weep not, child

weep not, child

For years, her father hid her from all of us. But when she’ll eventually make her ‘debut’, it was before billions of people, spread across different continents.

 Even her father didn’t have that kind of audience when he started out over four decades ago.

 Paris Katherine Michael Jackson: We were hearing her voice for the first time.

 ‘‘I just want to say ever since I was born daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine’’. And that was all, before the 11 year-old broke down in tears.


Yes! She had a right to weep. Michael was her father! And she was not the only one that shed tears at MJ’s funeral at the Staples centre last Tuesday. Jermaine- who has been in tears since Jackson passed – wept too. Same for Usher, Janet (who hid behind dark shades), and millions of fans across the world who watched the event live on TV.

So, how come some section of the media are speculating about the possibility of Paris’ breaking down – one of the most heart breaking moments of the service-being pre-planned?

 And, how come, video footage of Michael Jackson’s ‘ghost’ lurking around Neverland, during a Larry King live broadcast from the ranch, is becoming increasingly widespread on YouTube?

Because it’s difficult for us to associate anything ‘normal’ with MJ. It looks unbelievable that he’d just die like that and be gone forever; that his daughter will break down and cry while trying to give a speech at his memorial service. Normal stuff. Michael Jackson doesn’t do ‘normal’!

Some sceptics swore his corpse was not in the coffin. How about that?

 Others imagined he would just open the coffin, get up, smile, do a moon walk, and tell us all it was all just a joke- Paris and her siblings would have really found that funny.


2 Responses to “WEEPING FOR MICHAEL”

  1. Funny enuff, I envisaged MJ rising up, opening his corpe and doing his dancing thingy as well… so no be only me..hmnn!

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