Talent manager and boss of Rogue entertainment Joice Ize-Iyamu is still recuperating after undergoing a major operation to remove fibroid tissues from her uterus.


The hardworking entrepreneur, who is planning to wed her heartthrob Anthony next year, was admitted at AOM specialist hospitals for several days two weeks ago, as she went through an abdominal myomectomy to get rid of the tumours in her system.


‘‘I found out I had it in June this year’’, she told Me from her hospital bed. ‘‘And ever since, it’s been a major cconcern for me. I had to make sure I get rid of it this year so I can move on with my life’’.


And went under the surgeon’s knife early on October 1st, it was a battle to save her life as doctors reportedly told her she ‘‘died’’ for two minutes.


‘‘I thinked I slipped into a coma during the operation. But I thank God it all went well’’.


Her hubby Anthony was by her bedside throughout the week-long stay at the hospital.


Miss Ize-Iyamu told AyeniTheGreat ‘‘I want women to be more concerned about their health. We should stop being ashamed or afraid of some sicknesses, and speak up on time. Yes fibroids are life-threatening, but they are also treatable’’.




  1. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  2. Lamii Opere Says:

    Hey! i’m probably the last to read this or maybe not…Joice its good to know u made it. Loving u sis-Keep up the energy.

  3. Thanks for this great post Im pretty sure that many people are searching informative post like yours .

  4. Vicky Oxide Says:

    thank God U made it Joice, keeep making it.

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