ready for battle

ready for battle



Okay, people. Mode 9 is in the news again. Not exactly because he recently released his new album, Paradigm shift. Or because he got a slot on the Star megajam train for the second time running. No. The rapper has got the entire industry talking again, with his umpteenth dis track where he takes arch-rival Ruggedman to the cleaners; spitting out all the venom he’s been keeping or years.


It was just a few months back that he dropped talking to you (ft. Banky W) where he covertly attacked Ruggedman saying ‘you gat intellect myopia/so/if I dis a baba/it’s not ethiopia…’.


Not one to run away from a good fight, Rugged replied with Banging where, amongst many other things, he alleged that Modey is a broke rapper and a coward, for refusing to mention his name.


Now, on a bonus track on Paradigm shift, titled Death Blow pt 1, Mode 9 stops at nothing to rip his enemy apart, calling him unprintable names and threatening to expose his secrets. ‘you must be out of your gaddemn mind/I didn’t wanna do this/now, see what you did to you…/you claiming you gat dough but you still skinny/Cocoyam head, long neck like a guinea fowl/Now you’re bound to commit suicide…’


With sarcastic ad libs and very daring insinuations, the song convinces you that the rapper either hates Ruggedman so much and will stop at nothing to pass his message across, or he’s just trying to get us all talking about him again – especially as it’s obvious other emcees have taken the baton from him, taking hip hop to the mainstream and the most unlikely audiences.


‘‘Right now, I’m more interested in M.I’s album. Ikechukwu and Naeto C are more relevant than Mode 9 and Ruggedman now. So for me, I think they’re just looking for relevance. The whole beef thing is baseless. Hey don’t need it. They don’t even have a share of the market. Do you think they’ll name any hip hop act if they’re listing the top 10 acts in Nigeria? No!’’, says Bayo Omisore, hip hop head and editor of Soundcity Blast magazine.


When ATG spoke with Ruggedman on two weeks back, he was in the studio working. Is he hurriedly putting together a response to Modey’s diss? ‘‘I don’t have time for that’’, he told us. I haven’t even heard the song. But, did he mention my name on it? I have no time for a coward that’s not bold enough to mention my name. This is about the ninth song he doing against me, and he’s still scared o mention my name. My brother, I have more important things to do’’.


‘‘I don’t care about negativity. I have a business. And I’m uplifting other artistes and producer. When he has the balls to mention my name, then we can start talking’’.


True, Modey may not have mentioned Rugged on the beef track, but made derogratory and caustic references to his company 20th September wear and ‘’Ehen’’- the title of the diss track tht earned Ruggedman a place in fame land. He even says Rugged is as wack as Rasqui (on of the victims of Ehen pt 1) and that Daddy Showkey – who is not a rapper- ‘‘took you to the nursery/not you wanna kick rhymes with me?…/ I’ll put your head warmer over your eyes/take it off/ehen’’



He goes on: I’m bigger than you lyrically/forget about size/I heard your third album is gonna be your last/Bye bye/You’re hustling to sell it to shoe makers/dem no buy/Ojb raps better than you/you need help…/I know your secrets but I wont hit below the belt.


Contrary to Ruggedman’s current disposition, pundits believe it won’t take long before he retaliates.


‘‘I don’t think they both hate each other as much as they’re portraying it’’, says Cool FM OAP Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi. ‘‘They’re doing the 2Pac/Biggie; Jarule/50 thing. But we’re tired of it. Let them change their strategy. I’m cool with both rappers; they’re both okay guys, but I mean, what are they really fighting over? A girl? A car? Money?’’







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  2. John Adegoke Says:

    Theres no obvious reason for beefing bt Ruggedman is definately and obviously more successful than mode9.I believe its his jelousy thats pushing him to beef Rugged with the hope of selling his hardcore album.Na him sabi,Ruggedy is doing more shows and making more money.Haters will always hate

  3. plailaptelarync Says:

    sykmoaykivfvotctwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  4. D man snitchy Says:

    I hope mode9 is just ajealous man.What ithink is he ought to be thankful to people like ruggedibaba 4 brinking hiphop rap to the next and easy level. Nothing more 4now

  5. Why is rugged complainin.
    Now is it turn to receive the blow of his life.baba dont run away ,go to and say something.kayode 4rm lautech

