greatest performer of all time?

greatest performer of all time?

When he told us that ”this is it. when i say this is it, i mean this is it”, little did Michael know that ‘this’ would not be it.

he was talking about his comeback concerts, scheduled to begin at London’s O2 arena in July. But what is really IT right now is that the embattled king of pop has lost a final opportunity to establish himself as a ‘comeback king’.

this is it guys: Michael Joseph Jackson IS DEAD.

the 50 year-old pop giant, who was goona be starting something in London from July passed on on thursday june 25 at about 2pm local time at his home in Los Angeles, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

paramedics from the Los Angeles fire department rushed him to the UCLA Medical centre, where C.P.R. was administered on him, but, different sources have been quoted as saying the best-selling singer ‘never made it’ out of coma.

he was confirmed dead at exactly 2:26pm.

Jackson was a great as a pop star could ever get. he lived his life on the stage, in front of cameras, on tabloid covers, and in millions of homes across the world. And, although he had been performing (with the Jackson Five and The Jacksons), since his pre-teen years, and he had even scored series of number one hits, it was not until his 1982 album Thriller (producer by Quincy Jones) that his career broke the roof- as single-after-single broke all chart records, and grabbed fans’ attentions from London to Japan and Addis Ababa. The album won a record eight Grammies, immediately went multi-platinum, and changed the direction of pop music.

and that was IT!

from a child star, michael was now a bonafide superstar, a pop icon, and global music star. and as his star continued to shine, he showed he was no fluke as he gave unbelievable live performances across the world.

beat it. billie jean. wanna be starting somethin’. thriller.


and if you add that to earlier and later repertoires – all to numerous to start mentioning, you’ll easily see why MJ was such a favourite with music fans.  he was A favourite!

they wept. they screamed. they tore at his clothes. they rolled on the floor. and they fainted. all for Michael. and he gave them what they wanted. he gave them the show of thier lives and risked stunts that no other performer would dare.

on stage, there was none like Michael. and, if you’ve read Quincy Jones’ tributes (he said in a statement yesterday :”To this day, the music we created together on “Off The Wall,” “Thriller” and “Bad” is played in every corner of the world…), you’ll see that even in the booth, there was none like him. none. he gave his all – and he had plenty! plenty talent, plenty energy, plenty passion, plenty talent (oh, i said that before…)


But he had plenty of i ssues too. image issues. skin issues. drug issues (no, not cocaine. painkillers), family issues. personal issues. and just as there was a lot of attention on his art, many concentrated on his issues too: nose jobs, plastic surgeries, falied romances and marriages, weird acts (like dangling his baby from the window of a hotel room), paedophilia allegations, court cases, bankruptcy…. name it!

and, sadly, these negative events coloured the better part of his post-thriller career. it was no longer just about the music; no longer about the crazy shows; no longer about the magic. madness was now in the mix; a lot of madness.

when you mix magic with madness, what do you get?





  1. farewell.see my favourite 5 videos from him at


  3. Michael Jackson…escaped the life he was downfalling from. He lives…mr jackson staged his death. everything was staged for mr jackson to relieve himself from debt. go back to the final speech at the o2 arena, too much emphasize on the term “this is it” and less than a month..jackson is “dead” no view of the “body” and why did it take so long to confirm he was :dead”????just rasing questions…thats all….

  4. just read with an open mind Says:

    Has The King of Pop imitated The King by faking his own death?

    In a 1994 issue of Weekly World News, it was predicted that superstar Michael Jackson was so heartsick with the nightmare his troubled life had become, he would fake his own death –

    “Michael Jackson, was sick and tired of being larger than life and wanted to get a life,” said world-renowned psychic and metaphysician Dr. Andy Reiss at the time.

    “The superstar trip has trapped Michael in Neverland. Also there’s a very good chance he could end up in prison if he was convicted of child sex abuse.

    “The only way out of this mess he’s in is to “fake his death”, cut his hair and go underground,” says Dr. Reiss, who specializes in celebrity predictions.

    Dr. Reiss believes The Gloved One will try to escape his hellish existence by “dying” in Neverland, his remote amusement park retreat.

    “The cover story will be that Michael Jackson suffered a fatal heart attack while riding his Ferris wheel. Jackson’s ‘remains’ will be cremated and his ‘ashes’ will be scattered on the grounds of his estate,” he explains.

    “The only way for Michael to start a fresh new life is to end the grotesque life he has now.”…………………..

    While Jackson did not end his days at his beloved Neverland, he did indeed “die” of a “heart attack” on the afternoon of June 25th 2009.

    Did Jackson’s plans come to fruition? Is he still alive somewhere?
    Do you think he is still alive?

  5. I also think he faked his death, it was very hard to see his daughter crying but his oldest son wasn’t interested. And when I heard the 911 call, there diddn’t seem to be much of a fuss, no emotions. I think he comes back in 7 months or 7 years (or 16 months). why? he needed a break, he needed money for his debts and now he’s somewhere living.

    I love you Michael

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