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Posted in living with atg with tags , , on December 20, 2009 by ayenithegreat

Wow! It’s been more than a minute!

Can’t believe i’ve been away from here for sooooooooooooooo long!

The past few months have been work work work work and work.

Question i’ve been asking since is : who invented work sef? Can’t we all just rock and roll and bump and grind and play and play and play and play and play and play…..?


And now the whole year has flown by again. 12 full months!

I’d like to say i’d take sometime off, elope with the Mrs, embark on some naughty adventures, and enter the new year all renewed and rejuvenated. But i know it’s all a wish – a silly wish. Cos i’m gon be working my ass off – writing and editing and proof-reading and strategising and plotting for the coming year.

Yeah, i know you pity me. I pity me too!

But It’s not all hopeless o.

I manage to rock while i work; especially since i’ve discovered my ‘drink of the year’ – Red Muscadel. Talking of Muscadel, since Gbemi introduced me to the sweet, wicked liquid, i’m proud to say i’ve converted everyone of my friends (sad i can’t name names!). Those that are yet to be converted, are those yet to kiss the bottle.  Yes, all it takes to fall in lust with the Muscadel is a kiss!

On a rather serious note, i’m winning new converts elsewhere too! It’s at – the online entertainment news centre founded by my new company BlackHouse Media. is the official website for NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT TODAY (NET) – the  journal that’s re-inventing entertainment reporting in Nigeria.

Since we launched on November 23, the comments have been awesome; and i’d like to invite you to please stop by; go through what’s on offer, and leave us your honest comments.

I’m happy i’m keeping my promise – if you check back, i told you earlier this year i was converting this site to a more personal blog; cos we were working on something major. So now, i’ll leave you to check out every day for your daily dose of entertainment news, reviews, gossip, analyses, features, events and pictures. While i embark on a mission to engage you with bits and pieces of happenings in my work and life.

Merry Christmas folks! And a very rewarding 2010 in advance!