  6. Why is rugged complainin.
    Now is turn to receive the blow of his life.baba dont run away ,go to and say something.kayode 4rm lautech

  7. rigged man don finish, at least he replued “talking to u ” what us he waitung for now, or hes still suffering from the “death blow”

  8. Beef is an integral part of hip-hop so I dunno why someone (who’s supposedly a radio station exec) calls it the whole 2pac/biggie and jarule/50cent thing? obviously not a hip-hop head but thats them anyway… hip-hop has always been a competitive art and thats where most beef stems from, case in point jay-z/nas; common/ice-cube; krs/m.c shan… and what they stem is better music period! And I guarantee you if anyone went at M.I on wax, he’d be in the studio retaliating cos thats what hip-hop is, you’re not gonna let no1 come in and one-up you, its not on!!! so rugged-man, its your move easy as

  9. Beefing is a normal thin in rap music,there’s nothin like Jealousy or fighting for something.Its just a common thin in d Rap Industry !!!. If i happen to be a Rapper like MI,i will diss so many of all this so called rappers in Nigeria,they need to get tutors from d Most Incredible !!!

  10. Well,mode9 is definitely better lyricaly than Rugged.its so unfortunate rugged is more commercial/waded fan him.I’ll love d beef

  11. Bin Laden of NG Says:

    Forget about the success or whatever,MODE IX is presently the best rapper in Nigeria,far better than rugged man…

  12. bamidele bashir Says:

    there is noting like jealousy here mode 9 is far better than rugged or what is it called weather he made commercial music or not those that know the real rap thing knows that mode nine is the best so rugged man should just chill out

  13. Kingsley unizik Says:

    I tend 2 see dis senerio as a means 4 mode9 or whtever is being cal 2 get fame and sell his album.ruggedman has done so much 4 d industry,wht has he done.he has behved well by nt replying him.good job,4 me ruggedman stil remains d best nigerian hip pop rap artiste.

  14. Kingsley microbiology unizik Says:

    Ruggedman has been my favoriate artiste,u re d best n stil remainds dont let him intimitate u.

  15. mode 9 is the best rapper Africa has ever seen.d best lyricist we all no the truth that modey has gat mad punch lines than any other m-c in this country.his songs are there to speak for him e.g 360 poetry,mathematical sege,spasmodic etc.big up modey cus u are just 2 gbaskky.rugged u are crap


  17. the beef is meaningless bcos is a commercial artist and its working 4 him. while modenine is a lyrisist and its also working 4 him so wheres the point of the beef. hope its not just anoda publicity stunt by bcos thats his style. 4rm idris to raskie, now modenine. na wah… u re still my guy , no beef.

  18. 6.


  19. Mathematical Sege aka dribbling on the touchline.When Talib,Nas,LLcooj,Ja rule,and Lil wayne were here They requested for the best emcee in Naija and Mode 9 was presented.Where was ruggedman.Just like Mode 9 said ;U aint standing up to nobody so sit down.When ruggedman was on the scene he was competing wif nobody.Alot of other rappers are far better than him example is freestyle.Music is not about the commercials.Jay z is more successful thean Nas but Nas is bigger and better Lyrically.When Biggie was crowned King of NYC in 1995 for all hip hop heads arnd who was crowned the prince?Nas.The pix is stil in my bedroom.So rugged man keep making ya money and Mode 9 keep hitting me with good music,u gat concept,style and brains.M.I said in one of his interviews, Mode 9 is the only Naija rapper that inspires me.He’s a poet and thats what Rap Music is all about.The best MCs’ ever were nt that rich but tey’ve nt been forgotten(Nas,big daddy kane,ice cube ll cool j, sticky fingerz,eminem etc)So rugged drop ur third album and we’ll discard u.U have nufin to offer.Death blow still they bang ur ear.u r feeling mode men.Don’t act like jay z cos u cant stand the test of time.Now u r going off the scene when they competition is just starting.Lazy fool u r.Mode 9,M.I Freestyle.Spaxx keep on movibg.

