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The slideshow of the life and times of pop star Michael Jackson is still playing, even as friends, fans and family members continue to pay glowing tributes to the man who provided the redefinition of modern pop music.


It is expected that the late singer’s body will go on public view in a matter of days ahead of a funeral reportedly slated for next week.


Jackson, who died after suffering a cardiac arrest on Thursday June 25, was the most iconic pop star since Elvis Presley, and his rare talent and career achievements – in spite of myriad personal troubles and an eccentric public-private life- have stamped his name in the hearts of millions of fans around the world.


Just like James Brown, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and Fela Kuti, Jackson had remarkable personal failings, amazing contradictions and a huge potential to self-destruct.  With a blessing of the gift, and the burden of a curse, it was inevitable that he’ll live a life dominated by magic on one hand; and absolute madness on the other.


So, he broke chart records, sold millions of albums, got ladies weak in the knees, recruited fans all over planet earth, dined with presidents, married Elvis Presley’s daughter, and won awards like they were going out of fashion. But, for every fine move, there were-unfortunately- a bundle of mishaps, waiting to rear their ugly heads.


The mishaps of many ramifications, and a media desperate to feed the public with endless jackson-mania –expectedly- connived to steal attention from Jackson’s art; making sure that when we pictured Michael, the man we saw was not a successful singer-songwriter-performer. What we saw, instead, was a weirdo, a freak, a paedophile, a liar. What we saw, was the image of an addict, a spendaholic, and a man-trying-to-be-a-boy.


If the media conspired against Michael, it could be said that he himself was part of the conspiracy. He fed lies to the press, pulled poorly-thought-out PR stunts that eventually backfired, and lived a very very bizzarre private life; one whose content is staple food for the tabloids. He got a nose job. Talked of buying the bones of ‘Elephant Man’. Cooked up the story of the oxygen chamber, saying he was going to ‘‘live forever’’, like ‘Peter pan’. He even got sperm donors and surrogate mothers when he wanted to have kids…


With increasing damaging coverage and post-surgery repercussions, Michael became a sad story and a sorry sight. And many wished he would just die, before his demystification reached full cycle.


And death- that’s what it took to remind us all; including the media, of how much we still adored the boy-man. It took Michael dying for us to celebrate him again. He may have failed to make the much anticipated comeback, he may have been on the bottom calibration on the barometer of media opinion, and he may have stopped being the ‘king of pop’ long before even he realised it.


But, when Michael’s heart stopped pumping blood last Thursday, no one could have predicted the outpour of love and emotion that followed – even from the media!


Did we really love Michael that much?




Michael’s death, last week, has brought up a plethora of interesting debates. Among them: who was greater in life and in death? Michael Joseph Jackson? Or the equally legendary Elvis Aaron Presley who died at 42 in 1977?

 I’d like to know what you think!



  1. This is in memory of Michael Jackson and for anyone really

    I personally was never a fan of Michael Jackson himself, but I adored his music. I never really knew much about him to be honest. But the very moment I found out he was dead, It felt like I had just been hit by a wreaking ball- I loved him dearly, so much so that it hurt. I researched him, and watched and listened to all his songs and interviews that night and each after that.

    I learnt he was a loving, gentle man with the most beautiful of souls. He had his heart set on helping the children of the world and he would never dream of hurting one intentionally. His childhood had been rough on his frail little shoulders and all the pressure and pain he had indured would have been enough to lead some people to suicide.

    The media was magnitised to him and edit his every move. And still after all that,a 13 yr old kid who michael saw as a friend goes forward and tells the police that michael has been touching and masturbating him.

    The police, whilst in the process of arresting him, dislocate his shoulder by handling him harshly. They then decide to lock him in a dirty bathroom for a laugh. It’s small and dark, with faeces and crap all over the walls, not to mention the fact that they had handcuffed him so that the cuffs sliced into his wrists, infecting and mutilating them with swellings.

    I dont know about you, but by the time I had watched the evidence from the last statement, I felt really sick. So sick. And so I sat there, with the tears streaming silently down my cheeks, feeling for his pain , knowing that I was too late and that he had already suffered for everyones ignorance. Yes ignorance. For, After news of Michaels death, that once a little 13 yr old began to realize for the first time in his life that he was too late. Michael Jackson was dead. And he had never got to apologized. Yes apologised, that boy then had the cheek to step forward and announce his guilt, about how his money grabbing father had come up with a plan on how they could make big money.

