Former Remedies star Tony Tetuila is not the kind of guy that looks for every opportunity to cause chaos or pick up a fight. But the 33 year old act lost his cool last Friday during a night out with friends.


According to eye witness accounts, Tetuila was partying in the VIP area of Club Papas (a night club domiciled in K’s Place, Victoria island, Lagos) when the incident occurred. ‘‘He got involved in a heated argument with one of the bouncers’’, said a source who was also lounging in the club’s VIP section. ‘‘The guy must have said something very nasty because Tony was very upset and he lost his cool’’.


More than two people got injured in the process, as Tony threw his wine glass, injuring one of the club’s bodyguards in the head. Attempts by friends to hold him back proved futile as he tried to break lose, and wrestle the bodyguard.


Club owner Frank Okamigbo was not seen on the scene. But known names who witnessed the altercation include Banky W, Kaha, Jude Okoye.


‘‘It was a complete show of shame’’, said a source who witnessed the incident. ‘‘No matter what happened, Tony should not have reduced himself to the level of fighting with bouncers, and even injuring one of them’’


It was claimed that one of his friends, a certain Kentro World act called Flo also threw a can of beer at one of the bouncers.


Police was not called in.


And Tony continued to dance away all night, as the injured bouncer had to excuse himself from work and treat his wound.




  1. Na wa o. So, no manager/supervisor was around to walk him out? I tire for my people. I supposed it’s the usual case of ‘life goes on’ in naija, no matter what. isssssssssssh

  2. Those Bouncers sometimes wanna mess with someone…Tony & Flo for give them some massive gather brushing self…I was suppose to be @ d club too that nite but didnt make it into Naija dat day anymore…

  3. Nope Buzzle! I no support you for there. No matter the insult, the true test of maturity is smile and walk away in such cases. Buzzle, I know say you no go do dat kin thing for public. I do not support such display of lack of self control. Tony should apologize and compensate that bouncer at all cost.

  4. mr. Ayeni the rapper, abeg make you update na.

  5. why tony and dat guy wey dem dey call flo or flu dey fuck up now.i blive dat day the bonucer was trying to do his work.i know tony to be a kool guy but i dont know wats wrong dat day.

  6. Kentro Flo na correct guy and i dont think it went down the way it was written here …. i don meet flo before and na very humble guy he no dey fuck up….. tony self na correct guy.

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