  20. Dave aka Brave heart Says:

    Hi guys, why is r-man always feeling like his the savior our Nigeria music industry… His first album Ehen! Had only 4 tracks and the rest were all remix… He didn’t sell shit that why little fish kicked him out. I think its best r-man accepts his defeat with good fate bcos if he dear retaliates, His already dead body will be burned. Mode-9 u r an inspiration to upcoming artist like us. Keep up the gud work.

  21. hhhhhhmmm mean its a great pleasure forr me to right down this..cccccceeee rugged…u don forget when Eedris baba dey rain then no be you come out dey say eeeennneeeeaaaa..why you just dey rap like mummy…trully na you be mummy…see mode9 na your father bga be…enu ose… we we baba mode9 wa gbayi..keep it up you great oneluv…..rugged man you dey try to claimed a nigga but you dey put head warmer on for niger….mode9 i go like to hear that track you to much

  22. ask 10 different 10yrs old who is rigged man and do same for mode 9.
    the reply tells u who’s better,.

    the media started this beef thing (always asking callers and other m.cs for their opinion on who’s better)

    in my opinion, i min the fact is ruggedy baba is…. mode 9 shd be man enuf to call his name… em dey fear?

    just asking.

  23. these are two great guys.Infact, they are d best rappers in Nigeria. It’s okay that they r dissing each other becos it makes the rap game more interesting. I’m eagerly waiting 4 Ruggedman’s reply to death blow. But frankly, when it comes to rap, rugged is nowhere near mode.

  24. Beef is one of the axioms of any competitive hip hop world.mode and rugged hav their problems wel buried within dem.left for me,it is either their lips are itching dem or they lack home training for being so insultive to each big boiz.

  25. comparing mode 2 ruggedman is like comparing d living n d dead, dont get me wrong, i appreciate both rappers.

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  28. Fuck ruggedman. I mean fuck the coward who thinks that after bragging to be the best at verbal wars by dearing to make that he called ‘Ehen’ back in the days, he’s now cought up in the Modey’s ‘Rap Inferno’ that has almost consumed him and he’s stylishly chillin out with excuses of being more successful or not the one being reffered. Or does he think we are not aware of the craps as ruggedy baba, waka, banging, etc that he too has put across? As Modenine rightly put it in one of his punchlines “u got intellect myopia… so wen i dis a baba,is not ethiopia”. MODENINE is Africa’s best of all times. I mean he had just MURDERED rgged rylicaly. Fuck the fake-ass rugged and whatever he represents! THIS IS RAP IN REALEST!

  29. Kosile ayo Says:

    Ruggedy&modey just want 2 make themselves known again,coz it doesn’t cal 4 beefing.i beg we don recognise una,face ur bussinesz b4 dem take ur place.una no dey see sauce kid.4rm dat itagun boy

  30. Akinagali Says:

    Men ruggedman is still the best mode 9 or code 10 should go fuck himself. All he wants is fame and recognition

  31. Akinagali Says:

    Men ruggedman is still the best mode 9 or code 10 should go fuck himself. All he wants is fame and recognition. Who cares about him let hear from rugged latest album

  32. i love reggedybab die.mode 9 if u want make fame and sell like rugged u should do dancing track.for vex.go yankee go do hardcore

  33. ITIMA aka,Vocal 4syte Says:

    ……When “DIS”cursion ends,so is hip hop wit out for me oh!,MODEY should establish a RED EYE lyrics colledge,his lyrics as TEXTBOOKS and himself LECTURER/VC, and finally a scholarship scheme 4 his would be first pupil(RUGGEDY BABA) mode nine is just tooooooooooooooooooo much.

  34. Theze whole beef thing’s nonsence….realy, wht r they fighting over? If its over money, we jst hav 2 admit ruggedy tops mode there, however if its over hu’s d better rapper I’ve gotta giv it 2 mode…he got better punchlines. Nevadless I’d advice dey spend dia tym on more productive engagemnts rather than bore us wth baseless antagonisms….abeg make una rest if nufin dey 2 do, dan 2 dey form activity. Mtcheew!

  35. Okiss America Says:

    Modenine is the best rapper in Africa exist, he does the real rap, he has punchlines, his a poet and far better than ruggedman in the rap game.

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  38. When a rapper is afraid dat he is going 2 sell well with his album,he will try nd draw peoples attention wìth a beef with anoda great rapper.i guess datz wat dey are both doing.grow up pls

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