If it happend in the United states of America, she would- by now- have had scores of court papers piling on her doorstep. She would have suffered the backlash and her publicists would be running around, doing damage control.

But last weekend in Nigeria, 50 year-old soul singer Anita Baker kept fans in an African city waiting all night; eventually not showing up, in spite of the fact that most of the fans had paid between $500, $1000 and $9000 to see her perform.


It happened in Lagos, a cosmopolitan Nigerian city regarded as the headquarters of showbusines in Africa.

She was in the country as part of a tour that had been advertised on her website since June 2008.

She had reportedly cancelled a gig in South Africa, from where she boarded a South African airways flight for Nigeria, West Africa.

And in Nigeria, fans who had coughed out as high as 100,000 Nigerian naira to see her perform had their expectations cut short after the 50 year-old multi-platinum singer refused to hit the stage, following an alleged disagreement with the organisers over the hall’s sitting arrangement.


Ohio-born Baker, who arrived the country on Wednesday August 27 aboard a South Africa airways fight, was scheduled to perform at the Expo Centre of Eko Hotels on Saturday August 30th.


A day earlier, she gave a surprise performance at a private 40th birthday shindig for Kemi Bolaji Balogun, wife of one of Subomi Balogun’s sons.


But on the D-Day, sources say she blatantly refused to step into the hall, after complaining that the arrangement was ‘banquet style’. The veteran singer is believed to favour concert style settings. And may have been upset by the sitting arrangement and the fact that tables had been sold.


Guests waited and waited. And the organisers -Kilimanjaro Events and Chapelhill Denham- prayed and hoped she’ll calm down and change her mind. The compere Basketmouth and rising act Nikki Laoye provided nerve-calming entertainment. But Guests (which included Tunde Okoya, Toyin Subair, Rosemary Kensington Adebutu, Dejare Adegbenro, Mina Okoloko, Stella Okoli and Lanre Nzeribe) grew increasingly impatient; sensing that ‘all was not well’.


And it was with a heavy heart that the MC announced that the singer would not be showing up. ‘‘all foods and drinks are now on the house’’, the MC announced to a bemused audience.


Baker or her reps have not offered any explanations or apologies.


But according to findings, she returned to the US on Sunday August 31; leaving the organisers to count their losses, and manage the issues the incident has thrown up.


Expectedly, opinions are divided on the diva’s action. Industry watchers continue to debate; some argue that the organisers may have ignored a condition on her rider; while others insist she ‘‘should have put her fans first’’, especially having come all the way to Nigeria, where she was billed to perform for the first time.




  1. Well written.
    I’m still surprised, and hope she gets her just desserts for this BS she pulled!

  2. Hmm, I’m kinda surprised she pulled a stunt like that but I guess the organisers must have done something wrong too. If the contract they signed was to design the hall concert style why do it banquet style? I guess this would teach Nigerians that sloppiness will not only cost you your reputation but your money as well.

  3. Bros!well written man!and to thk dat people paid as much as $1000 to watch her act!give me Timaya for breakfast Blackface for lunch and baba himself 9ice for dinner anyday im ok abeg!kip up d good work man i love reading ur blogs!my name is soji buzz me abeg!

  4. Well, i am not suprise at the turn of events becos nigerian promoters ve not been able to figure out what it means to be in show bizness .de promoters wud have known wat an artiste(musical) want by making a comprehensive research to know de modus aparadi of artiste b4 imploying d artiste service.4 anita , she wud ve overlook d situation and satisfy her fans putting into consideration her years in d music bizness becos her reputation has been tanished in nigeria and in the U.S due to her actitude .i like ur page. take care.

  5. serves the promoters right… they neglect naija acts and go and spend a fortune to bring all these spent forces called superstars….

  6. naija is no exception to the rule. Anita wud have done the same no matter where this was. I can gurantee you that.

    It so sad Nigerians just dont get it. Lets say Anita did do the concert, had people eating and not paying attention she would have had bad headlines the next day which would have been worse.

    I agree with her. I would have done the same.

  7. seun aduloju Says:

    i really agree with her as well..i mean she probably ad d spirit to perform for her fans hoping to see dem in multiples only to see just money miss rods..abah! she has a point..i love her songs anyday!!!

  8. Naija’s-we no de learn sha! Wot does she care. She get plenty money for pocket and plenty fans too.

  9. You are just jealous. Stop helping others count their blessings. Envious people. If you have nothing good to say, SHUT UP!!!!

  10. Your way of describing everything in this paragraph is in fact nice, every one can effortlessly understand it, Thanks a lot.

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