    So, with his dads plan in mind and putting on his best innocent expression, that kid lied. Now I myself am 13. WHO THE HELL WOULD DO THAT TO A FRIEND????? or ANYONE for that matter??? demented kid. Yes jordan you are too late Mike’s gone and its parcially your fault too. Its thanks to you that everyone round the globe tormented him for his apparant “peidafilliar” and whenever he pleaded his innocence, everyone turned their backs.

    Michael Jackson, you were never “Wacko Jacko” and all those people out there that judged you, have finally realized their sickly mistake. You are deeply missed by everyone. R.I.P. I wish I could have saved you some how. 😥

    Love Amber Hughes 13yrs

    • good on you, amber! you are a brave and truthful person and i have had the same experience! you put everyones fellings in the right way! terrific job!

      • Maria Yiannaki Says:

        Amber, God bless you. I am 50 years old woman with 2 kids and the way you feel about it I feel the same. MJ ´S carrear was marching with my life. I still cry over Michael thinking him, reading about him and watching all interviews about him and I believe everybody are responsible for Michael´s death. From their family, yes, to that boy Chandler, the media and everybody who took advantage of his childish soul. He trusted everybody and he never realize that they were using him, for his fame and money. I love him, I think about him every day and I feel that I´m mourning still.There will never be another pop star, performer, dancer, composer , philanthropic e.t.c like Michael. R.I.P. Michael You will always be remembered.

  2. I also beleive that he was innocent, and that they all lied and drove him to his death , I hope they all suffer in life for what they did to this gentle soul, love you Michael ..rest now .

  3. I think that that Michael Jackson was the most tolerant, caring, and loving entertainer the world has ever seen. May His soul rest in peace.

  4. I think that Michael Jackson was the most tolerant, caring, and loving entertainer the world has ever seen. May His soul rest in peace.

  5. Michael Jackson is definately the GREATEST. I doubt anyone will ever beat that!! (and I don’t know if I’ll ever accept anyone to replace him in my eyes and my heart) His greatness lies not only in his meaningful music, or incredible dance moves… the sweetness of his voice, or the beauty of his costumes… It was mainly how humble, sensitive, giving, sincere and gentle Michael was. He was human, yes, and like everybodyelse had his faults. But for the most part, he was that inspiring figure whose songs touched the hearts of many. His innocence shone on his face and through his music… we did not need the jury to tell us that.
    Michael was ‘the instrument of nature’. I can go on and on.
    I hope that all those who falsely accused him, and all those who took advantage of his good nature learn a lesson from this and step back to think again. I get tempted to wish them torment on this earth but that is for God to decide- I’m only human.
    Everyday I shade hot tears, and sincerely pray that God rest his soul in Peace.
    Dearly loved, painfully missed but never t be forgotten ever!!
    For Janet: you are in our prayers.

  6. gihan zohdy Says:

    I personally got to know a lot about Michael Jackson and began to appreciate him like never before. Reading extensively about the man, the artist, the torment of the trial and other personal sufferings he had to endure I identified with him because I somewhat suffered something similar though for different reasons. This is because I got to understand a lot about human nature and how avaricious people can becom when given the opportunity to do so. Deep down I know Michael is absolutely innocent, and whaterver outlets he had due to personal trauma he was a loving, giving, caring human being whom everyone would like to have as a little brother, and an enormous blessing towards children. He deserves to be officially declared as totally innocent.
    Michael, thanks for all that you did, for all that you inspire us to do.
    I love you.

  7. giorgos andronikidis Says:

    it’s too early for mankind to speak about michael jackson….it’s too early to understand his heart and realise the bigger than life nature of his talent…michael jackson either we want it or not either we can accept it or not…was not of this world…so one day he left…it’s as simple as that…we’ll miss you buddy

    • You are all right Giorgos, today is 11/13/09, and I feel sad when it looks like the people forget about him, I wish to listen and read every day from people whom may have to say goods on him, I’M with you , I started buying all his music and other stuff and have them always with me, when I listen to his music can’t stop my tears and go back on his greats times ,he was really the sweetest and loving person.

  8. giorgos andronikidis Says:

    people are people vilma…let me remind you that people crussified jesus…it’s all about human nature…what we cant understand we cast it away…or kill it…that’s the way it goes..dont worry people wont forget about mj…people who love him will always have a special place for him in their hearts…and i think that ‘s what he always wanted

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