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what i’ve been up to

Posted in living with atg on April 7, 2009 by ayenithegreat

i’ve been busy asking those close to me one simple question: who invented work?

why don’t we just pluck money on trees and look forward to manna falling in the evenings and all that? that’s the kinda thing i wish for, each time work consumes me and the 24 hours in a day are not even enough to meet my many deadlines.

Work, oh my Gawd!

but i guess i’m a bit lucky cos i do what i love and i love what i do. can’t imagine what it’d be like if i was working in a bank – or a micribiology lab. ok. maybe i can imagine : suicide?
on a bright side though, i shouldn’t be complaining. cos just as the work load has increased, some other things have followed too . . you know, when your bank manager starts visitng you in the office, and sends you cakes on your birthday, then you know your bank balance is something to cheer about….

and, what have we been up to? driving PR for some of the most gifted nigerian acts right now

i’m sure you know Darey’s long-awaited album is now out. have you had a listen? what do u think?



and, have i told you that the masked man Lagbaja is dropping a new album in a matter of weeks? we’re excited to be working with the great musician, and we’re even the more excited, cos what’s coming is nothing like you’ve heard before….


hman? the nu kid on the block is burning hot! you’ll know what i’m saying when you listen to his debut album ndoli ndoli…


and then there’s TWO – the vetearn showbiz couple who are getting ready to drop their fourth LP.


have you seen etcetera’s nu video? hello!!!!!!



and, please if you know any aspiring djs, rappers or dancers, please tell them about dj jimmy jatt’s battlefield. forms are on sale at the place, gra, ikeja and d competition starts on april 15th…


i know so much has been said about this year’s hhwa… so much! from the good to the bad and well, the ugly! but then, don’t they say the bigger the head, the biger the headache? the awards for urbane music and hip hop culture is leading others by kilometres, and, if i was an artiste too, i probably would be querying my manager if i didnt get a nomination… i’d be glad to see more music awards around here though.. more awards, more events, to match the kind of activity going on right now..



and finally, i must give kudos to a young man i admire greatly – Jeremiah gyang! you really need to get a copy of his love album dropping in a matter of days…. if you dont like the sound, i assure you i’ll refund your money… yeah, i’m that confident!!!!!!!

and, don’t worry on my behalf, i still find time to kiss my daughter, and my wonderful mrs….


have i added any weight? nah! if you have a weight gain solution, pls gimme a cal!!!!


i’m out guys!