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Posted in living with atg on January 4, 2009 by ayenithegreat

Hi there,

whatever we’ve done to/in the year 2008, we now have another set of 12 months spread before us. 12 whole months!

i know as an individual, i did several things to the year 2008. some months i squandered; some i invested. some opportunities i engaged; some i foolishly ignored. some friends i cultivated and supported; some i stupidly ignored. some foes i blessed and forgave; others i ignorantly cursed and hated. some folks i loved and loved and loved; others i, well, let’s say, abandoned.


2008 was cool. But i know i didnt make the best use of all that came my way. yes. i. know. but God knows i tried. and this year, even though i’m not one to make resolutions, i have decided that one of my key goals for 2009 is to be the best that i can be: for myself, for others, and for God.

loads of work to do, also.

to start with, i’ll be converting this site from a portal to get the latest news on the entertainment scene in Nigeria, to a place where friends and foes of ayenithegreat can come to share my world: the good, the bad and (hopefully not), the ugly. yes. i’m turning this place into a proper blog where i can share my thoughts and provide a lens through which you can understand the way my mind works!

knowing that i have built a community of friends and foes who come here regularly to find out what’s new, i apologise if this change is surprising-or even- dissapointing. But the good news is this: you can visit every friday to read the latest entertainment news, analyses, reviews from my column e-punch.  if you’re in nigeria, you can even make it a point of duty to buy the paper (just a hundred naira) every friday. and if you’ll be kind enough to join the facebook group ‘fans and foes of ayenithegreat’, i am sure you’ll get regular news updates from the administrators.

so next time you come here, what should you expect to see? my thoughts on the latest news, music and gossip. what i’ve been up to; what songs i’m feeling; which ones i’m not. how i’m trying to add some adventure into my boring life; which ladies are making my adrenalin pump faster (hoping my wife doesn’t come here, that is), which writers i’m loving, my ideas on how to move Nigeria forward or how i’m trying not to get drunk while hanging out with friends on a particular night out.

be warned though:because my life revolves round music and writing, you certainly will be getting more posts revealing my trysts with both remarkable arts.

atimes i will make your day. atimes i will bore you so much you’ll want to strangle me. atimes i will annoy you. atimes i will put a smile on your face. atimes i will bring tears. because i will make you feel what i feel; how and when i feel it.

i hope you’ll be kind enough to bless me with your feedback.

something is coming. something bigger than what even i can imagine. then maybe when it does, y’all’ll understand why this change is happening.

later guys