uwana Macaulay is in fact, in Lagos, Nigeria!

The young, charming actress, who grabbed national attention when news of her romance with Idibia first broke open in 2004, either did not make the purported trip at all, or has hurried back home following media reports over her alleged pregnancy for the star singer.

Ms Macaulay lost her first pregnancy for 2face after an unfortunate armed robbery attack on April 12, 2008.

Two weeks back, news hit town that she may have relocated, after she confided in close friends she was heading to Puerto Rico en route Amsterdam.

The idea, according to a reliable source, was for her to spend time out of circulation until she puts to bed.


She was reportedly already four months gone.


But last weekend, there were very strong indications that Annie was in Nigeria. on Friday August 15, she was spotted at a Karaoke bar situated insdie former Club Towers (on Lagos island). she partied all night in company of close friends. She told a reporter ‘i just went to holiday for two weeks. I never relocated. I’m back home now’.


‘She really didn’t look pregnant. She looked very slim and emaciated’, another source present opined.

And next day, she was hanging out with friends on Lagos mainland. A source said she stayed at a friend’s place after the night out.


‘She has changed her number, i don’t know why. But she’s in town. She only calls those she wants to reach’, our source quipped.

She called AyeniTheGreat last saturday- with an 0705 number- but no conversation ensued.

To those in the know, it is not surprising the young undergraduate is trying so hard to keep a low profie right now. It is still believed in some quarters that her last armed robbery attack, which led to her miscarriage, was pre-arranged by some forces who did’nt want her to belong to the community of 2face Idibia’s Baby mamas. ‘The attack could have been a set up, you know’, said one of her friends. ‘And then, all the media attention gets to her; the poor girl is just trying to stay out of all the drama’.

Well, the next few weeks will prove how successful that’ll be.




    I just got scammed by a p[ersoni calling themself Annie Macaulay and another Cynthia King (aka Cynthia Stankavich). I have many photos of Cynthia and a few of her and Annie aand Anmnmie alonme Please co-ntact me
    I have not heards from Annie sincve around August. Cynthia just diasappeared today.

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