peace and love... from peter pan

peace and love... from peter pan


the story is still unfolding: ongoing autopsy; cops interrogating his resident doctor; allegations that his death was caused by an overdose of prescription drugs; uncertainty over who takes custody of his three kids; panic in the camp of AEG- the organisers of the 50-date ‘this is it’ mj concerts….


the world continues to watch; with absolute attention, as global media unravel the biggest story of this era…

and, as a mark of respect for mr. jackson, we’ve taken time off our work on project ‘bhm’, to bring you some interesting stuff on the life, journey, times and death of the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

it’s personally touching for me; because i so looked forward to attending the O2 concerts. and it’s sad that, in spite of how much i prepared, i’ll never see the ‘king’ perform live. maybe it’ll happen in another world?

i plead guilty: i’d always joked to close friends about how important it is to me; for mj to die while i’m still on the beat. i’ve been gathering materials on him for years and i’ve so studied him, i could write a mini bio from the top of my head.

but – when i first heard the news, the feeling that swept through me told me -even i wasn’t so prepared for his passing after all.

and it has taken the past hours for me to realise the kind of grip he had on me; the kind of attraction he held for me; and the enormity of his influence on an entire generation.

i still haven’t been able to put myself together. i can even believe i can’t string my words properly. and in spite of how much i’ve followed his career; i still can’t sit down to put together a proper tribute; the kind of tribute i would adjudge a ‘masterpiece’

i dont know when i’ll be able to do a proper mj article. and i don’t know when i’ll stop hoping it’s all another stunt – or a joke-gone-too-far..

maybe he’s get up and smile and moon walk out of the morgue?


(in the mean time, pls enjoy what myself and my colleagues ‘nike fabule and ‘biodun ogundairo have tried to put together…)

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